Hot Nude Saudi Girls on Cam [TV Documentary]

This is a video documentary from a Lebanese TV station (streaming from about Saudi girls stripping naked and having sex on webcams for chat rooms full of young Arab men.

The report states that many of the younger Arab girls are using their PC and internet connection to meet men and talk about sex and taboo subjects in general and eventually end up showing off their nude bodies on the net and even having sex

Just goes to show you that you can only sexually repress human beings so much and treating sex in Saudi-Arabia as the biggest taboo is leading to Arabic sex scandals everyday and having a boomerang effect…


From other reports, it seems that young people in most Arab countries just dial a phone number and hope a member of the opposite sex answers. If they do, then the phone sex starts. Saudi girls and even married women are doing it almost as much as men. There is a tremendous amount of this going on.

Also, Saudi sexual repression has created epidemic levels of opportunistic homosexuality in the Gulf, especially among males. A gay American man who went to Kuwait on a trip states that he was amazed at all the Kuwaiti gay men coming onto him. He was easily able to have lots of gay sex, usually with married fathers.

Other recent reports say that a large portion of young Saudi high schools girls are becoming lesbian . According to Saudi blogs, there are quite a few Saudi lesbian women interested in women at colleges. Everyone knows who they are, and nothing is done at all.

Please note that this is only the point of view of that TV channel and of course everything you see on TV isn’t necessarily true, but judging from all the Arab sex short clips that I see on the internet and post here featuring sexy Saudi women getting naked and having sex and showing it to the whole world, there must be some truth in it.

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“Hot Nude Saudi Girls on Cam [TV Documentary]”
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