Sexe Arabe Du Maroc (Maghreb)-ASW375

Moroccan Sex Clip
This hardcore Arab sex video comes from Morocco and features a shy pretty young wife getting gently fucked by her husband.
One thing you’ll notice is just how hairy her legs are… Damn, that is bad!
It is a good thing she shaved her pussy or it would have been a mess. The other thing is that she is continuously smiling as if she is high or stoned. Or maybe she is just loving every moment of the fucking.
Update: Based on visitors feedback, this sex video is probably from Oman.

Her husband is casually talking to her while he fucks her in missionary position. If anybody can translate their Arabic dialect, please leave a comment since I couldn’t understand a word they said.

When he is finally ready to cum, he pulls out and shoots his cum load on her belly.

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Duration: 3 min 50 sec
Format : WMV
Size: 9.8 MB
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“Sexe Arabe Du Maroc (Maghreb)-ASW375”
16 Comments already made.

  1. nice

  2. man, again you write wrong things , those are NOT MOROCCAN ,,, they are from somewhere in the midle east , even she doesn’t look like moroccan at all !!! bro, be carrefull when u write things like that , im moroccan , and i guess i know better my dialect !!!

    try to change ur titles cause many poeple might not comming back in here


  3. Evil Eye, this video came to us with the title “Sexe Arabe Du Maroc ” and since I didn’t recognize the dialect, it was left that way. You have to admit that there are so many different Arabic dialects out there that it is sometimes very difficult to be sure where the video is from.
    We always try our best to provide the correct information but hey sometimes we get it wrong. I don’t think it is the end of the world and it is in no way a reason to get offended. After all, we are sharing Arab porn videos here so the main focus is how good the SEX is!
    Besides, the comments the visitors make most of the time give more info about each video.

    The Admin.
  4. Admin, I can confirm that these guys are from The Sultanate of Oman ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I’m moroccan and I confirm that’s video is not a moroccan video

  6. i think they maybe Algerian !!

  7. It’s from middle east, definitely not from Morocco

  8. nice video but they are not moroccan i think same where in midel est mybe in syria…

  9. “maghreb” doesn’t mean ” morocco” “maghreb” means 5 different countries : morocco , algeria , tunisian , libian and mouritania … morocco or maroc this is the name of the country.

  10. this is not from morocco this is from gulf , in khalij i think its from yemen or somethin like that .. look at the girl hhhhhhh is absolutly from gulf lol

  11. The amazing in all that . She has hairy legs hahahahahahaahah !!!!!!!!

  12. @badmed, thank you for pointing that out.

    Ok you all, so far I guess you all agree that they are not from Morocco but nobody can say where they ARE from. That doesn’t help much ๐Ÿ˜†
    Although I tend to think that they could be from Oman as Arabsexweb Fan said above.
    Anyway, let’s not get stuck on details ๐Ÿ˜‰

    @Morinio, yeah, funny that no one commented on that.

    The Admin.
  13. i lived in muscat oman for many years and they are definitely Omani…also omani girls in general are very hairy …now to the rest, stop bitching like little girls and just enjoy the video sure people wont stop coming here just because the admin got the title wrong …morroco or oman still a hot video

  14. Dear arabsex-admin donโ€™t pay any attention to this guys they are saying this because there are also from morocco and they donโ€™t what to give morocco a bad name. But facts are facts black magic, whores, acceptable gays etc. Look at her nose and her and at the hair on her legs she is without no doubt certainly morocco girl.who like a dick in her pussy and ass.

  15. Ya guys she is definetly omani , i know her personaly she was working with us

  16. merci bien

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