Arab Sex Tape Of Young Egyptian Couple-ASW581

Egyptian Sex Tape
An anonymous visitor sent us recently this great Arab sex tape from Egypt featuring a young couple fucking in their bedroom and filming themselves with a fixed camera.
As soon as the guy gets in the bed, the nude Egyptian woman grabs his dick and gives him a really long BJ before she gets on top of him and rides his cock while smothering him with romantic kisses till the end.
Update: This video has been removed!

I believe that this young Egyptian couple is either married or at least engaged since the woman’s picture is hanging above the bed.

We have also received another sex tape of the same Egyptian couple (probably from the same anonymous contributor) that is more than an hour long and has more hardcore action than a real porno.
We’ll try to post it soon 😉

A million thanks to all of you who share these Arab sex videos with the rest of us. You are what makes this site a great place.

Movie info:

Duration: 6 min 50 sec
Format : WMV
Size: 11.5 MB
Download Links and Mirrors:

Update 18.01.2012:: Sorry guys, this video has been removed permanently as requested by the copyright owner.
It will not be re-uploaded again.

Broken Links? If any of the download links or pictures do not load, please leave a comment on the same page as the broken links and we will fix them ASAP.

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“Arab Sex Tape Of Young Egyptian Couple-ASW581”
12 Comments already made.

  1. Please Remove this video as soon as possible

  2. Anonymous, are you the person in the video and requesting it’s removal?

    The Admin.
  3. plz admin plz can you remove this video from this site plz nessesray bec it is my video and it is stolen plz admin

  4. Mohamed, we have sent you an email.

    The Admin.
  5. plz for possible way from user to head leader plz for the last time plz remove this video from the site bec it contain a two important persons my brother and his freind sister there is a problem in our life plz admin remove it quekly in neer time i hope that ??? thanks

  6. i said before that i hope you to remove my video from this site finaly admin and you don,t do that so i will go to the head master so i will see what he can do to me i know your place see you later.thanks

  7. Mohamed, I took your request to remove the video very seriously from the first day you made it.
    An email was sent to you on January 1st to try to contact you but you never replied.

    I am sending you another email today. Please make sure you chek your email spam folder if you don’t get it.

    The Admin.
  8. We have received the request to remove the video by the CONFIRMED copyright owner.
    As such this video has been removed from the site.

    The Admin.
  9. thanks for you so so much admin. really thank you

  10. good vedio

  11. a very big loss for others here not to enjoy these round sexy boobs with her big brown nipples underneath her D&G black shirt. she sucks professionally, however her ass is not that sexy. we couldn’t see her pussy unfortunately. hopefully, other sex websites have the other hardcore porn sex tape for the same horny girl.

  12. yeeah, i loved this horny sharmoota. She has great boooobies and looked very hot at the moment when she removed her black shirt. If you paused the video at this second, u will definitely masturbating on her round boooobies. I realy wished to squeeze her tits, and fuck her in her big ass.

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