4th Arab Sex Video From El3anteel Scandal-ASW972

El3anteel 4th Sex Vid
The 4th Arab sex video from our hero the Egyptian karate coach is a special one in many ways:
It is even longer than the previous ones (43 minutes), his lover this time is a sexy young Arab woman with a very hot body and finally the end is really funny. So make sure to watch this latest addition 😉
Somehow the lucky bastard got himself a hot babe that is even hornier that he is…

As soon as she gets into the little room she starts kissing him and rubbing herself against his cock and after a few minutes of romance and fondling, they get on the mattress where she gets on her knees and gives him a blow job.

From there she gets on top oh him and rides his cock at her own rhythm. A few minutes later, for some reason she gets off and sucks his cock again. I have no idea why really. Did he cum already?

Anyway, at that point, they take a few minutes break and chat a little and we get a great view of her really hot Arab ass.
The horny young woman soon grabs his dick again and starts kissing and licking it… She funking can’t keep away from it.

They then hug each other really tight and he rubs his cock against her wet pussy before penetrating her for a little bit and he pulls out again.
Seriously, I have no idea why he is doing that. Maybe he is trying to prolong the encounter as much as he can before cumming?

Well, if he was then tough luck because from this moment on everything starts going wrong:
His phone rings and he answers it and talks for some time but he makes sure he gives her his dick for her to keep her mouth busy and she obediently blows him yet again.
But no sooner than his call ends, her own mobile phone rings and she says in a terrified voice : “It is my DAD!!!” HA HA HA… Priceless! 😆

I almost peed in my pants watching captain Abd AlFatah sitting there watching the girl tell her father lies about where she was with a stunned look on his face BUT STILL PLAYING WITH HIS DICK… The guy is definitely a black belt!

BTW, why El3anteel? I have no idea what the word even means but that it what everyone is calling the Arab sex videos by the Karate coach so maybe someone could explain to us what El3anteel means in a comment. Thanks!

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Duration: 42 min 30 sec // ! Streaming version only 8 min long !
Format : WMV
Size: 108 MB
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“4th Arab Sex Video From El3anteel Scandal-ASW972”
25 Comments already made.

  1. hello thank for this videos

  2. well,the word El3anteel means some guy who is sexually strong something like “stallion”

  3. el3anteel or el anteel (العنتيل) – as it could pronounced – is a common egyptian slang
    nearest meaning to it is the
    ” Macho Man ”
    P.S: “3” symbolizing the letter “ع” in Arabic .
    have a nice day all :)

  4. El3anteel is similar to the word “Stud”

  5. el 3antel means someone witha huge package that can have sex for several hours non-stop 😀

  6. He is in Jail now. Police is taking revenge for their fellow Policemen and Judges whose wives el3anteel fucked.

    El 3anteel himself is Sexually tortured and Raped many times a day now.

  7. I am not able to watch the streaming links for some reason.

  8. He didn’t penetrate her, cuz she is still a virgin!

  9. Dear admin, El3anteel is said to a person who’s really good at what they do.. In this case, he is called El3anteel coz obviously he IS good at what he does 😀

  10. El 3anteel means the very strong in sex guy and it is some kind of imaginary animals with huge dick and never satisfied from sex

  11. Wow, thank you guys for the feedback and the translation of the work 3anteel.
    I was wondering if anybody ever reads through all the text that I write… Now I know 😆

    @Edenbeast, well I thought about the possibility that she was a virgin too but it did look like he slid his dick in her pussy a couple of times.
    Do you have sure information that she is a virgin?

    @Hamza, yes the video was deleted twice from videarn already. Don’t know why. I have re-updated the link… Let’s see if that one stays.

    @Montasir, so it is true that he was fucking policemen wives? I heard about it but couldn’t really confirm it.
    WTF?! Did he have a death wish or something?

    The Admin.
  12. Are you saying that all the women he has filmed were married to policemen? I am not convinced. According to the official investigations only a few women he fucked were married, the rest were divorced or sex workers. One other thing, some other sites even claim that the women he fucked are related to known celebrities and important Egyptian men. I think the whole thing is a rumor though they just found a good chance to turn that into a hot story that will attracts a lot of attention, as if it is not that already without all the exaggeration. Also it is funny that in the official investigation, they said that he sexually assaulted the women, while from the way things look in the videos it looks rather consensual. There was a similar scandal a few years back with a dentist. I think you have some of his videos posted here ;).

  13. I think (almost sure) that this girl is a virgin and wanted to enjoy forplay and oral sex only. Watch the video again you will find no intercourse, only simulation. In Egypt culture, it very important for a girl to stay virgin until marriage.

  14. these download links are blocked in my country. kindly provide an alternate download or a solution

  15. Simple, if these links are blocked then ALL of our links are blocked in your country. Sorry my friend but having 5 mirrors is more than enough.

    The Admin.
  16. dear friend .. el2anteel means strong man has big hard dick does hard sex makes any woman enjoy with fucking,, but i think you will agree with me that mr abd elfatah is not 3anteel any way . do u think so ?

  17. can someone please translate what girl spoke on phone?

  18. idm program cant download the file
    please uploade another link

  19. You can download from uploaded or rapidgator links provided, they are working fine. No other mirrors will be provided for now.

    The Admin.
  20. Good

  21. This is the only video that doesn’t allow me to download.. and I really want to see it cuz of the ending plz help

  22. khadar, please explain the problem in more details. What error message are you getting? What link are you clicking?

    The Admin.
  23. Well admin I tried all the mirrors but when I click download instead of starting to download like the others have it keeps saying error instead of downloading and it’s all the mirrors not just one. This is the only video that I am having this kind of trouble with. Thanks again

  24. I don’t know Khadar, I have tried downloading and it works fine. This file is a zip, maybe that is causing an issue on your end? U need to save it and unzip it first.
    I have added a depositfiles link too, try that.

    The Admin.
  25. Oh the deposit file worked.. Thanks for ur time admin 👍

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