Hot Arab Teen Virgin Blows Outdoors-ASW934

Horny Arab Virgin
Trust me when I say that the young Arab teen in this hot oral sex video is truly gorgeous and from the looks of it she is still a virgin. I wonder if she would marry me? 😯
She has an insanely sexy body with pale skin and lovely firm tits. What is striking is how good she is at blowing. She sucks her lucky boyfriend’s cock with a big smile on her face and then he rubs his dick against her lovely fresh shaved virgin Arab pussy without penetrating it.

And all this is happening outdoors on the grass. How very romantic!
This one definitely deserves to be added to my favorite Arab sex videos posted on the site :)

And once more, I do not recognize their Arabic dialect. So it you know it please leave a comment below.

BTW, I am very sorry about the blurred marks but I didn’t find a cleaner version of the video. If anyone has it, please share it with us. Thanks.

» Update 02.02.2014:
Since the video was posted, some visitors left comments suggesting that the girl is too young and that the video be removed from
We decided to let the visitors themselves decide. Please vote underneath.
The poll will be live for 1 week after which a decision will be made.

» Update 10.02.2014:
The poll now is closed and as you can see from the results, 70% of the viewers (1782people) agree that the video is ok and that the girl in it is over 18.
And since I posted the video in the 1st place with the belief that she was over 18, the video stays on the site.
Thank you all for participating.

Note: If you don’t see the poll above, it means that you don’t have javascript enabled in your browser.
You can either enable javascript or go directly to the poll page.

Movie info:

Duration: 6 min 10 sec
Format : WMV
Size: 17.7 MB
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“Hot Arab Teen Virgin Blows Outdoors-ASW934”
27 Comments already made.

  1. thats fucked up shes too young you guys need to delete this shit

  2. child abuse in syria

  3. Seriously guys? She looks over 18 to me 8|

    The Admin.
  4. this is Turkish.

  5. I agree… Way to young. Take it down yo

  6. she is too young man!
    max 16
    you should take it off

  7. Ok, We’ll leave it to the visitors to decide.
    A poll has been added, please vote above.
    Thank you.

    The Admin.
  8. Right. girls are very young. together by people who threaten the girls novice new people that no violence, no pain, no blackmail .maybe recording would have been better if they had not.

  9. This girl is not underage, she just looks like that. you can tell from her body.

  10. what i keep wondering is, why would you always HAVE to keep abiding by commentators views on what should remain or not? If I were you, I would only accept content removal requests from people directly concerned with proper email/letter sent supplemented with id or letterhead. good luck

  11. She is a GOD DAMN under age, remove this video for god sake bro!!!

  12. Atba10, I didn’t understand a word you said, sorry.

    Raj, removal requests are dealt with exactly as you said my friend.
    This is not a removal request.

    I personally do not want to post any videos that could be under age on my site. I am totally against that.

    When I posted this video, the girl looked (at least to me) over 18. But there is no way of making sure is there?

    Therefor I added this poll to get viewers opinions to have a better idea.
    As you can see, everybody sees things differently 😐

    The Admin.
  13. There is absolutely no way one can say with certainty the age of this girl. All you can say is that she’s young. She looks to be under no coercion. She looks to be over 18. Young girls can look VERY young, but that by no means can be a basis to claim she IS underage. I certainly hope she is not. Now… “Spectator”… how can you say that that a girl is *not* underage based on the development of her body??? A 14 year old girl can easily have an adult body. Your response is just ludicrous. Ultimately, though, I don’t think this girl is underage; just very young-looking.

  14. The accent sound from Sanaa Yemen and I am 100% sure. I don’t think the ages matter because she should not be doing that in the first place…

  15. I don’t care, I just downloaded the video, and whatever the admin want to do afterwards I’m okay with it. But seriously to all those “high honored” arab porn junkies, seriously why do you care about the age? Can’t you just learn that the important thing is that she was enjoying herself? just accept sexuality as a normal human behavior instead of a taboo, it’s getting stupid you know. Are you that blind not to notice the hypocrisy in your actions?!

  16. 136n3n1, Really? “Why care about the age?”
    Are you insane? 😯

    The Admin.
  17. I believe she is over 18 .. by the way they are from YEMEN and this is a very famous video I have seen long time ago in many many sites ..

  18. You know like the old sang goes, better safe then sorry. A poll does not determine the age of the girl. Most people will vote that she is old enough cuz, just like u they don’t give a damn so long as people don’t make a fuss ur fine with it. At the end porn is filth and yes there is some type of hypocrisy in watching it but at the end two wrongs don’t make a right. I strongly recommended that you remove this video, not to come off has threatening but I feel like I do have to report this. You can’t go with the idea of “she’s old enough until proven young, but rather she is a minor until proven otherwise” please don’t go by your foolish poll that is completely biased and go with what’s best for u and your site.

  19. omg 18 is just a number made by law rules.. when a girl bleeds.. she can get pregnant that means she is fu ck able. girls start at 12-13.. oke that is really young you wait few years 2-3 years.. and i think it will not be a problem then they are 15-16. i self prefer girls 22-28. but as i said dont worry to much. it is not rape just a fresh looking young girl. admin ur number one pls email me how u find those videos.. and post a lot more pls pls.. ur a hero 😀

  20. @sobad- you watched it and jerked off mofo and then are trying to be the oh so bad thing advocate…asshole get a life..people like you are even prepared to do incest when horny then claim it wasn’t intended…buzz off

  21. Why is the poll closed?
    You seriously need to remove this video, she’s clearly under age, you can hear it in her voice! This is disgusting!

  22. LOL, as with all polls and as mentioned in the post, the voting was open for 1 week. It is now closed.
    As you can see from the poll results, 70% of the voters think that the girl in the video is over 18.
    The video therefor stays :)

    The Admin.
  23. Cant download this video.. admin please help

  24. Insanedude, I only updated the depositfiles link since the other are still working.

    The Admin.
  25. yemen

  26. Not found !!

  27. The links have been updated.

    The Admin.

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