Covered Arab Sex in Car-ASW033

Hijab Arab Sex in Car
Here is another hard to find Arab sex video featuring a covered Arabian woman wearing hijab and getting nasty.
The action takes place in a car and starts with a nice blow job. The horny covered chick then gets fucked and moans from pleasure.
Who ever said that sexy Arab covered women were supposed to be shy and not show any sexual needs?
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Duration: 3 min
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Size: 7.7 MB
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“Covered Arab Sex in Car-ASW033”
37 Comments already made.

  1. I think the Veil that using by the woman just be social action, so that make she loosing her belief about religion’s value, self concept and strenght ego when seeing the car then she want to making love…or… the guy that have the car is her husband that be ‘on’ his sexual instinc when seeing ‘the body that like spanish guitar’ from his wife but they home still far away so happend it …

  2. oh, this is so nasty, i like the video’s who the girl wearing a veil.
    specially arab woman. sayonara, adios, wassalam, goodbye

  3. hijab (veil) is a oriental cloth
    not belief cloth
    human been is the same everywhere…and lust for sex the same!

  4. MARKI2SA2, I agree 100%. It is strange though how sexy it is to watch a woman wearing a veil or hijab having sex. Maybe it is because it is a very rare sight?

    The Admin.
  5. Great! Very rare.

  6. man is a man, woman is a woman, they’re just a human.
    if i was that man……

  7. nice & good

  8. so good sex………i like that

  9. thanks

  10. A very nice post ,thanx.

  11. thank you

  12. thats a bad thing , and i mean that that girl is not arabian and pls webmaster dont play with moslims

  13. Jetmir, please note that there was no mention of muslim religion in the video post. It is a video of a woman wearing a hijab and having sex… No religion involved here… I just find her sexy, that is all!

    The Admin.
  14. This actually fucking horrible its probably some women that is forced to be a prostitute to feed her family.

  15. good web site and hot one, good luck for you

  16. very good site with well job, good luck with more and more of them to enjouy watching it

  17. i like this fucking, sex with arab women and girls is very nice too much


  19. i like this fucking, sex with arab women and girls is very nice

  20. you do great keep up. ithink this is the best arab sex website on the net

  21. send email with arabick sex movies

  22. Ilike arabic women when they make love especially into a car

  23. This is Typical Fuck in CAR. I used to do it with a Friend of 35years old. Horny Single……..and Virgin ….And she used to accept Ass Fucking to keep his virginity

  24. this is an Algerian shot of married women who have sex with her boyfriend (Boumerdes town exactly).

  25. I just watched the video. It was awesome. Most probably arabs get their thrills in cars and in private. Just watching her face gives me the hardest erection and nearly cum all over my computer. Want more of this.

  26. i have never seen before so beutiful women i like her she is my dreem girl

  27. belle et jolie

  28. i think this is not fair enough.. you shouldn’t have said arab..better use naughty chicks in hijabs

  29. this Video From Palestine I Know This Girl In Real Life lol

  30. plaise admin can i need to see the face of this girl or if you can tell me ho is this gil i nees to know the identity of thi girl plaese

  31. mohamed, sorry my friend. We can’t help you there.

    The Admin.
  32. hot egyption

  33. hijab is symbol for cover the body in islam. so hijab is islam symbol, not arab symbol. arab just a race, nation. arab also have christian, jews and atheis. like african, eropean, american, it just a country or maybe race or maybe just color of skin. but religion or faith is different…

  34. What are all those comments about islams/arab/muslims? This is a porn site for fuck sake. These ladies are sexy, and I really just download, enjoy and comment on the quality. Don’t look too much into it, guys

  35. I Like ARABIC Girls in sex

  36. link not working

  37. Ahmad, all the links for this video have been updated.

    The Admin.

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