What to Look for in a Dildo

Dildos are foundational when it comes to discovering your sexuality. These simple and straightforward toys are often the first thing you think of when you imagine “adult products.” Dildos are easy to get and cheap compared to other sex toys and you can choose from thousands of different options when you shop for one.

From hard to soft options, multi-colored to flesh-colored products, dildos come in all shapes and sizes. You’ll also find a wide variety of prices to choose from. This means you should be able to find the perfect dildo for you without much of a problem. However, with such a high number of options, finding the best of the best can be a challenge. There are websites like Sex Toy Education which review all different types of dildos and sex toys, so you might want to check out their reviews as well.

Everyone is different, so how are you supposed to know what will work best for you? What’s the right size and texture for the highest amount of pleasure? You can’t exactly return a sex toy after using it, so it’s essential that you choose a good option the first time around.

Fortunately, there are some simple factors you can keep an eye out for when you shop. I’ll cover a bit more information on what dildos are, then follow it up with some key traits to look for when you’re selecting one.

What are Dildos?

suction cup dildo

Simply put, dildos are objects shaped like penises that you use for penetration. They are distinct from vibrators, which can look the same but come with a vibrating component. Dildos are meant to be used manually either in the vagina or anus.

Note, however, that you should only use dildos for anal if they are specifically designed for that. Anal toys tend to come with a handle or flared base to prevent the product from getting sucked up into your rectum. Yes, this has happened to a few unfortunate souls!

Qualities of a Great Dildo

So, what are the qualities of a fantastic dildo? The traits I’ll list below will be favored by most women. If you’re new to using this type of toy, it will help you narrow down your options:

A Good Size

The main reason why women love dildos is because they can use one instead of having sex with a man. You may be single by choice, in a long-distance relationship, or simply want to masturbate in addition to having sex. Whatever the case, a dildo puts your pleasure into your own hands and allows you to access sexual satisfaction any time you want.

A dildo is so much better than using your fingers, which gets tiresome and won’t provide the depth of penetration you crave. But you’ll need to define the right size for you before selecting a sex toy. So, what is the ideal length that most women prefer in a dildo? The majority will likely be satisfied with a 7 or 8-inch option.

The average man is only slightly larger than 5 inches when fully erect, so it’s logical that most women would want to experience something bigger. However, bigger than 8 inches can be a bit too much. Another way to determine which size you’ll like best is to think about what length your favorite sex partner was and get something close to that.

Realistic Design

You may be thinking, why does it matter if my dildo has a realistic design? If it’s hard and the right size, shouldn’t that be enough to do the trick? But high-quality dildos are designed to look more like a real phallus, and this is much more pleasurable. Many women are attracted to the head of the penis, so finding a dildo that has a realistic tip is ideal.

You may also want to find a dildo that has balls at the base so that it feels more lifelike when you’re using it. Not only will they offer more pleasure as you feel them moving against you, but they also will prevent the dildo from being inserted too far inside of you since they serve as a base.

Some women will prefer to have a dildo that includes veins on the shaft. While you may not feel a difference with this detail, it provides an aesthetic appeal. With these more realistic traits on your dildo, you’re likelier to feel aroused when you look at it. Afterall, it’s much more exciting than a neon-colored hunk of plastic with a vaguely phallic shape.

Of course, everyone has different preferences. So, some women may not wish to think about a lifelike penis when they’re masturbating and would rather get something less anatomically realistic. Choose what will work best for you.

A Soft Surface

When you’re using something in your most sensitive area, it’s important that you’re being cautious. The walls of the vagina are delicate, and most women know that the surface of a real penis has a pleasantly soft, velvety feel to it. This prevents the penis from causing damage when it’s deep inside you.

So, if you want a dildo that mimics the real sensation of sex as much as possible, you’ll want to get one with a soft exterior. Harder dildos don’t feel as natural or pleasurable in a dildo. Vibrators, on the other hand, are often made with harder materials to transfer the vibrations more effectively.

A Squishy Feel

This may sound confusing at first glance. Shouldn’t you want your dildo to be firm like a real man’s erection? But the human penis isn’t rock hard, no matter how turned on a guy is. It will still yield under pressure. Therefore, an ideal dildo will compress when you squeeze it. This will make the phallic object seem more realistic and it will also make it feel better when you use it.

If your toy is too hard, you’ll have a difficult time forgetting that you’re using a dildo. A nice, soft sex toy, on the other hand, will create a tight fit inside of you. This will maximize your pleasure and allow you to get lost in your hottest fantasies while you masturbate.

A Firm Core

While a soft surface that compresses under pressure and feels velvety to the touch is important for a lifelike dildo experience, a rigid shaft is equally important. These elements go together when it comes to realistic dildos and both are absolutely necessary. With too soft of a toy, you won’t be able to push it inside of you all the way.

With too hard of a surface, you won’t experience lifelike masturbation with your dildo. The solution is a dildo with a soft surface and a firm core. Although some guys may have trouble staying hard throughout the duration of sex, at least they can go down on you if this happens. A dildo cannot fulfill this function, so having one that doesn’t work properly will kill the mood very fast.

A Realistic Color

Again, this point depends on what you’re looking for in a dildo. But for most women, having a more lifelike toy will be a bigger turn-on than something that doesn’t look at all like a real penis. It isn’t just about how it feels but also how it looks, so a flesh-colored option will be most suitable for most ladies.

Of course, there are many different hues that fall under the umbrella of “flesh-colored.” So, you’ll need to decide which turns you on the most. Some dildo manufacturers even provide color schemes to represent a real-looking dick as much as possible. You can decide for yourself how detailed you’d like your dildo to be.

Body-Safe Materials

Body-safe materials are essential for dildos as they will be used in your most delicate, sensitive area. Adult product materials fall into one of two categories: non-porous and porous. Porous toys are usually soft, but harder materials can also have this feature. The issue with porous sex toys is that they can harbor bacteria and dirt that you can never clean off.

So, porous toys can spread infections and STIs between partners more easily and are less safe to use, in general. If you use a condom with your porous toy, it mitigates these risks slightly, but not being able to fully sterilize your toy is a major disadvantage. Porous sex toys are also likelier to be made with phthalates, which have been linked to health issues.

For the reasons listed above, I recommend only buying sex toys that are made of non-porous materials. They’re higher quality (but as a result, typically cost more) and safer for your body. While most non-porous toys are made with harder materials such as metal or glass, silicone is also non-porous. Silicone can have a soft feel, making it a great pic for your next dildo.