Arab Teens Gone Wild Sexy Selfies 17pics

Sexy Iraqi Selfies
As you will see from the 17 pictures in this Arab sex gallery, 3 Iraqi teens are gone wild and taking selfies to commemorate the event as it is fashionable these days.
We see them with their heads covered in hijab kissing on the mouth with the Iraqi flag hung on the wall and in other photos in a bikini top fondling each other’s tits and typically giving everyone the finger.

Update: this gallery has been removed.


Update 01.03.2015: Due to a legitimate request, the pictures have been removed permanently from the website.
We will not re-upload this gallery again on

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“Arab Teens Gone Wild Sexy Selfies 17pics”
23 Comments already made.

  1. Dear admin,these two girls are from Syria because this is Syrian flag not Iraqi flag. Thanks 😊

  2. Aws, I double checked the flags before posting the pics just to make sure.
    I have just checked again and the same flag was used by both Syria and Iraq over a period of time but Iraq more recently (1991) so there are more chances that it is the Iraqi flag.
    Source or info:

    Nevertheless, I guess there is also a chance that they could be from Syria. Thanks for the feedback 😉

    The Admin.
  3. Dear , I am Iraqi and we don’t use the old flag nowadays. Our flag contains the name of god and without stars.. Just for information dude 😊

  4. Yes Aws, I have seen the new Iraqi flag.
    It doesn’t mean that in the pictures they didn’t have the old Iraqi flag on the wall.
    Also the Syrian flag from 1980 onwards only has 2 stars in it (The flag in the pics has 3)

    So the girls can be Iraqi OR Syrian (Or Brazilian with an unrelated decoration flag on the wall 😆 )

    Either way, let’s forget about the flags and concentrate on the girls :)

    The Admin.
  5. Dear guys,, if u concentrate on the pic no.14 u will notice another flag contains ..AQ in the last of the word ,,, IRAQ..hello..:)

  6. M.H., you are a real detective with a good eye for detail :)

    You are absolutely right, no more doubts that the girls are Iraqi… case closed!

    The Admin.
  7. wtf is hanging down of one of the girls’ belly button

  8. Its the iraqi flag and i have the old one because many ppl dnt like the new one !
    Keep up the good work Admin !

  9. Negative, they’re Syrians, this is Syria’s flag from back in the 1930’s when Syria was called Syriaq

  10. Hey admin,

    These girls look extremely young, at least one of them is.

  11. iraqi or syrian they are hot, but 1930 there was photos looool I guess they are iraqi right before Sadam Hussan was excuted, otherwise Syria never got this flag and no syrian guys at all know about that era where they were united, even the new one of “revelution” is with green stars, no way to be Syrian flag… forget all about the flag, look at the girls, they are beautiful iraqi girls

  12. It is funny how some people trying to be patriotic while looking for Arab porn. When that porn material is coming from their country, they bring all sorts of BS to deny the origin of the subjects in those photos. It is an Iraqi flag and you know it.

  13. Nayyak bek I love your comment 100% correct loool

  14. No skin show? I mean non-nude?

  15. Too bad we couldn’t see their feet.

  16. Behind the girl with the blue bra there’s a Q
    Thus it’s Iraq, they’re Iraqies

  17. @ Raj, yup… No skin. They didn’t go THAT wild.

    @ Sonic? Feet? I was thinking “Asses”!

    @ Ab, I think by now we are more than sure that they are from Iraq.

    The Admin.
  18. hi, I’m requesting a removel on these pictures please.. these were along time ago and shouldn’t be brought up again.. thank you.

  19. @ Unknown, you have been contacted by email to complete the removal request.
    Please check your spam folder if you don’t get it.

    The Admin.
  20. Hello, i answer you email can you please email me back

  21. The gallery has been removed from

    The Admin.
  22. I just wanted to thank this website and the admin for apparently respecting the request of their viewers when they asked for their pictures/videos to be removed. I was a married Arab woman and my heart sometimes shiver as I look through Arab videos taken from cell phones of regular people who did that just to keep a memory of themselves and yet these videos end up here without their knowledge. It is heartening to see that your website understands that some Arab women can be brutally killed by their society if their private videos were seen here.

  23. Once we confirm that the person making the request is the person in the video or related to them somehow, we have no choice but to respect their wish.
    Fair is fair 😉

    The Admin.

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