Another Arab Hijab Sex Vid From El3anteel-08-ASW976

A Sex Master At Work
Unfucking believable! El3anteel is un-fucking stoppable!
In his 8th Arab sex video he shows just how much of a sweet talker he is when for the first time so far one of his lovers, a hijab covered woman, plays hard to get and gives him a real challenge.
If you watch the beginning of video you would be ready to bet that she would let him fuck her. Well guess what… :roll:

… Not only does he get her to suck his cock like a bitch but at the end he had her spread her own legs open wide for him to fuck her shaved wet pussy and cum inside her.

I seriously don’t understand this one and what the hell she was playing at and what were all her objections. After all, she was in his little fuck room lying on his fuck mattress… Was she expecting a karate lesson? LOL

El3anteel’s technique is very straight forward: A little chit-chat in the beginning to get into the mood, then he moves to foreplay and kissing, then (even if the woman is not responding yet) he gets his dick out and plays with it, sooner or later he asks her to play with it too and before she knows it she has him fucking her.

In this instance, I think his master move was at 24 minutes mark, when she had refused to give him a blow job repeatedly and his phone rings. He answers the call and in a vary casual gesture, he grabs and brings her head to his dick. Voila… The woman automatically starts sucking his dick.
I think at that point she couldn’t say anything in order not to be heard on the phone. HA HA HA… He is a genius!

From that point on, she had accepted the fact that she was there for the sole purpose of having sex.

Btw, if anybody comes across a clean (no watermark) of this video but still full the 55 minutes full length as posted, please share it with us in order to provide everyone with the best possible version. Thanks.

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“Another Arab Hijab Sex Vid From El3anteel-08-ASW976”
10 Comments already made.

  1. You guys are lame.. Has anyone thought those bitches are paid whores??
    Use your mind for a sec.. It’s not necessarily he’s a sweet talker or even got skills..
    Just saying

  2. thanks for thees videos it is very good

  3. zoborosky, and your theory is that the guy pays the whore and then has to convince her to fuck him??
    Man, it is a big scandal in Egypt at the moment and has reached the courts, there is no room for theories.

    The Admin.
  4. Some of them are paid whores, the ones he didn’t need to convince to have sex with as it could be seen in some of the videos posted earlier where once the woman arrived the sex started, others are not also obvious from some of the other videos and not since he has to convince them first, this as well matches with the police official report which claims that el 3anteel confessed that he had sex with women a number of them were prostitutes while the others were divorced women and girls.

  5. good

  6. thanks for amazing videos

  7. meanwhile she looks at the camera and says something
    I do not understand but if anyone who knows the language
    I think she got suspicious

  8. hey admin are you planning to find more videos of that coach because I guess you miss in fact much more sexier ones . I once came across 1 or 2 videos which you didn’t put here and girls in those were just so hot and not fat like those ones come on, man take where you left :)

  9. CR7, we have already posted 12 of the Egyptian karate coach’s sex tapes >>

    I have skipped 2 where the camera angle was such that nothing could be seen anyway.
    As far as I know these are ALL his sex videos. If you find more or better versions, please let me know.

    The Admin.
  10. Very good sexy

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