Hottest Arabic Strip Tease Ever-ASW571

Amazing Big Boobs!
To whomever sent us this amazing sexy Arab video, thank you so so much. You really should have left us your name.
What the fuck can I say? Just look at the preview: The most gorgeous teen on Earth with the biggest best fucking boobs EVER is dancing and stripping till she is completely naked to the tune of Arabic music.
She even dances and teases really well too.

Now I am sure that a bunch of people will start saying that this video is a fake Arab sex video and such.
Please watch and listen to the music, you can clearly see that she is dancing to the rhythm of the Arabic song.

Now whether she is Arab or not is a completely different story and as far as I am concerned, she has Arab features but I don’t know if she is Egyptian or not.

Besides, Arab or not, this strip tease is hot enough to raise the dead so just enjoy it 😉

I am adding this one to my favorite Arabic sex vids.

Update December 27 2011: Thanks to the feedback from our visitors, it is now clear that this hot dancer is not an Arab but rather an online stripper called Alicia.
2 more streaming videos of her were added by JohnDoe and Rami in the comments section. I have uploaded those 2 extra video to the usual free filehosts if you want to download them:
» Xtra Video 1: Alicia-sexy-Dance: |
» Xtra Video 2: Alicia-oiled-up: |
Movie info:

Duration: 4 min 20 sec
Format : WMV
Size: 13.5 MB
Download Links and Mirrors:

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» WATCH the video on !iPhone Compatible!

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“Hottest Arabic Strip Tease Ever-ASW571”
29 Comments already made.

  1. who she is ? I’d to gt married to her :)

  2. wow she is a one of a kind! if you know what I mean.

  3. I am the fuck-and-run type of a guy but this girl I would gladly spend the rest of my life with… the most beautiful face on the HOTTEST body EVER… Yummy

  4. wow! one of the best & sexiest videos ever!!

  5. I have watched this video. For me this is the best arab sex video I have ever seen. I think she’s Lebanese if I’m not mistaken.

  6. wow. the best video i ve seen on this website. my guess is she’s syrian. the perfect balance of those huge juicy boobs on a petite body. she ll look sexy even with her clothes on. i would give anything to spend a night with her..

  7. very good

  8. She’s not Arab, she’s a romanian or russian cam model.

  9. fucking perfect body (for a non-porn star) but her face is not like her body. still amazing.

  10. she is NOT an ARAB of any sort, she is an online performer (stripper) face ugly as donkey!

  11. Her not leaving her name is a very cruel punishment. She is grinning right now.

  12. Thanks J.Doe for the link to the other video.
    Arab or not, she is hot as hell and IMO, with a body like that, I could easily live with her face 😆

    The Admin.
  13. Little upset she isnt arab through, but hey, what a gorgeous, stunning body. I also found her face to be reasonably cute as well. I wish I had her as my wife. I’ll propably be kneeling to her instead of mecca everyday. Wow

  14. lol She’s Not Arab .. i See Another Video For her .. But She Really Have a Nice Body And Nice Tits

  15. Guys, I never said that she was Arab. I said ‘Arabic Strip Tease’ since it was clear that she was dancing to Arabic music.
    And yes, Arab or not, that is one hell of a great strip tease.

    The Admin.
  16. I support Admin too, her dance for the Arabic was erotic!

  17. I support The Admin me too, Thanks John Doe for the link, and here is another video

  18. Thank you Rami for that last video. If anything was missing from her last dance, it was the OIL… Shit she is amazing 😯

    I have updated the video info and added download links for the 2 extra videos added by JohnDoe and Rami in the comments.

    The Admin.
  19. anyone know her name or country or any info of her tell me plzzz

  20. hi does anyone know the name of the song playing? or where i can download it?

  21. So, what is her name? I got Alicia but in terms of finding other material online, that doesn’t really help.

  22. I love the way her boobs look !! Arent they erotic??

  23. wow sexy arab

  24. There is a huge collection for this hottie, here

  25. Thanks a million for the link my friend. This babe is a bomb!!!!

    The Admin.
  26. You are most welcome. Please let us know of any similar videos. not necessarily from her but same kind.


  28. Looks like she’s uploading her own videos now

  29. Wow, she is getting into hardcore too… So damn hot. Thanks for the link 😉

    The Admin.

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