Hijab Sex Show On Webcam-ASW647

Jilbab Sex
I found this video the other day and thought you would like it. It is a hot sex show performed by a horny slut in hijab (jibab/Niqab) on webcam where she exhibits her round body, masturbates and fucks herself with a dildo and finally gives a great blowjob.
The video has Arabic music playing but I don’t think that this hijabi bitch is an Arab.

Sorry, this video has been removed!

Movie info:

Duration: 2 min 35 sec
Format : WMV
Size: 7.6 MB
Download Links and Mirrors:

Update 11.05.2012:: This video has been removed permanently as requested by the woman in it.
It will not be re-uploaded again, sorry for the inconvenience.

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“Hijab Sex Show On Webcam-ASW647”
25 Comments already made.

  1. Great Ass

  2. the stream link is not working..

  3. I am sorry guys but we have received a removal request from the copyright holder and had to remove the video.

    It it amazing just how fast the removal request came. We received it less than 24 hours after the video was posted.

    What the hell is going on?? Everybody on Earth is watching arabsexweb.com for new videos? πŸ˜†

    Sonya, you have been contacted by email.
    Please make sure to check your spam folder if you do not receive our email.

    The Admin.
  4. i promise i’ll not and never upload this video, just watch it because i am a real real real real fan of hijab sex, and i’ll pay with paypal if needed to have this video; you can really count on me about it, i am very serious in my demand and very serious to keep my promise too,



    I’ll keep my promise.
    Don’t forget to mention paypal in order to make a payement and the amount too !

  5. can we get the link for this video on another website?

  6. I have downloaded it saving it on my HDD , So in this case should i delete it or what ?

  7. WTF ! Bring the video back , it’s easy for people to claim they are the ones on video and even if they are , they have no right to order you to remove it .

  8. some things cannot be undone.once something is on the internet, it is the point of no return. requesting this video to be taken off will do more harm than good. now more people will search & see the video than before. πŸ˜€

  9. admin, any chance you could email this video to me? I’m DYING to watch it. I promise you i won’t upload it anywhere else, it’s just for my viewing pleasure. Please?

  10. uploaded again plz

  11. hi could you send me a copy or let me know where can i find it?

  12. U don’t know how popular u r :) daily updates r most appreciated…

  13. Lol, Raj was right. Removing a video makes it even more popular.
    This is turning into the ‘Arab Beurette With Algerian Flag’ syndrome :roll:

    Anyway, I’ll just say it once more:
    This video will NOT BE RE-UPLOADED (or shared in any other way with anybody). PERIOD!
    Not because we don’t want to share it but simply because the REAL OWNER OF THE VIDEO (Yes, we checked) requested it’s removal.
    As simple as that.

    Enough said, I suggest you watch one of the 650+ arab sex videos on arabsexweb.com that are still online and forget about this one.

    The Admin.
  14. reiterating again admin (I know you have only done your job to avoid legal implications)
    once something is on the net it STAYS THERE. Period. it WILL keep resurfacing time and again. it is there in someones harddrive even as we speak.
    whoever requested the removal of the clip has caused more damage to herself than good. Maybe had it been there people may have not shown so much curiosity.as a figure of speech, she has lost the battle even before she has declared war (if she ever did that is)

  15. Who is the real owner of this video?
    Did he tell more about his slut?
    Did he fuck her in ass too? πŸ˜€

  16. thats plain stupid…if you care so much about that woman’s dignity… 1. why does this entry still exist? 2. even after her request, you still kept the entry’s thumbnail which clearly shows what shes doing?

    I suggested u stop being an ass and re-share the video….ur story is crap

  17. @Raj, I agree 100%

    @Thats stupid, you woke up on the wrong side of the bed today or you are always this grumpy? πŸ˜†
    1- This has nothing to do with anyone’s dignity. As Raj understood, this is a legal matter.
    2- The thumbnail has been censored so her identity is kept anonymous. And we never delete entries on arabsexweb.com because it is bad for SEO.
    3- Do you think we just love to remove videos that we took the fucking time and effort to find, edit, upload and share on this site?
    Just what is your point?

    The Admin.
  18. Anyone who wants to view the video should just google it.

    Raj is right, once something is released into the internet it will always remain there and is being distributed by many people.

    This woman should have not let her hubby/bf record their sex adventures,it would have prevented all this from happening in the first place but for what it’s worth it was a hot video (not the best) but the blowjob part was right at the end and was cut off after 15 seconds which was a disaapointment.

  19. wats the keyword to google?

  20. Oh come on Raj, just use your brain.

    The Admin.
  21. i found it just use ur brain

  22. I found it, I have three other videos of that girl

  23. arabsexweb is under obligation…. but im not. found the video and posted in many forums use the same name search cheers!

  24. you can still find the video if ur smart enough, tip ?

    ASW647 :)

  25. hey every body want also the removed video can u tel me where i can find it or if u have it can we share

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