WTF! Hijab Covered Woman Strips In A Club-ASW906

What The Fuck?!?
I have absolutely no idea what this is about.
I found this video on the internet and couldn’t make out what the fuck was happening so hopefully your comments will help.
The video shows a woman dressed in black and with her head covered in a hijab performing a strip-tease in a club.
Also, before she gets completely naked, she had the Palestinian flag stitched on her dress.

Now the where, why and how is completely open for interpretation:
– Is she Palestinian?
– Is this happening in an Arab country? (I really doubt that)
– Is that the map of Palestine drawn on her body?
– And finally, why is she stripping?

I mean OK it is an erotic strip tease and she does get naked but it is more of an ‘artistic performance’.
Maybe it is meant to draw attention to the Palestinian issue?

Anyway, this is another one of those ‘What the fuck?’ videos :roll:
Don’t be shy and tell us what you think by leaving a comment below.

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“WTF! Hijab Covered Woman Strips In A Club-ASW906”
25 Comments already made.

  1. She is Not even Arabs, it’s just another fucking side of the world

  2. if you don’t remove the word palestinain or the movie
    i report this website daily for internet service provider in lebanon, jordan and egypt daily till they block your website !!!

    you can try me if you don’t believe !!
    then you’ll lose more than 50% of your traffic

    this bitch is not palestinian

  3. Many times I am just amazed by the visitors reactions 😯
    Did I mention anywhere that she was Arab? I in fact wondered if she was Palestinian or not.
    How is it that you guys can definitely confirm that “this bitch is not palestinian”?? Do you know her??

    That she has the Palestinian flag on her dress however is a definite fact. Why is she doing this? As I said I don’t know.
    I don’t see how this could be offending/insulting to anyone really. As I said, maybe she is doing it to attract attention to the Palestinian issue. Maybe not!
    Maybe she IS Palestinian and that is her way to express herself. Who the fuck knows??

    Qawme, why on Earth are you so offended??
    The WORD ‘Palestinian’ does not belong to you my friend. So you should not threaten me with anything really, I neither did or said anything wrong!
    If you don’t agree with that then go ahead and do as you please, I am sorry you feel this way.

    The Admin.
  4. Great video admin, don’t mind those hateful guests, there’s many more loyal visitors here than those who actually comment. I don’t care if she’s Arab, Palestinian, or not. She’s a naked woman, that’s all that matters πŸ˜€ and the fact that she has an Arab flag on her is kinda rare to be honest.. 10/10 rating

  5. forgot to mention that the size is wrong, you say it’s 200mb while in fact it is only 20

  6. there only one way to retaliate to these unjustified comments mate…. spread it!!! which is something i have always done and will do. I have already downloaded it and have posted it on 5-7 different blogs. add a 6-9 more by the time you read this.

  7. stupid israeli whore trying to insult palestine, in a casino in israel.
    they do this and some horroble stuff in their parties.

  8. Possible_love, really? Israelis making fun? I didn’t even think of that.

    Anti-qawme, “She’s a naked woman, that’s all that matters”… That is how I see it too. This is a porn site not a political debate forum.
    And thanks for pointing out the typo. Fixed πŸ˜‰

    Taj, I don’t want to retaliate against anybody my friend. I thought it was an interesting strip-tease video and I posted it on the site. No further meaning to it than that. Simple porn!
    Who ever likes the video can watch it and if he doesn’t there is nobody forcing him to.

    The Admin.
  9. This is priceless! Now I’m absolutely sure that Arabs will blame Jews for pretty much ANYTHING. Maybe it’s a Zionist plot LOL
    I’ve met a couple of naughty Palestinians girls.. no Israeli introduced them to me… πŸ˜‰

  10. I asked a colleague of mine here in Chicago who happens to frequent Israel (business purposes)… he watched it and said that he’s seen this type of thing multiple times in Israeli clubs… claims it’s just a way to have fun. I didn’t get into a deeper conversation with him after this, but I know that they know that many Palestinians find it disrespectful and thus do it to get under their skin (though I don’t know how when it’s in an Israeli club!). Eh… hot girl, nevertheless.

  11. Admin, i feel this video is something they have made to insult palestine. I don’t know why someone has to make this video to hurt others.

    May be if you can just point out “a woman dancing with palestine flag on her dress” it would make some sense right? Thank you.

  12. Ok well to tell you the truth, the possibility that this strip video has an alternative motive of insulting Palestinians didn’t even cross my mind.

    I will not remove the video itself because I still think that it is a nice strip tease (wherever she is from) but I have edited the title in a way that makes it more ‘neutral’ and doesn’t imply anything about nationality.

    I think that this is fair to everyone. Now… Can we please move on and enjoy the porn? :roll:

    The Admin.
  13. this is an israeli in israel, insulting palestine and islam

  14. Admin, I am a loyal follower of your site. But I am extremely disappointed. We Arabs should be united and proud, no video is worth it if there is a possibility it was meant to insult us. I am Palestinian and the thought that this could be posted by the colonizers to insult and further humiliate the Palestinian people is revolting. I ask you for the sake of Palestine that you take it down.

  15. So For those of you who got pissed of and wanted to report the video because it belongs to Palestine somehow ..
    Why didn’t you feel the same way toward the whole Arabic countries that got insulted by the people who made this website ?, if you guys were really nobles and heroes enough you would of had done it long time ago but you’re not so STFU

  16. I think it’s stripping for a cause if you took the song and the stripping you’ll actually realize that she is showing how Israel want a “Piece of her” She stands for Palestine. Btw I think the draw on her body is for the Palestinian map

  17. Khalid, I have edited the title but will not remove the video.
    At the end of the day, it is a simple strip tease presumably by an Israeli woman. If you find it insulting in any way don’t watch it.

    LeSong, I still don’t get why you say that this website’s goal is to insult Arabs. More than 70% of our visitors are from Arab countries that come here to enjoy the sex videos and are not insulted/offended in any way.

    The Admin.
  18. Amazing, she took off her clothes but still with her head cover and she was ready for this dance, sure she is Israeli girl because she had the map on her body in advance, so, the Forever Great Palestinian flag on her dress which is the true, this is the way how the Palestinian ladies are covered always, but the Israeli map is on her pussy like all the Israeli ladies are naked always.
    Anyway, she is ugly, vulgar and she is not sexy at all.
    This Massage is From Free Gaza.

  19. Hey Admin,

    Just to clarify, I’m in no way implying that you remove this video. The girl is hot as hell! I’m merely telling you what an Israeli colleague of mine told me after seeing this. He laughed and said that it’s a typical thing in Israeli clubs; strippers or other dancers dress up in ‘abaya or burqa or something of the sort, and dance provocatively, and even strip (as in this video). He said it’s just fun and that they find it hilarious that Palestinians get angry at it. Here’s the thing, I asked him about it again after a couple days, and he said, “why do they get angry anyways? If they always claim to be such Muslims, they shouldn’t have seen the video in the first place, and then they wouldn’t be angry! Isn’t it wrong for you all?”

    He had a point. But in any case, this girl is SEXY, and I’d bang her any day πŸ˜‰

  20. I Believe This Stripping happened in Israel.

  21. To those who think this video is offending:
    How is this video any different than a regular palestinian porno where a palestinian girl sucks a dick or takes it in her ass??
    How come this one girl is offending you, but the thousands of palestinian whores that have their porn videos uploaded to porn websites are not offending you?? Just because she has the flag it became insulting??
    This is a porn website, you should expect palestinian girls (and all other girls) to do all kind of kinky shit, and should not be offended.
    Why do you jerk off to a palestinian girl getting fucked but you dont jerk off to this??
    Why do you think this is done by israel, but you dont think the other palestinian pornos are made by israelis?
    And do you seriously think israel has nothing else to do but to produce striptease clips for girls with palestinian flags?!!?
    Go mastrubate a little more, it’ll relax you ..

  22. Whats wrong with these guys u come on a porn site n u become political n religious really..then u shuldnt b here,keep ur insecurity n sensitivy bak home nothing can make a difference

  23. For people who think it is a double standard to find this video offensive but not porn videos with real Arab women let me give you my reason why I don’t find porn with Arab women offensive.
    Human beings are sexual creatures and we enjoy sex. A lot of the videos are of Arab prostitutes who chose to be prostitutes.
    Yes, some videos may be forced against their wills, but the burden of proof is on you to prove it for that particular video, and it is upon us Arabs to stop forced abuse within our communities.
    If you believe in a particular religion, that is your problem, not mine.
    So no, I don’t find porn with Arab women offensive, or porn in general.
    If you think something is forced, prove it, and the admin will remove it. If you can’t prove it, then work on our community to stop this kind of thing from happening.
    In conclusion, porn with willing participants is not offensive, Israelis trying to humiliate Palestinians, in any way, is.

  24. this is club in tel aviv worked by Israeli manager. the club called Coliseum

  25. Pole-dancing stripper , tattoos and drawings all over, Mac computer in the background, if these aren’t tell-tale signs the bitch is Palestinian and NOT an imposter then I don’t know what is..

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