Arab Sex Scandal: Belguel Morocco Pictures-P01

Belguel Sex Scandal
These Arab sex pictures caused a very big scandal in Morocco back in 2004 leading to the police getting involved and people arrested and put in prison.
The story is that a guy from Belgium nicknamed Belguel was seducing Moroccan girls in the street, taking them back to his house and taking photos of them in all sorts of sex positions. Based on his promises of making them movie stars, the girls…

… were letting him do ANYTHING he wanted with them including normal fucking, anal sex, sucking his cock, cumming on their faces, threesomes and anything else his perverted mind could think of.

These are some of the most extreme Arab sex images I have yet seen and it is really shocking that those Arab women (Some of which are hijab covered) firstly were so easy to fuck and secondly allowed him to take photos of them getting fucked like that.

I guess it is true that when a woman’s dream is to become a star, she can easily become a bitch to achieve it!

Update 17.01.10:
We have decided to remove the Belguel images from based on feedback by concerned visitors.



Broken Links? If any of the download links or pictures do not load, please leave a comment on the same page as the broken links and we will fix them ASAP.

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“Arab Sex Scandal: Belguel Morocco Pictures-P01”
23 Comments already made.

  1. the ones where they spread their asses i like most..

  2. some amazing pics and beautiful women duped by a total jerk. wasn’t the scandal that one of the girls was killed by her brother when he saw her pic on a website and recognized her? don’t these pics still potentially compromise these women?

  3. Do you have any higher quality of these photos, admin ?

    This is one bad motherfucker 😀 hehe

  4. Fucking whores. And what a tiny dick!

  5. excellant

  6. Please remove these pics ASAP. They were posted first on a certain website years ago and were taken off immediately.

  7. After looking into this story further, I realize that these images are considered very offensive by most Moroccans so I decided to remove them from the site.
    We will not repost these images so please do not request them.
    Thank you all for your feedback.

    The Admin.
  8. Better remove the whole website
    Only fake things online
    Your scared to post the real shit

  9. hi admin

    Please post a download link to these beautiful moroccan pics/videos.
    if these pics are sensitive then do not provide online viewing links but for us who love these beautiful pics/videos, please atleast provide a downloadable link so we can download and watch it on our local computer. please do not deprieve us of these beautiful moroccan pics.


  10. Chen, I suggest you get your own site and do whatever you feel like doing.

    This is my site and I run it like I see fit. If you don’t like it, you are more than welcome to stay away.

    The Admin.
  11. here the photo set!

    (please admin is not a spam!!)

  12. best site for sex arabe

  13. Thanks, Admin. Appreciate it.

  14. hey Admin, You have a really good site here. I honestly and seriously think you should remove the link of the the website above of hwere to check see the pics of the girls that were folled by that pervert. Its your website and its your choice. I hope you will remove the post that contains the link as its no difference to you having the material on this site if the link remains there.

    Cheers mate

  15. Mac, between you and me, a simple search on google will provide download links for the pictures so removing the link provided by our visitors is completely pointless.
    I do understand your concern though and thank you for your comment.

    The Admin.
  16. So how do these photos differ from other posted videos on the site? There are videos of Moroccan women being fucked on the site. Is it because this was a “Scandal” related issue? so the Egyptian Dina or Lebanese singer Nana videos are ok, but these aren’t? I’m not trying to raise controversy but what makes these different so that they get posted then taken off? Curious.

  17. Sam, thanks for your comment. All visitors are more than welcome to leave their opinions on
    The reason we removed these specific photos was because they featured the Moroccan women in very humiliating positions and implied disrespect to them.
    We have the biggest respect for Arab women on arabsexweb (And all women in general) and for us watching them having and enjoying sex is an act of lust, love and utter horniness :roll:

    The Admin.
  18. i like arabian sex

  19. Danm these pics are serious shit. i can only imagine what could happen if the families of these women saw these pictures. And thanks admin for this great site! Me loving it

    and a question for you admin; are you a practising muslim? just curious.

  20. Is there another way to view the pictures?

  21. Google it.

    The Admin.

  23. Love Arab sex

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