Joyce Abboud Sex Tape 2010-ASW428

Joyce Aboud Sex Video
Fares has sent us the full 21 minutes long Joyce Abboud sex video and we want to thank him from the bottom of our hearts for this great contribution.
Joyce Aboud is a sexy Arab celebrity model from Lebanon that has won many beauty contests including Miss Asia 2008 if I am not mistaken. This hardcore sex tape was shot and leaked by her boyfriend in early 2010 and caused quite a scandal…

… in the Arab world. What can I say after watching the video? Joyce Aboud should definitely get into the porn business, she has talent for it.

For one thing, she is the perfect combination of typical Arabian beauty and a killer body. With her sexy round ass, huge natural boobs and a perfectly shaved pussy she could easily over shadow even the best known western porn stars.

All that would be pointless of course if she was a lousy fuck but let me tell you one thing that is clear from the video, Joyce Abboud really enjoys sex in a very refreshing way and she is great at it.

I just love how she is always smiling and teasing while fucking, very natural, very sexy and extremely horny. You have got to see her face when her boyfriend blows his load and she gets her face, mouth and tits covered with cum, her reaction is just… PRECIOUS!

Anyway, trust me on this, Joyce Abboud’s sex tape is without a doubt the best Arabic sex video I have ever seen so far and I recommend you download and watch it. Paris Hilton has found her match!

!! Update Oct 2015:More sex videos and even picture galleries of Joyce Abboud were posted. You can find them all HERE

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Size: 68 MB
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“Joyce Abboud Sex Tape 2010-ASW428”
17 Comments already made.

  1. Hi, just wanted to say thanks for the video. clearly this is not Joyce Abboud, rather than someone who looks a like. Joyce Abboud has a sexy small mole on the top left corner of her lips and also Joyce is much younger than this lady. just a clarification.

  2. damn! man she’s so gorgeous


  4. i want to watch arab porn thanks.

  5. there’s another good one of a famous lebanese singer called manar hamza in a threesome. anyone has that?

  6. damnnnnnnn, haven’t heard of that one yet.

    saleem, go ahead and watch my friend. All the arab porn videos here are free to watch.

    The Admin.
  7. Hello Admin,

    So pleased that the clip I sent earlier has been published… Hope you & all friends in here liked it…


  8. Hey Fares, sorry it took so long to post the video, I had misplaced it on my hard disk.

    Thank you again for sharing such a great video 😉

    The Admin.
  9. mannnn!!!!
    she has the fattest kuss ive seen!absolutly stunning!!

    but the dude is a big let down,all he does is finger,i miean come on,ur dick must b more worthwhile thn ur finger!!!

    anyway,wt a show,shes stunning!!

  10. Joyce Abboud is a Lebanese model and beauty queen. Joyce competed in many Beauty Pageants and won many titles.

    Joyce Abboud is also a media celebrity and appeared in many social magazines.

    The body of Joyce is very slim and trim, she has undergone a strict diet to keep her posture and her look healthy.
    Thanks Admin for this great web site

  11. please i heard that there is a sex tape for Rola Chamieh the famous lebanese actress .. please if you have it upload i please

  12. why can’t i download this video, found it on the random post thingy on top .. but couldn’t download it, please help admin.

  13. Prinz, the download links have been updated and new mirrors added 😉

    The Admin.
  14. Please update the link

  15. Links have been updated 😉

    The Admin.
  16. is not working

  17. Rapidgator link has been updated.

    The Admin.

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