1 Arab Sex Video Not To Be Missed-ASW1101

Truly Amazing Fuck
Yup, you heard that right: If you are going to watch only one Arab sex video this year it should be this one!
And that is due to the absolutely hot beautiful erotic and extremely horny Syrian woman featuring in it. I have no idea who she is but she is the one actually leading her (shy?) lover by the hand and gets him to fuck her standing against the wall.
It is as if the roles where inverted: …

… She is the one with the camera filming the guy. In fact she tells him in Arabic after seeing how awkward he was: “You are handsome but very shy.” 😆

Then she sets the camera and they start kissing fondling and undressing each other. She is so gentle with him that you would think that he was a virgin.

When the are both naked, she turns around and bends forward for him to fuck her from behind. That round ass of hers is made to be fucked doggystyle.
The guy starts slowly but cannot withhold his excitement.
He quickly pounds her ass and even gets his cock out of her by mistake as he was about to cum and blows his load on her ass and back.

BTW, halfway through the video the sound gets messy but that is how we originally found the video.
Even with the sound issue, this one easily goes to the top of my favorite Arab sex videos list. I am sure you will love it too 😉

I truly hope we see more of this amazing Syrian babe. Does any one else think she looks like the actress Luna Hassan? Or is it just me?

!! Update: Yup, your comments confirmed that this is another one of Syrian actress Luna Hassan sex tapes.
I have no idea if this one was shot before or after the other videos that were posted then had to be removed.
Let’s see how long this one will last.

Movie info:

Duration: 10 min 20 sec // ! Streaming version only 7 min long !
Format : WMV
Size: 49.2 MB
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“1 Arab Sex Video Not To Be Missed-ASW1101”
21 Comments already made.

  1. she is luna, indeed, 100% sure. it is all over the net since around few months now, and the guy is the same, he is not virgin, he is stupid, i guess these videos are too many , and whoever is behind spreading them for any reason he or she are enjoying doing this slowly! other possibility is luna herself wants to be known world wide and couldn’t find faster option, even faster than being on tv for some silly series, but that is my opinion only

  2. Where is the third part of aisha photos

  3. Thank you for reminding me H… The 3rd set has been posted today 😉

    The Admin.
  4. Not so good

  5. Yeah it’s definitely Luna. She’s kind of overplayed now. It’s not sexy if a woman DESIRES to be known as a slut. You have to agree that easy women are not hot, and because she’s trying so hard to get worldwide fame, it’s obvious that she’s easy.

  6. hehehehe, she is Luna again.. i do not know why ADMIN deleted the old videos… i hope you will upload it again… she is LUNA for sure..

  7. Syrian actress Luna Al Hasan

  8. As it has already been mentioned this is Luna Hassan whom you already posted a few of her videos before on this website before deleting them

  9. and btw that was fast xD

  10. Luna Hassan huh? I wonder if this video is newer or older than those that have been posted and removed. She looks different.

    And for your information guys, the reason why the previously posted videos of Luna Hassan were removed is because she personally contacted us and requested their removal.
    We are legally obliged to remove them when requested.

    The Admin.
  11. She likes being a slut and she acts like a porn star in front of the camera but I disagree with Mikey, I think on the contrast that makes her very hot.

  12. I just want to ask the admin. How did you know that she was the one who contacted you?

  13. you are the only porn web site with ethics and i love that about you!
    anyway next time this Moza ask you personally to remove the video ask her not to make any more but if she will please get an HD camera with a good mic and better lighting room 😀

  14. @Anonymous, we were presented with proof of identity.
    That is how we make sure that the person requesting the removal is who they claim to be.

    @ShadesOfGrey, well I still don’t know if this is an older or newer video. But if she requests it’s removal we will do so.
    I will mention the HD camera suggestion though as a request from the fans 😆

    And I still insist, Luna Hassan should become a real porn star. She definitely has what it takes IMHO. Her videos are easily the best amateur Arab porn I have ever seen.

    The Admin.
  15. 1. I think the guys a twink. This time the girl should have done it differently by straponing him.

    2. Are those fake rears? How do women in the gulf end up with so well-endowed derriere ?

    3. She needs do her assh**e, and her porn career will skyrocket. Thats the only thing missing from her vids.

  16. Hi Admin
    Yes she is Luna, there’s one more other video it has not been disseminated on this website, available on net with a very good resolution, where she masturbates in front of her lover before being fucked in her pussy.
    Admin if it pleases you, and it’s just by curiosity, is that Luna has contacted you by phone and how it showed you his piece of identity,
    Please, next time if she contacts you, we want to know in what circumstances and for what reasons, she unrolling these porn videos?
    I say it’s just out of curiosity, and I do not forget to tell you that you have the chance to be contacted by this PAWG (Phat Ass White Girl), I personally can’t resist without asking her to such a fucking hhhh .

  17. LOL Sanpedro, she didn’t give us an interview about her sex life. She contacted me by email.

    Do you maybe have a link to the video you mention?

    The Admin.
  18. Thank you Sanpedro for the link you sent.

    Will wait and see if we get another removal request for the last video before going ahead and posting this one.

    Much appreciated my friend 😉

    The Admin.
  19. or you can post the video and take it down when and if the request comes.

  20. Hi Admin,

    you could as well upload it now. You should give us the chance to watch it. Apart from this website, searching for Arab porn clips is really nasty and difficult and most of the time the description don’t match the content. So thanks a lot for this wonderful site.

    And BTW, if I were you I would have requested a Skype call to remove any video. You will have more fun that way ;).

  21. The video’s audio and video are not synched correctly.
    I’ll fix it and post it very soon 😉

    The Admin.

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