Arab Sex Scandal 2013: The Egyptian Doctor-ASW849

New Egyptian Sex Scandal
LOL, what can I say? It seems Egyptian doctors and Arab sex scandals go hand in hand. They can’t seem to be able to keep thier dicks in their pants!!
Tis video is different from the others we have seen this far though: This time around, it is not the doctor filming himself fucking his patients but he is caught fucking a young Egyptian woman in his clinic by another woman in the room filming with a hidden camera or maybe her mobile phone.

The way I see it, it looks like good old horny Doc is fucking an Egyptian whore and the woman filming is her pimp. And judging by how casual they all are, this is not the first time that the doctor fucks in his clinic.

In fact, the guy has everything setup for sexual purposes: He has a porno playing on the TV in the background for a more pornographic mood.
The only thing breaking the fucking mood is the old bitch filming… She never stops blabbering!

There you have it, another Arab sex scandal involving a doctor from Egypt. Something tells me this won’t be the last :roll:

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“Arab Sex Scandal 2013: The Egyptian Doctor-ASW849”
5 Comments already made.

  1. this has a 2nd grader’s ability of handling a camera. angles are pathetic

  2. Raj, what did you expect? She is trying to hide the camera!

    The Admin.
  3. they are from egypte

  4. she’s not her pimp she says explicitly “kos omk (fuck you) you are my colleague if i get fucked i would tell you ” so she looks like she’s just making it out between them ,also she’s filming the guy not the girl ,the girl seems to know that they’re filming the guy doesn’t know , probably they ued the movie to blackmail him….what i really do not understand is the news at the begining of the film , the news is about the falling of the ussr and this dates back to the 1990’s while the film cant be this old

  5. she is his mistress and her pimp ,when she speaks with her ​​girlfriend “Nadra” by the mobile phone of “marwa” this little girl fuck on video, she just said that to cover her self watching a porn movie e cause “Nadra ” in the other side of the phone heard the ay ay of marwa, and before that she tells marwa that if she had not puting suppository in her pussy she will seriously had fucked by the doctor.

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