Problems With Videarn Streaming Links?

Update 30 October:
Ok, everything is back to normal, the streaming links to work fine for both PC and mobile/tablet/iOS users.

As a side note, the videos DO NOT WORK FOR MOBILE visitors on pornhost but the site admin is planning to fix that in the futur. We’ll wait and see.

Thank you all for your help and feedback 😉

Some visitors have been complaining that our video streaming links on are not working anymore.

The fact is that they are still working fine for most visitors but since has officially changed domain name to if you are having problems with the links it means that this name change is creating problems for you.

Rest assured that sooner or later, everything will work automatically as expected.

And If you have more questions about this or you are still having issues, leave a comment below but please provide enough information about what link you are clicking and what the final error message is so that we can get to the bottom of this.

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“Problems With Videarn Streaming Links?”
6 Comments already made.

  1. there is extra string in the URL of the new domain, you have to remove it (usually remove after the .html), then it works. or make a search there with the name of the video, it also works, moreover, best practice is to copy the url frm then past in browser, but change the domain name of videarn manually to the new domain.

  2. It doesn’t work on mobile phones!!

  3. elzabbeer, thanks for the info, I think that could be the problem.
    I have changed the poll to get specific info about this. Please vote again.

    And itsme, there is no extra string in the URL of our videarn links.

    The Admin.
  4. Yes admin, here is one from my browser history:
    — LINK —

    see the (#.VCU_ffl_uSo) added to all videarn URLs i was removing them and it was working, but now trying any videarn video even the old ones are working fine, seems fixed :)

    Thanks admin, good site, more vids please, can you arrange for more of this girl? please?
    — LINK —

  5. Erm… itsme… You are confusing with another site :roll:
    Our links don’t have the extra string.
    But anyway, I have I think 3 videos of that women in the video you mentioned. I didn’t post them because they don’t really offer much but I guess I could compile them in 1 long video and post them since you requested it.
    I’ll try to post it in the next few days 😉

    The Admin.
  6. thanks admin, yes i thought all links are the same were adding that string to all videarn vids…. anyway, i will wait for those videos of that women, although, in arabic are very hot, she is seducing the poor guy, i could have 2 for her only, please post them in next few days, thank you.

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