Arab Sex Scandal 2014: Karate Coach Vid3-ASW971

Karate Coach With Hijabi
Here is the 3rd Arab sex video from the latest Karate coach sex scandal in Egypt and this one has the extra bonus that his partner is a hijab covered woman.
It is a 28 long minutes video and you’ll see that our horny “Karate Kid” really takes his time with her. He puts a lot of effort into foreplay and sweet talking her and his efforts didn’t go to waste since he fucks her repeatedly in many positions till he cums.

I have to admit, he does have his way with women. He takes enough time to chat and play nice but makes it clear that his primary goal is to have sex.
On the other hand, I guess the women themselves go to that back room in order to get laid anyway. But you know how women are… They want the man to work for it LOL

It is the same thing with this one, she gets into the room acting all shy and reserved but her body language is clear as daylight: She is dying to get his big cock inside her wet pussy.
And when she was on top riding his cock, you see how she reached her hand to stretch her own ass cheeks to get more pleasure from deeper penetration.

I found it really crazy that she kept her head covered with her hijab while having sex. I mean… seriously???
I know that the rule is not to show your head to men outside your family but you are have naked and let the man lick your pussy while you sucked his cock… Do you still consider him a stranger? What the fuck!! Crazy Arab slut! 😯

At least, she didn’t let him cum inside her like the bitch from the other videos. When he was ready to cum, he pulled out and shot his load on her belly.

I am adding this one to the recommended Arab sex videos on the site in general since it really has some great hardcore action and even features hijab sex.

As a side note, in an effort to get you the complete 28 minutes version of the video, I compiled a shorter version that Mero sent with another lower quality version that our friend Elmasry has sent but was 5 minutes longer. You can see the switch at around 23 minutes in the video.
Thanks guys for sharing 😉

And finally, if you find more Arab sex videos from the Egyptian karate coach series and if they are clean and complete, please remember to share them with us. Thanks.

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“Arab Sex Scandal 2014: Karate Coach Vid3-ASW971”
8 Comments already made.

  1. You could have cut out the first 4 mins of the video and kept the last 4 mins of it in better quality instead.

  2. I think I didn’t explain it well Anonymous. I updated the post now to make more sense.
    Mero’s higher quality version ended at around 23 minutes. The last 5 minutes were only available on the longer lower quality version.

    The Admin.
  3. I think she was on Hijab not because what you said or thought….its just effort to handle her hair back again and then put hijab back which will need alot of time and big mirror …. she does not have options maybe and she does not want to be noticed when she goes out…this is what quick fuck sometimes :)

  4. Thanks for the update mate!

  5. I think the reason behind some women keeping their Hijab on is maybe because it takes time to put on so they just keep it

  6. Ah yes, good point Zara. I didn’t think about the hair thing 😉

    The Admin.

  8. actually any girl make sex she don’t care about religion and this things because not wearing hijab won’t make her burn in hell as have sex with not her
    the truth is hijab took so long to wear and need mirror so if any girl have sex took off her hijab will take so long to wear it again and will not be the same shape so her parents may suspect she with someone
    anyway thanks alot for sharing good arab porn 😉 peace

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