Egyptian Karate Coach Sex Scandal-Vid01-ASW969

Egyptian Sex Scandal 2014
Just a few of days ago, a huge sex scandal unfolded in Egypt involving a karate coach from the Mahalla district who was having sex with women in the back room of the gym where he worked and filming them.
Thanks to our dear friend Mero, we bring you the 1st of these Egyptian sex videos showing the infamous karate coach Abd AlFatah AlSaiidi fucking a woman with a big ass.
After she sucks his rather big Arab dick,…

… she gets on top of him to ride his cock but things don’t work out as they should. I think that her pussy wasn’t wet enough.

So he licks her pussy for a while to lubricate it before trying to fuck again but the same problem arises.

The horny karate coach realizes that he needs a heavy duty solution to this problem so he goes out and brings a lubricant and rubs the woman’s pussy with it and FINALLY he was able to shove his cock inside her problematic hole. 😆
He fucking bangs her hard (Not long mind you!) thrusting himself violently against her and spreading her legs with his hands until he cums inside her.


According to an online Egyptian news network who is supposed to be the first to expose this scandal, the karate coach had sex with 25 different women in the gym and is now in the custody of the police awaiting trial.

It seems that the videos (25?) were uncovered by a computer technician who was repairing the coach’s laptop and contacted the police.

There is a big attempt to cover up the whole scandal and make the videos disappear but as you can see they were leaked and I expect to see more of them and post them as they become available.

And for all those of you who have been requesting the sex videos of the Egyptian karate coach for the past few days, please remember to thank Mero in a comment 😉

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“Egyptian Karate Coach Sex Scandal-Vid01-ASW969”
16 Comments already made.

  1. Many thanks to Mero for his great contribute to this site

  2. And hopefully both the women and the action in the other videos are not as bad as this one 😛 lol

  3. there is over 20 movies for him … can u get them ?

  4. thank you mero! you are the best :)
    … waiting for the following parts

  5. I wonder what this guy’s game was… I know that Arab women aren’t just straight giving it up (at least not in the khaleej), so they’re being convinced to bang somehow. I’d like to learn what guys like this one are doing to have things go their way…

  6. Dear Admin,
    There are supposedly more than 21 videos …. but they are being deleted from all the hosting sites that they are being uploaded to …. please find them and post them ALL….
    also use the associated arabic hashtags as keywords …. your site will skyrocket in viewers 😀 😀

  7. tnx hope to see more :)

  8. good good

  9. thanks Mero.pls post d remaining at d earliest

  10. LOL, this post definitely made many people happy.

    Hopefully we don’t attract too much attention to get the files deleted.

    The Admin.
  11. good

  12. i have 3 more vedios

  13. Great job! I personally have seen 7 on a different site, he is being referred to as el3anteel, but they all seem to be with the same women, and allegedly she is a policeman wife.

  14. there are already 7 videos leaked in the internet 😉

  15. How long before you cowards delete them from this site like all the other ones because they asked you to

  16. LOL, Fuckoff!, you have anger issues you know that?
    You are already calling us cowards even though the videos are still there.
    On the other hand, just like any of the videos posted on, if the persons in the video request it’s removal and provide proof of who they are then the video WILL be removed based on their request.
    It is as simple as that!

    The Admin.

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