Forced Arab Anal Sex Video-ASW067

Arab rape sex video
I was almost not going to post this Arab sex video because it comes a bit close to rape but after examining it for a while, it was clear that it is more forceful sex than rape.
In any case, I think this Arab couple is married and for some reason, the man decided to fuck his wife up the ass in front of the camera and she kept refusing to do it.

Update: This video has been removed!

I couldn’t understand if she was objecting to the anal sex or to being filmed but she made it very clear that she wanting no part of it.
Despite all her objections, the guy forces her down on her stomach against the floor and forces himself on her and fucks her up the ass until he came inside her.

Movie info:
Duration: 5 min 40 sec
Format : WMV
Size: 7.4 MB
Download Links and Mirrors:

Update 27.01.2013: Sorry guys, this video has been removed permanently and will not be re-uploaded.

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“Forced Arab Anal Sex Video-ASW067”
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  1. it seeem deposit and megarotic sites are not friendly, as i cant d/l any files from them, can u put in more links , pls dont put in rapidshare though

  2. brio, uploading every video to 3 hosts is already very time consuming and I can’t add more. How about They are very good although sometimes it takes a few refreshes (F5) to load the page.

    The Admin.
  3. very good

  4. can u please try filefactory? i cant use deposit or rapidshare,and some of the easyshare links are dead

  5. They are iranian and she is not his wife , perhaps his gf and forces her to anal sex

  6. so nice.

  7. hard arabic sex

  8. Could you please upload make this video and other videos on streaming version to watch them online instead of downloading them from the other sites since everything becoming forbidden. I vote for mediafire or Zshare..They’re both nice though..thx!

  9. Yes Rizen, many videos need to be re-uploaded to streaming video hosts since Megaporn died.
    I’ll try to do this soon 😉

    The Admin.
  10. It would be so very nice if all your videos were able to be seen on the iPhone and iPad.

  11. forceful sex? is that no rape then??? don’t post rape! horny sluts yes -beaten up rape victims NO! please

  12. Hey, Admin,

    I have to second the above poster–this is, if anything, a more clear-cut case of sexual abuse than the “Drunk Iraqi” video was. Please take it down.



  13. The video has been removed.
    Thank you for your feedback.

    The Admin.

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