Quick Fuck Of Egyptian Woman In Hijab-ASW729

Egyptian Quicky
Let’s end the month of November with a Hijab sex video from Egypt filmed with a hidden camera.
The video starts with the man setting up his hidden camera before a mature head covered woman walks into the bedroom.
He immediately starts kissing and fondling her and in the beginning she repeatedly told him that she didn’t want to have sex but after he started rubbing her pussy,

… and she got horny she gladly took her undies off and spread her legs for him.

The poor horny woman though didn’t get the sexual satisfaction she was looking for because within a minute after he started fucking her, the man shoots his load inside her, gets off her and walks out leaving her on the bed with nothing but a wet pussy full of hot cum.

Movie info:

Duration: 3 min 40 sec
Format : WMV
Size: 6.3 MB
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“Quick Fuck Of Egyptian Woman In Hijab-ASW729”
One Comment already made.

  1. Arab men don’t know how to treat a women.look at how he just fucks her so fast. He does not even take off his pants.
    Hijab women are so sexy and pretty,let them be treated like a queen they are.take your time love them talk to them,respect them and then make LOVE to them.

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