Algerian Teen Exposed By BF-ASW836

Topless Algerian Teen
And here is a quick Arab clip from Algeria (As decided by the poll that was conducted) sent by Mero of a sweet teen fooled into exposing herself by her sneaky boyfriend in a remote spot in the desert.
She is very shy and not too happy about being filmed but he keeps insisting that it is ok and he gets to fondle her really big tits and even makes her rub her pussy.

Morale of the video: Never trust a horny guy with a camera or what the site visitors say about the origin of the video :roll:

Update 11.07.2013:
HA HA HA, you guys crack me up! It seems that some of our visitors are having a tug war regarding the origin of this video in the comments section πŸ˜†

For the fun of it, let’s make it an official poll to get everybody’s opinion shall we?
If you recognize the dialect of the couple in the video (Or not for that matter as it doesn’t seem to make a difference!) please cast your vote below.

Update 23.07.2013:
Well, the poll has been closed and the votes were by far in favor of the Algerian option (236 votes against 141 for Moroccan)
And so ends the suspense :roll:

Note: If you don’t see the poll above, it means that you don’t have javascript enabled in your browser.
You can either enable javascript or go directly to the poll page and vote.

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“Algerian Teen Exposed By BF-ASW836”
18 Comments already made.

  1. they’re not Morroccan they’re Algerian!!
    a very courageous teen thou πŸ˜€

  2. sorry dude they are Algerian not Moroccan be sure from the nationality after put the video

  3. Thanks for the feedback guys, changed the video info.

    The Admin.
  4. Admin,
    Your first title was right,they are clearly moroccans…why should you change it after two morrocan comments!

  5. Admin,
    It’s moroccan not algerian…
    You got it right the frst time(the sender of the video knows what he is talking about,obviously).The title should be restored as it was,for more credibility.

  6. HA HA HA, I knew something like this was going to happen LOL
    Not to insult anybody but what the hell is the issue between Moroccans and Algerians? This is not the first time this has happened.

    Anyway, in the spirit of democracy, we’ll put the whole thing to a vote. And the funny thing is that this doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll get the truth at the end but hey, who cares really? It is just fucking porn :)

    BTW, Cactuseleven, thank you for both your comments πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  7. They are western algerian, and clearly algerians. Western algerian dialect is near to moroccan one, but some expressions are clearly algerians.

    It’s not a question of proudness…

  8. They are algerian, there is a clear moment after he fondles her breasts and says wallah that is a distinctly italian dialect influenced accent thing, snot spanish Portuguese or french…. as well as the way his thumb curves, which is more common in the levant then in african nations. Moroccan tourism could account to this, but high doubtful.

  9. Ha ha ha ha trying to spice it up a little,are we!
    Anyway,this poll is useless and obsolete,the only people that will know for sure where this couple comes from,are the algerians and the moroccans themselves(their language is pretty much similar overall and there are very few words spoken on this video).
    You could never tell unless you are algerian or moroccan,or lived in both countries(as i did myself)and know both accents!
    And judging by the wrongful nature of the two first comments(of two moroccans i presume),i don’t see why the poll will be more trusthworthy:))
    BTW,this is a moroccan couple(the way they pronounce the words couldn’t not be mistaken,it is the moroccan way).

  10. Expat-in-morocco, you are contradicting yourself:
    You say ‘the only people that will know for sure where this couple comes from,are the algerians and the moroccans themselves’ and then ‘And judging by the wrongful nature of the two first comments (of two moroccans i presume),i don’t see why the poll will be more trustworthy’

    Seriously man, this is really unfair: You are presuming that the Moroccan visitors are all lying.

    And yes, of course the poll cannot be trustworthy but it is the only way I can see to settle it since I cannot get a definite answer.

    Besides, as you said, it is more fun this way and the whole issue is really a non-issue :)

    The Admin.
  11. They are moroccans and so what!
    I don’t understand what the big deal about this very low rate video.
    The moroccan dialect of the eastern regions(Oujda,Berkane….ect…)is very similar with the algerian dialect.But still,the intonation of the voice and the way this couple talk suggest that they are moroccans.I don’t really know what the fuss about this crappy video!

  12. They are from eastern morocco(probably from Oujda or the surroundings).
    For instance,the guy says:
    “Rouhi tmechi” this is moroccan.
    If he was algerian,he would’ve said:
    “Rouhi tmachay or Rouhi temchi”
    Furthermore,the accent of the whole dialogue is clearly moroccan.
    The dialect talked in eastern morocco is almost similar to the algerian way of talking.But still,there are some variable differencies and the accent is not quiet the same.
    Having said that,the video is not interesting and has no erotic value whatsoever.I don’t understand what is all this mumbling about!

  13. Extens, there is no big deal really. I just wanted to know where the couple is from to update the video info and could not get a straight answer.
    You will notice however that the majority have said it is Algerian so far.

    The Admin.
  14. Hi Admin,
    As “Expat-in-morocco” stated already:
    This type of polls is not really an accurate instrument to evaluate the nationality of the couple.If people lie posting comments(i assume utterly what i’m saying),what would happen when the same people vote in a poll!
    It is clearly that more moroccans voted in this poll,hence the result so far at this point in time.
    I can assure you that the couple is moroccan…and even,those moroccans who voted otherwise in the poll,know it very well!

  15. btw the dude from the video sounds like a villain from Aladdin!

  16. Some examples of words in this algerian video (moroccan equivalent):
    00:01 “Aya rou7i” (yallah zidi) i have never heard a moroccan starting a sentence by “aya”.
    00:05 “ghi tmechi” (ghir tmechay).
    00:20 “wallah n7abbes baghi ndir lak ghi photo chabba” (wallah 7ta nezga baghi ghir ndir lik wa7d la photo zwina) – “chabba” means “pretty” in Algeria, in Morocco it means “young” even in the extreme east: Oujda, Berkane, Ahfir,…
    01:14 “golt lak douk nsupprimiha” (golt lik daba nsupprimiha).
    01:23 “nnik zabbi” (na7wi zabbi) The expression make no sense in moroccan dialect. Even near eastern borders, moroccans say “7wa” for “fuck”; all other arabs say “nik”.
    01:31 “Wach raki ddiri? (Ach kaddiri/taddiri?)


    By the way, i don’t think the girl in this video is really a slut (girlfriend) but the boyfriend is the most scoundrel guy i had never seen!

  17. Thank you for the breakdown and extra info Maghrebin :)

    The Admin.
  18. Algerian so what thats one dirty apple versus morrocan tons of whores wich its entire economy is based on sexual tourism of women and kids so to all morrocan stfup!!

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