Paid Premium Membership Plans has been online for more than 3 years now and it continues to grow in popularity thanks to all of you. Since the beginning, our purpose was to keep providing FREE Arab sex content to all our visitors and we will continue to do so.

We are looking into creating a paid premium membership for those that would like to benefit from extra site functions not available to normal visitors and at the same time to support the site financially.

Please read on to have a look at what we have in mind and tell us what you think…

Becoming A Premium Member would have the following benefits:

1- High Speed Direct Download straight from without having to go through 3rd party file hosts and having to wait before downloading the files.
2- Logged in Premium Members will not see most of the annoying ads while browsing the site pages. That also means that the pages will load much faster.
3- The video files will not have any sexual words in the filenames that could cause some ISPs from blocking access to the files. (This is a big problem for visitors from Arabic countries)

Extra Premium Membership benefits we are thinking of implementing but aren’t sure yet:

4- Possibility of providing the videos in BOTH .wmv AND .3gp formats for those that want to play them directly on their mobile phones.
5- SOME of the Long Arab sex videos selected by us will only be accessible to Premium Members and no longer made available for free download to normal visitors.
6- If you have suggestions let us know 😉

Normal visitors will still have access to the site as before but will see all ads on the pages (Those ads pay for the website hosting bills) and will only have access to the 3rd party download links.

The price range of the Premium Membership will most likely be in the range of 7 to 10 USD per month with discounts for 6 months or 1 year prepaid membership.

There you have it. Those are our plans and we wanted to share them with you and hear what you have to say.

If you have any comments on the above or would like to suggest a feature/function that would make the Premium Membership even better, please leave a reply below.

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“Paid Premium Membership Plans”
25 Comments already made.

  1. hello there..
    i have wrote a msg that this is the best arabic sex website the net, speaking as a web designer.. and as what u know this website been going great and perfect and its the most famous arab sex website all over the net, my question is why would u want to LOSE this reputation that this site has for being a 100% free website, and have people coming to ur site all the time and telling thier friends about it, Doing that step u will lose alot of website vistors, and it will be like any other arab porn website (ALL OF THEM U HAVE TO PAY) and if u wanna support the site Financialy, well dude here is wut ama tell u, i own a webhosting servers and i sell web hosting and domain names, here is my site so if u want i can offer u a full Space on the website so u can do whatver u want i an give u unlimted web hosting with everything unlimited either bandwidth and sql database and emails and so on, and u dont hav to pay a cent, just keep this site going the way i been going for a long time and keep it there, if u accept my offer to move ur site on my servers, ill be honord, u have my email addy, get back to me Asap please,


  2. “5- Long Arab sex videos selected by us will only be accessible to Premium Members and no longer made available to normal visitors.”
    not a good idea!
    from an ex-normal visitor

  3. oooh don’t
    plz don’t discriminate.. we already have enough of it here :(

  4. Thank you all for your comments and especially Slim for your generous offer to host the site.

    Unfortunately, it is not bandwidth that we need but server power. is already running on a dedicated server costing 150 USD/month but the server load is still very high and we may need to upgrade soon.

    I don’t see why you guys are taking this so negatively! The site will not change at all for the users that don’t want to pay. It will work exactly like it has worked all this time.
    We are only adding EXTRA features for those who would like to pay for them. The site AND most of the videos will still be available for normal visitors.

    Keep in mind that if a large number of visitors become Premium Members, that would open new possibilities for us like getting exclusive original arab sex videos that we cannot post at the moment because we have to pay to get them.

    We really think that this plan would make the site even better and more popular than now.

    The Admin.
  5. admin, no doubt it is the best free arab porn website so far on the net. So tell me what makes your website better to all the other ones that charge. You need to have something that sets you apart. So far the only thing setting you apart is that it is free. How about access to all material submitted rather than just what you deem nessarary, let the paying viewers not only get 3gp format but have a chance to view everything you view. What do you think???

  6. Prove it show some samples of long exclusive hijab videos, then i would pay.

  7. Let the premium members get the extras. but ensure that non paid gets the same as they are getting now especially the contents.

    Do not let this initiative spiral into a another paid site. It is the concept it is now that brought about its popularity.

  8. @arab, that is exactly what we have in mind, WILL NOT become a paysite. That is 100% clear.

    @happy, why are you comparing this site to a paysite? The Premium Membership would only be given for those who want the extra functionality but everybody will still see the videos, even the normal visitors.
    Also, what do you mean with “let the paying viewers view everything you view”? What is ‘everything’?

    @arabuk, we are not going to pay 200-500$ to get exclusive Arab sex videos when we are offering them on the site for free as we do now. Besides, we are not making any promises. This was just an idea about how the extra ressources could make the site even better for everyone.

    The Admin.
  9. There is a lot of paid sites of porn.Actually your site is the best providing arab sex for free and by selling premium membership the one who pays will get everything as well as he gets from oher pay sites and the free visitors will have a glimpse of what others provide and your site will be similar to other pay sites that give a very few seconds of action
    your unique site is specialist in providing short and long clips which others do not provide so dont loose this

  10. I dont think it is such a bad idea as the site and content will stay the same.

    My only concern is that if we pay the $7 – $10 for the “Extra” content, will it be worth it? I must admit that the direct downloading would be nice and would possibly be cause to pay $10 a month alone. I pay about the same right now to donwload high speed from the 3rd party servers anyways.

    I think the majority of the people so far just do not understand that the sit will not change.

    Keep up the great work. I love what you are doing here.


  11. I support the initiative, but you need to provide more benefits to the paid members than proposed. For example, restrict file downloads to paid members only and let non-paid watch it for free.

  12. hey all … whats good about the site is easy to surf and simple, unlike the fourms. But to make it paid site you should post new and updated movies. The movies posted here is old and been posted long time ago from other arab forums.

  13. i don’t see why do i have to pay for premium account here when this clips are available on other porn sites for free!!!!

  14. @ sam, moosi, MKH3, you guys are not reading the full post or reading it too quickly.
    It is only an option for visitors who want more functionality like direct downloads.

    @ utwat, yes, this is a good solution but technically it is not possible since we would have to edit all previous posts.

    @ Expat_In_Egypt, THANK YOU!
    I think you are the only one who actually took the time to fully read the post and understand what we are planning.
    That is exactly the thought behind the premium membership. Rather than pay 3rd party hosts, visitors that wish to do so would download directly from here and pay the fee to

    The Admin.
  15. I wonder if this move would bring in more videos, because the current collection is outdated and I haven’t come across any quality videos lately.

  16. it is so bad idea
    it is the best arab sex web
    and u want it to be the badest
    come on we were looking everywhere
    for a free website
    and now u don’t want come on guys
    this is unfair

  17. Don’t think that’s legal,
    the movies are Free, and you got them free, then, make money with personal videos posted in net is not so legal,
    donc paying for those vid’s is not so great…

    you are gonna loose the celebrity of this web site :-/

  18. Premium Members would not be paying for the videos but for the option to download the videos directly from the site at fast speeds.

    Again, FREE DOWNLOAD WILL STILL BE AVAILABLE from 3rd file hosts just as they are now.

    The Admin.
  19. Hello Admin
    I visited this Arab sex web site from 3 years ago , and I still visit it periodically 3 times per week . in the beginning I talked with you about membership , but you said to me ” our target to make this web site is free ( no membership ) ” .
    So that , I guess this not perfect idea , but it may be good if the following options included :
    1. Forgetting point of ( 5 )
    2. Adding option of downloading movies purchased from another web site such as TABOO movie , where is obviously you must pay money to get it .
    3. Adding options you mentioned except point 5 .

    My regards

  20. Hi Noor, thank you for visiting us for so many years and for your feedback.
    Unfortunately, we cannot post videos from paysites like Taboo because of copyright law.

    Do I take it that you are happy with the plan and going to become our first Premium Member ? 😉

    The Admin.
  21. I don’t think it’s a bad idea at all.. I mean adding EXTRA features for ppl who want to pay .. I know I will stay a normal user 😀 .. but if ppl paid to directly download.. that would be awesome.. also they can do parallel downloads.. and this is priceless.. other extra stuff are good too and the whole thing worth 7 or 10 $ .. but this is only good if everything went as planned that everything else tht is not “extra” will stay the same.. and if there’s anything i dont like.. it’s #5 maybe.. cuz that will be slightly annoying.. i know it may force some ppl to pay.. but it won’t be good and it wud be odd for such a friendly site.. i mean i feel like im HOME here.. 😀 .. keep the good work and keep providing us with ur stunning videos.. with love.. from egypt 😀

  22. Egyptian_D, thanks for your kind words.
    Don’t worry, we value our loyal visitors like you and wouldn’t do anything that would take away from their enjoyment when visiting the site.

    The Admin.
  23. *whew* I was afraid that you weren’t going to allow downloading by non-members. That sounds like a great plan though, and I hope it works out.

  24. not a good idea at all, all u would do is divert traffic to the free sites and to forums where everything is free. There are things that ppl may want to pay for but unfortunately amateur porn is not one of them.

  25. To the contrary of most posts. I strongly suggest you put Premium membership.. It is optional with benefits to those members.
    I am sure if we want to continue we have to support it financially, but we like everything for free. I think USD10 is very reasonable.
    Additional features to paying members:
    -Long and hard to find movies.

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