Strange Hijab Arab Sex Video-ASW429

Arab Incest Video?
Ok, please somebody explain to me what is happening in this 10 minutes long Arabic sex video because I am lost here.
An Arab woman wearing the hijab comes to an old man who fingers her pussy then gets fucked by another guy WHILE the old man watches over them 😯
Some claim that this is actually an Arab incest video of a father and son fucking the son’s wife but I have doubts; it seems to me that…

… this is some kind of ‘blessing’ given to the woman by the old man to get her pregnant? Or maybe even that it is actually a father making sure that the woman his son married is a virgin?

I don’t know, either way, it is a rather extreme situation. Besides, why are they even filming the fucking?

If anybody has an explanation as to what is happening in this Arab sex scene, please leave a comment.

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“Strange Hijab Arab Sex Video-ASW429”
52 Comments already made.

  1. rofl wtf !!!
    i dont have any explanation but the old man was talking to the girl in a kind way like someone who take care of her .. i mean it dosent sound at all like he is feeling horny or something .

  2. this video was published in arab forums under the name (dajjal). dajjal is like an arab magician who help you remove the curses and spells bad people put on you. so maybe this couple thinks that someone cast a spell on them so not to have kids, and this sheikh is supervising the process in order to prevent bad spirits and jinn from messing up with the guy’s semen :))

    also the couple may be the sheikh and the girl, and the dajjal convinced the husband somehow to watch his wife fucked by him. maybe the dajjal told him that some jinn will take his body in order to fuck his wife so he can kick the other jinns out of her uterus. who knows !

  3. This is an old arabic sheikh helping the girl loosing her verginity, it is an old stubid habbit in Iraq, it is very clear that he is abusing here in front of here donkay

  4. More hijab please!!! Thank you!

  5. thats extremly strange act, realy I could never think why such a thing done bye an old man. for your knowlge in arab world even two young guys fucking one woman is strange and inaccepted although it hapenes in some videos.

  6. i know what’s happening ; this is a belief that some Muslims have .. it says when u get married to an un-virgin woman u have to take her to a Cheeck ( religion man ) to make her un-virgin with his finger ..
    I’m Muslim and i’m telling u this is wrong and people who do that are just a little ; so don’t expect all muslims are doing this bullshit :”)

  7. i think the old man is the father of the man. I think it was the first fuck after wedding and the old man help his son coz he hasn’t got experience.We could check this on this video. And the old man spoke slowly and quitly and said don’t worry… It’s amazing to see that in 2010… And please excuse my english is very poor with a lot of mistackes…

  8. I think this woman wants to get pregnant, she went to this nasty sheikh to help her to get pregnant through this guy, I feel sorry for this dumb bitch when her husband will find out the troth.

  9. i tell u what the old guy on the video is a pimp so he broght a fucker to broke the gril virginty so she could work as bitch or hore

  10. yeaa im pretty sure this a father and son and the father is making sure that the girl his son is marring is virgin ..but i have no clue where there from…from the lady’s hajab im guessing syria or jordan maybe ?

  11. @kiss, the possibility that the husband could actually be the old man didn’t even cross my mind. Interesting idea.

    The theory that this is a father helping out his son or giving his blessings is in my opinion improbable simply because the sexual act is being filmed. Why film it if not to watch it later? And that would be highly improper in Arab countries.

    And finally, the old man is not really dressed as a Sheikh (holy man), so again things don’t make much sense.

    Thanks for the feedback guys, I hope we get to the bottom of this really strange Arabic sex video before 2011 :roll:

    The Admin.
  12. yes that is very nice

  13. agree with kiss and ross ..this old man is a scam and the girl is asking his help to get pregnant so i guess the man with white shirt is her husband and i guess he brought the old man and she is so silly to say yes for both of them a look when he touched her vagaina he kept on saying dong be affriad dont be world full of HORSE SHIT

  14. The camera seems to be hidden, so I don’t think the couple actually realize it’s there. Now about the taking-virginity theory, this happens in many arab countries, in egypt it’s a dying habbit.. but it’s still there in some places, the thing is.. there’s never a man supervising the process, it’s always a woman, usually the couple’s mothers.. her mother and his mother, but never heard of men being there, besides.. she’s not dressed in a wedding dress. and she’s obviously no a virgin.. no blood-checking seems to be taking place.

    at the start the old man keeps telling here ” don’t be afraid”. so i’m still guessing it’s some sort of ritual related to getting rid of bad spirits.

  15. Hello
    Dear all
    We can get from voice of old man , that movie is captured by people who live in area Eastern-North of Iraq , or eastern -south of Syria , and most properly eastern – north of Jordan
    My guess , the comment by kiss is absolutely right ” this old video was published on 2007 . dajjal ” Imposter “is like an Arab magician who help you remove the curses and spells bad people put on you. so maybe this couple thinks that someone cast a spell on them so not to have kids, and this sheikh is supervising the process in order to prevent bad spirits and jinn from messing up with the guy’s semen

  16. this is the most sickling video i have ever seen the girl is virgin and is taking by his son who is a wanka that dos not know how to treat a firghting girl in her first ever sex and he cant get it up what a PLONKA

  17. I think that the old guy can’t make her wife pregnant and therefore he hired a guy to impregnate her… and why the hell do i hear children in the background speaking and yelling???

  18. my own explaination
    The sheikh are always rich..look like the girl is her wife or he is checking her pussy or rubbing it.he looks like too old to have sex with her.he just enjoying seeing her wife fucked by another.
    The guy who is fucking is gay..he even dont know how to the whole clip pulling the legs of girl and can even make one stroke.shame on him to call himself a man.

  19. okay. now i dont know why u all watched this video. there is noting to watch unless ur a gay cause the only thing showing is the guy ass. 2nd i think this dajjal cuz he was telling the girl dont be scared and we gonna get it right. i dont think he is the father or the man otherwise he wouldn’t finger he pussy and i dont think he is the husbend of the lady cuz nigga is too old for that shit. anyway i wish if soon some 1 could tell us what the fuck is going with this shit?

  20. wow! i masturbated to that like 10 times already!

  21. This is proppably the wierdes porn i have ever seen !
    there have been given many good ideas on what this could be, I belive it is some sort of a dajjal thing as some ppl here say, its clearly that the old man is whispering words into the girls ear that might have to do with magic, he says to her dont be afraid, thats the only thing i understand…. but something struck me…. could this be the first ever arabic cuckolding video ?
    the old man who maybe has a young woman wants to give her a sexy gift, in this case a young man ?

  22. Completely agree with ALi’s explanations :)… man that’s what came in my mind when i have first seen this clip :)

  23. first of all this video is just sick must be remove.
    my theorie goes like this
    old man saying to girl la tkhafin it means dont be worry like she knows the other man is comming .old man make her like ready to do xxx.but they making seems like a rape movie.
    i think it’s zawaj mutaa very common in iraq and iran wich means marriage for pleasre…this kind of marriage allows man to marry a girl for some hours to months if he desires but its not meant to life commitement, the way they doing it make it wors.old man getting his virgin relative probally,to rape is just
    too much to look at.

  24. LOL, tommy, take it easy my friend. There is no rape going on in this video.
    It is clear that however weird what they are doing is, they are all consenting adults so this video will not be removed.

    The Admin.
  25. My theory is, the old man is her husband and he got his older son to fuck her. So she can become pregnant. Him being 80 he can go to his local coffee shop and brag about still having a penis as hard as a 20 year old.

  26. the video is very weird that for sure. but its not raped, the girl seem not force to do. I have to tell you that guy, can’t make his wife feel right. I dont know how he can fuck his wife front of other man or old one for that matter.

  27. i think its blessing from the old guy to get the woman pregnant ,he tapes it in order to blackmail them with it & somehow the tape gets published

  28. If you watch closely the old man was rubbing something inside her, watch carefully in the first clips, so I agree that it is a kind of Dajjal stuff to make her get pregnant

  29. She is the old man’s wife. He married a young girl. He can’t get his dick hard to do the job so he hired someone to do it for him.

  30. Terrible exploitation.

    The girl looks like she is from morocco or algeria judging from the jilbaab style. The old man is not a shiekh but probably her husband who paid a huge mahr to marry her.

    As he is past it he is watching her get fucked as a turn on. What a prick the young man is who has no idea!

    Pass her to me old man and you will get what you want! A very horny video nonetheless…

  31. Before watching, I guessed the dajjal theory was probably right from the comments. But after watching, I’m thinking the “virginity-check” story may be the case after all. Did anyone else notice how AWKWARD the guy was? He kept slipping out, couldn’t get in one good stroke a minute, kept slipping out, didn’t know where to put her legs … basically what I did when I was confronted with a real life pussy for the first time. Also notice the girl wincing every three seconds when he wasn’t even doing anything. So I think the old guy may actually have been inspecting her parts for integrity, and then doing some sideline coaching. Of course filming a first time for the nets isn’t normal for Arabs, or for any people; but it is possible that the camera is hidden, and that the couple are really foolish and don’t mind grampa shaman watching over their first time. Maybe people who know Arabic can catch more of what the young man and woman said?

  32. this video was published for the first time in (Der ezzour -Syria)after a criminal investigations led to put this ( shekh ) and also his fellows whom seen in the film !!
    the old man was known as who is capable of make some kind of miracles !!

    unfortunately ! most of his victims( poor and uneducated) couldn’t talk about that kind of abuse!!

    but at last some one had the ( balls) to do so ..

    you can find more information about this scandal at Syrian sites.

  33. hello, my friends… well i am from venezuela and let me tell you i am very shocked… i mean, i had a very good idea of arabic people… and you are like west people… SEXUALS…. what i mean is that i thought you were very inocents and less sadistics… and you have PORN MOVIES and PORN WEBSITES? also how can you get horny with girls with hijabs? that’s not even sexy…. you can’t even see a woman’s face… i know man are the same in every country and i respect that… MAN ONLY THINK ABOUT FUCK… but what i can’t understand is that GIRLS AGREE WITH DOING THIS KIND OF VIDEOS… don’t you girls have moral? or decency? well… i am very very sad because my idea of arabic people is broken… i really admired you because i thought you were innocents and religious… but i was wrong! and even i am from west… i really admired you but now… i realized you are just a FAKE!

  34. LOL, Nairilin, are you sure you don’t come from Mars or something? 😆
    I don’t want to be sarcastic but seriously you sound like you live in a fantasy world. Since when is having sex ‘Sadistic’? Sex is the most natural thing in the world.
    Besides, you have come across this Arab porn site that has a few hundred sex videos from the many Arab countries and you say that this has changed your mind about the ‘goodness’ of the MILLIONS of Arab people? I think you are too quick to judge others :roll:

    The Admin.
  35. XD i guess the old man is not really familiar with the threesome rules hihih :p

  36. Its shocking!
    @Nairilin: There are people in every society that we term as good or bad. to them they are what they are, and we tag them with goodness or badness. you being from west doesn’t make you Rocco Sephredi and I being fro East under no circumstance make me Pandit Nehru who fell in love with Wife of Lord Mountbattin 😛 (its history guys 😉 )

    Now, coming back to this video. sad it may be but there is a strong belief in this jallat thing (also known as Peer, Mulla, taveez navees etc) and desperate people or people who have lost hope after trying everything to have kids falls easy victims to such trap. In this process normally Dajjal tries to have sexual act but the situation in this video is unheard of.

    About the Mauta Marriage concept. one of the sect of Muslims still practices it but its very rare. there is minimum and maximum limit to it but not hours (its a stereotype). its just like normal, all the rituals, dower etc but not liked or encouraged. even in mauta marriage u do not invite others to come and see u doing stuff :P. so thats wrong too.

    finally, I will go with the option that this lady is either a whore or Sheikhs wife. (u can notice it from her behavior towards sheikh and towards other Gay guy :P)
    so, she is either sheik’s wife or whore brought by sheikh for his boy (there may be a relationship of sheikh with boy)e.g. boys fucks girl and sheikh fucks boy!

    its not as shocking as i heard of swapping! man there are videos of couples on both sides watching each other and fucking their wives ewwww its shexy hehe.

    thanks for reading.


  37. maybe they wanted to freak people out as a joke so they posted it online lol

  38. come on brother it’s obvious
    the old man is not dajal or nothin
    he just loves fuking and old enough to not enjoy it so he hierd a whore and a guy maybe a worker for him and orederd him to fuck the girl that’s it and he filmed it so he can see it again in anytime belive me breaking virginty or dajals never ever ever ever never film them selves afrading of shame and etc

  39. Plom, your theory is as good as any.

    The Admin.
  40. mostly a virginity test or what they call it in arabic فض بكارة

  41. Hey people…
    This video is from SYRIA, i am sure of that.Let me tell you all what happened.
    That old man is the father of the guy, ok?
    Here is SYRIA some people afraid first day in marry and lots of people do not know what should they do with new wives, so the old man here do it instead the guy.. that is all… I am sure of this, even when watch it, the old man say, do not worry about that at all…. this is all…Thanks for listening.Bye

  42. @nairilin: well nairilin i am studying psychology especially for arabs(very interesting subjects) and here’s my conc. about them; they are all religious actually i think some of those people u have seen on this website go back crying to their god after doing these scenes but on the other hand they did it due to the Suppression and Deprivation
    forced on them by the strange mix between : ignorance and very tight religious society (there as all people believe in god so a lot of deceiving people make profit out of it and make money out of their poor minds like the dajaal)by the way that theory isn’t about all arabs but it includes a huge section of the middle east

  43. wooow

  44. it’s most likly to be a dajal either instructing the act or getting this other guy to fuck her in order to get her pregnant and from the fingering it’s sure that the old man is not her father …in the arab world they strongly believe in spirits so they would do anything to prevent bad spirits form cursing them if they believe so…and in my opinion the camera must be hidden cause if it was intended for porn they would put it in a better angle or the old man would be holding it…anyways it shows how far people would go when they’re this ignorant

  45. Swindler
    This bitch came to the old man to heal, this bitch bewitched
    He persuaded her that this is the treatment

  46. links not working.

  47. KVS, the download link is still working.
    I’ll will provide more mirrors soon.

    The Admin.
  48. The explanation is easy,
    the husband & wife went to a local arab doctor who inhereted this knowledge age by age, the doctor messaged the wife in a special way, then the husband fucked his wife to get pregnant

  49. This is a Dajjal and this is not the only video for him.
    check the other video @ this link —-

  50. Thank you Anon for the video, I have seen it before.
    Yes this is the same Dajal that we posted a video of but this 2nd video really has no interest since we don’t really see much.

    The Admin.
  51. i think, the old man share his youger wife

  52. I know everything related to this video, and I have three other Videos describes the same phenomenon in Iraq, a phenomenon hypocrisy and sorcery. there are many Iraqis go to them.
    The women need child and Sheikh told her that she is inhabited by a jinn, Sheikh has this hypocrisy process.
    by the way For the filming. the hidden camera was placed by one of the family members of the Sheikh because of his knowledge that the works Sheikh do this to dozens of women.

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