Anal Khaliji Arab Sex & Loud Screaming-ASW1122

Wild Khaliji Sex
First of all a WARNING: lower the volume on your speakers when you watch because the Khaliji woman in this leaked Arab sex video is a loud screamer!
It all starts typically with her not wanting to have sex and wanting to watch TV (Yeah, right!) but her horny husband has a more interesting plan for the night.
After a bit of kissing and fondling, her “No” turns into a very loud horny screaming…

… from pleasure and pain for some reason. She keeps repeating that she is hurting even though she is on top and from the looks of it they are still having vaginal sex.

It is really funny how her husband is talking to her in a very soothing and gentle way and moving her along as if he is talking to a child who doesn’t want to eat his spinach 😆

At some point, he decides that he prepared her long enough. He turns her around, pulls her ass up and starts fucking her ass hole.
And even though she clearly says “Don’t put it from behind, it hurts” she doesn’t even try to move away. Which really makes you wonder if she really hates anal sex or deep inside her really loves it.

Anyway, he fucks her ass slowly in the beginning but really moves on to literally drilling her ass hole as if he was getting even more excited by all her screaming until he cums inside her.

All in all, this is one of the horniest Arab anal sex videos posted on even though regrettably the resolution is not that good but the clear sound kind of makes up for it.

BTW, I could be wrong but their Arabic dialect sounded Kuwaiti to me but Khaliji dialects are quite similar so give us your feedback in a comment if you know.

!! Update 04.04.2015: Judging from your feedback, I am almost sure that the couple is from the United Arab Emirates Thanks for the feedback.
And also, the 2nd part that you all mentioned/requested has been posted

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Duration: 9 min
Format : WMV
Size: 26.8 MB
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“Anal Khaliji Arab Sex & Loud Screaming-ASW1122”
22 Comments already made.

  1. They seem to be Emaraties. My clue was few words they mentioned

  2. This is UAE

  3. Really nice video..thanx admin…i think it has part 2..hopefully u can find it ..

  4. its not kuwaiti thats for sure

    maybe some form of bahraini saudi dialect or emirate, but it is clearly not kuwaiti. some of the words kuwaitis never use in there as well as the dialect.

  5. I think they are emirates people.

    That is one horny bitch with nice ass.

  6. Sounds Emirati or Qatari

  7. they’re from the UAE, I loved how at first she refused to take it up her ass but as soon as he put the tip she started begging for more. Even before the video stopped he got his dick out to adjust the position and she thought he was going to stop and pleaded him not. great addition as always, thank you.

  8. Itis bahraini

  9. this video is not the last there is tow parts of it i hope u shere here

  10. lol

  11. Uae 100%

  12. Hi guys. Is it just me or is there a problem with the sound on this vid? It stops at 02:13. @ Amin : thank you very much, dear sir :)

  13. Yup, it could very well be from the Emirates.

    BTW, I found the video like that so I have no idea if there is a part2 or not. Will of course post it if I come by it.

    And @darkinccubus, the sound plays just fine all the way to the end. Try downloading again.

    And finally, I just played the video on and for some reason it hangs and stops playing after a few seconds for me.
    Could you guys check that please? Maybe I need to re-upload it?

    The Admin.
  14. Affirmative, Admin. There seems to be a problem with the vid on It freezes every time I try playing it.

  15. Indeed it does stop but if you let it load a bit and move the courser video it will work fine

  16. Thanks for the feedback on the pornxs video playback.
    This only happens with firefox it seems. Chrome and safari play the video just fine.
    Anyway, I have added the pornhost link so at least now there is an alternative streaming link.

    The Admin.
  17. there is another sex video for this couple can you please post it ?

  18. I haven’t found it yet W.Nasser

    The Admin.
  19. thanks admin, maybe the same video you posted is the only part, but maybe there is a longer one , i watched some short clips on instagram

  20. Update that will please you all:
    The second part has been found and posted >> Screaming Anal Arab Sex From UAE Part2

    The Admin.
  21. Hi admin, i have problem with this video because i don’t have sound from 2min10. And I tried on both website and I also downloaded but it still does not work.

  22. Moroccanboy, this was reported before but again I double checked both streaming and downloadable versions, sound plays through just fine throughout the video.
    Maybe it is the player you are using. Try VideoLan, it is free and plays anything your throw at it.

    The Admin.

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