Requested: Mirage Arab Sex Scandal-ASW585

Mirage Sex Video
Some time ago, Ammer requested that we post the famous Mirage sex tape from the 90s so here it is.
Mirage is/was a talented Jordanian pop band created in 1980 that got very famous in the whole Arab & Western world in the beginning of the 90s thanks to some great hit songs. At the peak of their fame, this video was leaked and caused a very big Arab sex scandal that ultimately lead to the fall of the group.
Update: This video has been removed!

The sex tape features Mirage co-founder Wael Abu Nawar with his wife Aida (who was also one of the lead singers) having sex on multiple occasions.

Note that the group Mirage did not disband after the scandal but the couple moved away from Jordan to Canada and made a comeback in 2002 with a new album but they were always shadowed by the sex scandal and never really got over it.

Mirage still has a big following in the Arab world and especially in Jordan.
Here is a video clip of one of their songs from 2002 sung by Aida herself. VIEW ON YOUTUBE

Update 23.01.2012:
Since the video was posted, some visitors left comments and requested that the mirage sex video be removed from
We decided to let the visitors themselves decide. Please vote underneath.
The poll will be live for 1 month after which a decision will be made.

Note: If you don’t see the poll above, it means that you don’t have javascript enabled in your browser.
You can either enable javascript or go directly to the poll page and vote.

Movie info:

Duration: 33 minutes // ! Streaming version is only 7 min long !
Format : WMV
Size: 104 MB
Download Links and Mirrors:

Update 26.02.2012:: Sorry guys, we decided to remove the video even though as you can see from the final poll results above it was a very close call.

Broken Links? If any of the download links or pictures do not load, please leave a comment on the same page as the broken links and we will fix them ASAP.

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“Requested: Mirage Arab Sex Scandal-ASW585”
15 Comments already made.

  1. hi Mr admin
    i am sorry to say that but the girl in the video died in 2008 … i wish if you remove it plz … i like sex but i care about everything … thanx

  2. Aida died in 2009 and this video is for a married couple and it was never made to be public and that why you will never find this video on the arab forms. Aida suffered enought because of this video and if you translate her song you will understand and it shouldn’t hunt her even after her death.
    Please remove this video.

  3. plz plz plz remove this video aida died plz plz

  4. Guys, Marylin Monroe (among others) is dead too but that doesn’t make her less sexy.
    Does this mean that when Paris Hilton dies her sex tapes should immediately be removed from the internet?
    Come on, stop obsessing, it is just a sex tape like any other.
    Besides, if you don’t want to watch the video then don’t!

    The Admin.
  5. you are right admin in everyword you say
    you are the “pondering man”

  6. Mr.Admin.
    I hope u respect ppl who enter ur site and remove this video cuz many ppl that visit ur site are religiously straight and condemn remembering bad deeds about others after their death.
    So please remove this video without any problems, and believe me, this is for your own good.
    And as days pass, you will know what I am talking about.

  7. Admin .. please remove this Video .. those were decent people .. dont heart them more .. please remove this video

  8. That admin is really not caring about anything.
    We should boycott this site unless he removes this vid

  9. Junior, it is not that I don’t care my friend.
    The fact is that this video has been downloaded more than 2000 times already and so far only 5 people requested it’s removal so far.

    I’ll add a poll about removing it from the site soon and let the visitors decide.

    The Admin.
  10. Thanks for the poll, admin.
    Will wait for it.

  11. The poll has been added, please vote 😉

    The Admin.
  12. this movie got no copyrights
    the couple on it never sold it to any one or give rights to any to puplish it
    so plz its must be removed

  13. never sold the video nor given the rights,,so for what they maded this sexy video ? these so called dumbs who saying video should be removed should be kick out from the site.there many other also video/scandal which are not copyright then also they up there and watcching those clips who people shagged

  14. Admin.. Will u now remove the video and the poll as promised?

  15. Fair is fair, democracy is a good thing: The video has been removed. :)
    Please do not make any requests here about re-uploading the Mirage sex scandal video.

    The Admin.

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