Syrian Brother & Sister Sex Video1-ASW951

Arab Incest Sex?
Supposedly, the young teens are brother and sister from Syria so this could be one of the very rare Arab incest sex videos.
What is certain is that they are not having hardcore sex with penetration but rather just humping and wanking each other so the incest theory is very probable.
Could it be that when the parents are away, the virgin siblings take the chance to explore their sexuality? I’ll let you decide.

Amazingly, we have another video of the same Syrian teens doing it in another room. We will post it soon.

! Update 10.03.2014: The second video has been posted. You can watch it by clicking HERE.

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Duration: 16 min // ! Streaming version only 7 min long !
Format : WMV
Size: 37 MB
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“Syrian Brother & Sister Sex Video1-ASW951”
20 Comments already made.

  1. So now you post incest videos as well?

  2. who told you they are brothers ?

  3. if i knew the owner of this site I WOULD SPIT ON HIS FACE

  4. Admin !?
    Are you serious ?
    Yes it’s an adult site but does this mean you have to lie or make up stupid stories about each video you post ?
    Brother & Sister ? And From Syria?
    Even though after watching the video no Prove to me that they are brother and sister nor they haven’t spoke a word so you & i can guess where are they from..
    If you hate Syrians that much why don’t you just change the domain name to if this is what all about !!!

  5. Respect your website visitors and take off the stupid Subject of your video that you’ve uploaded ..
    Otherwise im doing all what it would take me to take your website down ..
    And im dead serious about it ..

    these guys in the video looks like two lovers who doesn’t wanna fuck thats all ..
    so Stop lying first and second stop making up stories for your website and Stop being a fucking racist and a hater ..

  6. Wow, it is hard to post anything on these days without getting some kind of threatening response from the visitors.

    For the people who liked the video I am very glad. For those that did not like it, I only have one thing to say: don’t watch it, it is as simple as that LOL

    And LeSong, FYI, I have been to Syria many times and found it a lovely country with wonderful people. This video is in no way intended to hurt/insult any person/country/nationality/religion.
    As I keep saying, this is a fucking PORN SITE, not CNN!
    If you do not like the material posted, I am sorry but nobody is forcing you to visit… Is there?

    The Admin.
  7. Dear Admin,
    So simply instead of proofing to us how honest you’re are about the contents of your uploaded videos, you’re replay to my comments that simply is you don’t have to visit any more if you don’t like my lies and fake fucked up stories about others nor insulting others ?!! ..
    Really ?! ..
    Do I give a damn if you’ve been to Syria or not ? Do a give a damn if you liked the people or not ?
    Are you seeing my point here Moran ?
    My point here is the quality not the quantity .. My point is you’re video has no proof of what you claim it to be and yes you’re right .. Any stupid hater these days can just make a website and start to lie and show others how fucked up he is mentality but the thing is I wasn’t aware that in one of these websites ..
    Nothing more nothing less ..

  8. Good then. We have come to an understanding :)

    The Admin.
  9. Understanding of what ?
    That you’re nothing than a stupid fucked losser who lies and make up stories ?

  10. All you guys commenting remind me of the whore in Adel Emam’s movie “elsfara fel3mara” (the embassy is in the building) that showed patriotism and loyalty to her country and refused to continue fucking him after finding out he lives next to the Israeli embassy 😀 really?? Really?? You gonna play patriot/religious here? On a PORN site????

  11. @LeSong…Man I jhave no fucking idea why are you taking it so seriously, we are on this site just to enjoy the stuff, should be thankful to Admin who is taking care of his bros.
    So moral of the story..nothing personal man,just chill and enjoy Jerk off:)

  12. Well, let me make it very simple to understand then LeSong:
    Do you understand that the fact that your comments even show up on this site is because I allow them to?
    From here on, your comments will be ignored.
    Now go and bother someone else with your bullshit false indignation.
    Have a nice day.

    The Admin.
  13. This is a porn site and even a fool can understand its meaning..I pity on the song idiot who post foolish comments. If you dont like the content dont watch. Thanks admin.

  14. lol does this guy think incest doesnt happen in syria ? did he not year about the story of the FSA leader who got caught fucking his granddaughter in a fild ? its all over the internet …this guy was ok watching all the videos on this site including the incest ones ..but now he is butt hurt …what a joke ..keep doing what you do and please upload the second part

  15. Man, this LeSong guy needs to calm the fuck down. Instead of being all patriot and shit, just watch the good stuff on this website and go on with your day. Who cares if it’s from Syria or not? Like forreal? There are Arab sluts every where, so don’t be such a hypocrite. Plus, who cares if it is incest or not? like realllly? one kind of porn is okay, but the other is not? okay Mr. I have moralities. Just like the guy above said, jerk off and move on with your life.
    Admin, keep up the good shit brother.

  16. who told you they are brothers ? joke

  17. realy liked it keep up the great work admin love your site many tnx

  18. I like it when people threaten to take the website down .. LOL .. and when they are dead serious about it .. Lo0o0oL
    I mean not only this dumbass here .. there were many other idiots in other videos posted in this site that threaten to take the website down, somehow!!
    I wonder if any of them managed to do anything, that’s of course assuming that any of them actually tried!

  19. i-boink, many times these threats are just made ‘in the heat of the moment’ and are quickly forgotten but you would be surprised at just how many times this site has come under attack.

    The Admin.
  20. Porn sites feed the fantasies (and pockets if ever). So if you guys don’t like/agree with what’s posted, go jerk some place else… self-righteous f*cks

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