Arab Teens Having Sex In A Landcruizer-ASW896

Sweet Arab Fuck
Wow, this Arab sex video brings back memories: It was posted on in 2007 but I recently found this better resolution and longer version.
The video features a young Arab couple fucking in the back of a Toyota Landcruizer. I am still not sure where they are from but they sound Khaliji (Kuwait maybe?). It is a sweet video because they seem to be in love yet still shows hot fucking action…

The young Arab teen is quite skinny and seems inexperienced but that doesn’t stop her from giving her lover a nice blowjob to start thing off.
Also, she is not shy at all about being filmed and even smiles to the camera and shows her little shaved wet pussy without any taboos.

After letting her ride his cock for a while, he lays her on the back seat and fucks her gently in the beginning but gradually speeds up as her horny moaning get louder and louder until he cums inside her.

Call me a romantic but I really like this video. It is one of my favorite Arab sex videos and I hope you agree.

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Duration: 8 min
Format : WMV
Size: 25.2 MB
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“Arab Teens Having Sex In A Landcruizer-ASW896”
7 Comments already made.

  1. They are from qatar

  2. Do you know that her tribe killed her 6 years ago when the video went online?

    I would suggest you take it off out of respect.

  3. Anon,, where did you get this information from?

    The Admin.
  4. They are from Qatar that’s for sure, but they were never killed as far as I know (not so sure what happend to the girl) but they got screwed so bad 24 hours after this video got publish on the internet. The guy got abandoned by his family and friends, this video just made his life horrible. How do I know all of this?….. Well, me and him used to be in the same class when we were in high school

  5. Thanks for the info Susu 😉

    The Admin.
  6. I dont know about the girl but im pretty sure that guy got fucked a lot after the video lol . Qatar is a small country where almost every family knows other , this guy were stupid enough to film it . I feel bad for both of them . If they are alive they will be living hell right now and for ever

  7. Watching this video gives me extreme joy, because this couple was happy and in love. Most of the videos you are posting are of couples meeting up very quickly, in secret, without much emotion or tenderness and especially with very little pleasure to the women. Islam is peace and forgiveness with consistent space to repent and the man who accepts a women that basks in pleasure is more rewarded in death then by the man who hunts for a virgin.
    I am sure that the couple might be regretting their choices now, but what they have done here is given a spark of hope and practicing free will in a conservative nation.
    Considering the implications, perhaps their families were forbidding a union, despite the deep love that is clearly in their faces and actions here. Being so young, is it such a shock that they were willing to face persecution and torture, just to be able to live freely and in bliss for such a short time?
    The shame is not in them having sex, they shame is in how horrifically they are judged by man.

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