Arab Wedding Night Sex Tape From UAE-ASW553

Wedding Night Sex
I was really surprised with this 33 minutes long Arab sex tape from the U.A.E.; not because it was shot on the couple’s wedding night but because it was the bride herself who placed the hidden camera… WTF! 😯
I guess things evolve as expected, lots of romantic touching and kissing ending with the usual sex and moaning BUT…
This Arab wedding night doesn’t have a happy ending :roll:

Just what the fuck happened at the end? What was the fight all about?
Please if anyone understood what went wrong, let us know, the suspense is killing me.

BTW, if you are curious about the end, you need to download the video because the streaming version was edited to make the video smaller for the video hosts.

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Size: 105.5 MB
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“Arab Wedding Night Sex Tape From UAE-ASW553”
29 Comments already made.

  1. nice video,

    I’m not sure if the bride herself had the camera hidden or someone else was
    tapping them, looking at minute 5:19 u can tell a third party is filiming them, not sure though …about the unhappy ending hahaha the guy goes to the bathroom and closes the door (i have no idea why he did that) and the bride is telling him to open the door…. one thing that strikes me is how is that the bride is not virgin or maybe the guy is satisfied with her as a second hand bridy

    ok ok .. let me translate
    1- they were having very romantic sex
    2- in the end she told him why did you cum outside..then he run away to the bathroom(or another room) and close the door !!
    3- she went after him and keep knocking the door and telling him to open the door .. she sound very angry ..she shout at him and almost threatening him D:
    4- he open the door and keep saying ( i swear that i cum)till the end of the video and it sound like he is scared !!
    The end 😀
    these things are normal in the wedding night in arab world because because a lot of people never touched the opposite sex before marriage .. my first time also was fucked up BUT one thing i am sure about : i didnt run to the bathroom and close the door 😛
    ROFL .. thanks admin

  3. The bride was not virgin as it’s shown on the white sheet under them when they got up the bed.That must be the cause of the fight between them in the end.

  4. he finished inside her.. and she was afraid to get pregnant so she wanted to
    wash it off .. and he is not opening the bathroom door :-)

  5. She tells him to cum on her, but he gets up, goes to the bathroom and cums there.

  6. i cant figure out what the fight was about …but after coming out of the washroom he was telling her to smell something …then he told he your matches (means you get pissed fast) i think she was just starting shit

  7. Well, thanks to Sam’s link, I realize that there is another 20 minutes to this video.
    Unfortunately, the camera doesn’t capture them well anymore and you can’t see much but they definitely get back to more fucking after they end their dispute.
    So I guess whatever the fuck was wrong whether it was her virginity or her ‘lack’ of it, they got over it… For now 😆

    Thanks for all your comments guys.

    The Admin.
  8. I have more lenght for this movie , i am sure is endding is so happy

  9. he don’t want to cum inside her because he discover that she is not virgin,if he do, he do not can cancel the mariage,
    i think that she know that she is not virgin, in this case she ask him to cum inside…

  10. Something doesn’t add up about this video. I have seen the 58min version of this video. Why would she be tapping herself? as seen in the end of the 58min version she goes and picks up the video camera to presumably to switch it off. Could it be just a case of a hooker hired for the young guy for (laylat el dughla) wedding 1st night experience? who knows. It seems to me that she has little bit of sex experience to me. Like I said who knows!

  11. Well, it was clear from the beginning of the video too that it was the bride that placed the hidden camera. Why is she filming? Still a mystery.

    The Admin.
  12. Don’t waste your time. The video is shot from such an angle that you can’t even see her tits or anything.

  13. Well, i just watched the full video quickly.
    I now understand why Emaratis hate marriage, emarati women are fucking crazy and rude. I can’t understand how a marriage like this will be if the woman or the man treat each other like this on the first day.
    I’m sorry for them.

    If she put the camera, and she wanted him to cum inside, and she was not virgin, then it might be to prove that he did have sex with her in case he wanted to divorce her and claim he didn’t. This way she gets her divorce settlement !!!
    What do you think ?

  14. I see nothing other than another idiot arab can not fuck properly his new wife keep jerking off and putting some cream on his dick and moaning more then his wife. poor arab women can not get good dick even on there weeding night poor women.

  15. guys , he’s a saudi gay , he’s married by force to this proffessional whore to straighten him up , the video is being shot to be shown 2 the family elders

  16. all previous theories are not that valid. the woman seems to have a power over this guy and the guy seems to be afraid of her u can see hear that from his voice where she sometimes confronts him with something and then his voice changes as if he wants to cry, and the woman is soooo relaxed u can see that from the way she took the pillow and made herself comfortable while having sex.

    no way that this woman is a virgin and she’s not even afraid of showing that she has sex experience.. even when they guy stopped fucking her she asked “are u going to take a fart”!!
    i mean this girl is a pro slut and a whore and she’s more relaxed that an average joe having sex on a wedding night.

  17. Guys… non of you know the truth about these couples..
    First of all, both couples are from UAE.. the guy is already married and have children.. while this woman is well-known in UAE that she has a bad reputition.. The first of wife of this guy found out about her and threaten her.. but this whore woman challenged her that she will take her husband from her… So that what happen they got married in secret way.. and she filmed the scene and the guy doesn’t know about it… Then days later… she sent the tape to his first wife to show her that she won…

    The first wife is the one who distributed the movie.. and then she went to the police.. both were caught and sent to jail.. but month later the man was sent free bucuz he didn’t do anything..

    anyway, the man divorced the 2nd one.. while the fitst one asked for divorce from the court and she got it.. so he lost everything…

  18. I understand a little bit of Arabic.
    But she said or has done something that has disgusted him, which from the video I can see is she isn’t really ‘interested’ in him kissing her. You get married to do “halal” and she’s being a little shit to be honest and cock blocking him (thats how I saw it)
    He said the Kalimah, which arabs say when they’re pissed and kind of going what the fuck is wrong with you.

    She is not a virgin you can tell, he is however.
    I’ve been married twice to muslim virgins and they’re nervous as heck (like he was).

    She’s a skank and he saw the camera too but she kept trying to hide it.

  19. For your information…just because there is no blood does not mean she is not a virgin. Sometimes a man doesn’t penetrate properly or more commonly as a girl goes through puberty they have have physical accidents which causes the hymen to fall

  20. The download links are not working.Please check them.

  21. Frank the links have been updated.

    The Admin.
  22. They’re still not working mate:(

  23. Frank, I double checked again and all links are working. It is something on your side.

    The Admin.
  24. Cannot download, please upload the file somewhere else..both of these links do not allow downloading. Thanks in advance.

  25. Penny, both download links are working just fine. I have added a 3rd one for rapidgator but I have a feeling that it is a problem on your side.

    The Admin.
  26. I want to get 58 minute version of this video.please admin or anyone help me to get it.

  27. Sorry Ashad, this is the version I got. If I come across the longer version I will add it.

    The Admin.
  28. do you have the 58 min version?

  29. Nope

    The Admin.

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