Amateur Arab Foreplay & Oral Sex-ASW524

Homemade Arab Sex
Judging by all the henna tattoos on the woman’s arms, I would say that this Arab sex video is from the Khalij (Persian/Arabian Gulf), possibly from Oman. In it, an Arab couple is engaged in some hot foreplay.
Once he has her completely naked, the guy passionately kisses his woman while massaging and fingering her slit and then moves his kissing and licking to her wet shaved cunt.
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Duration: 7 min 40 sec
Format : WMV
Size: 12.5 MB
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“Amateur Arab Foreplay & Oral Sex-ASW524”
7 Comments already made.

  1. Hey there is nothing called persian gulf, it is the arabic gulf

  2. It’s always been a Persian gulf, there is no such a thing as arabian gulf. Of course some southern countries tend to give it a name in domestic media.

  3. Ok man ..that’s cool … but dude you are promoting to a website for ARAB porn …so using ” Persian Gulf ” ain’t a good
    idea i guess ..bohahaha …anyhow thanks fella

  4. it seems Egyptian to me got that from the accent when they were talking about hashish but the pale girl is not Arabian she knows some of the words but at some part she speaks English actually xD ” there is no faces … i can see from here …. to this part of ur face ” that when she was by the camera trying to settle it xD

  5. Admin we still waiting for u to change the name of the video. It is ,for the 10000 times , is an ARABIAN gulf. what word u didn’t understand it admin??? so change the discription of the video please, to arabian and not as described.
    and the next time be sure about what ur posting and please use the correct words.And for ur information its now called arabian gulf in the UN so one more time use the correct words.
    I invite you also to watch the video when the king of qatar correct to Miss clinton the name, I can give u the video if u want.
    I am waiting for ur correction to see the democracy.
    thx :)

  6. LOL, will you guys PLEASE chill out about this issue. This site IS CLEARLY A SEX SITE! I don’t give a shit about politics and the damn naming dispute.
    Anyway, I did an edit to the post that should please everyone and if not then too bad too sad 😆

    The Admin.
  7. thanks

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