Screaming Anal Arab Sex From UAE Part2-ASW1128

Emirati Anal Sex 02
After posting the wild anal sex video of the couple from the United Arab Emirates everyone was telling me that there was a 2nd part. It took some searching and here it is for all you horny anal Arab sex lovers (Me included :roll: )
This horny little Emirati guy really can’t take no for an answer does he?
It almost feels like shoving his cock deep inside his poor screaming pleading wife’s ass hole is his mission in life.
» !! Update: I was wrong… read inside.

Thanks to Omar who explained more thoroughly what they were saying, we now know that they are lovers and not a married couple and that she is actually a virgin.

As Omar explains, when he tries to fuck her, she begs him not to penetrate her pussy and covers it with her hands and even complains that she knows that he would not marry her after taking her virginity.
So in order to stay a virgin, he fucks her up the ass and as we can see from their 1st video she got used to having anal sex.

Thank you very much Omar for the explanation. It makes much more sense now. 😉

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“Screaming Anal Arab Sex From UAE Part2-ASW1128”
16 Comments already made.

  1. There is a third video of them too. Here is the link: LINK

  2. Thanks for the link Salman but the video you have shared is actually a small part from the 1st video of the couple that we posted. It looks like the video was cut in many chunks.

    The Admin.
  3. Actually you get it wrong if you know the accent of the emaraties . he was trying to put his dick into her pussy while she is a virgin and bagging him not to . She consistently repeated that don’t do it I want to get married , then she says you wont marry me stop, no stop .

    Even if you did not get it you can see her hands covering her pussy

  4. There is indeed a third one .. she is cowboy position playing / teasing him and holding his dick but not penetrating .

  5. To Omar, thanks for the translation. I have updated the post with the information you have provided 😉

    To knowitall, I am not saying that there is no 3rd part my friend. It looks clear from the 2 parts posted that they are cut from a longer video.
    But the specific video that salman-87 provided is just a part of the 1st video that we already posted.

    BTW knowitall, if you have seen the 3rd part that you described, could you send it over please?

    The Admin.
  6. she actually wants him to turn off the camera and then she will fuck him theres nothing about being virgin or marriage

  7. middle eastern girls are like this. they save their pussy for husband and keep having anal from teenage. arab men never marry an woman non-virgin , so the girls are also very clever 😀

  8. admin how can to send you the third vid ?

  9. Just upload it to any filehost like depositfiles and send me the link to download it via a comment

    OR… Is the email you provided working? I could contact you by email if you want.

    The Admin.
  10. here are part 3 (reverse cowgirl) and part 4 (tits fucking)
    — LINKS —

  11. 1st i think they are from Bahrain but i know that they are not from UAE , like hut3008 said
    she was saying “no , no go close it , i’ll not let you fuck before you close , go close it , go close it , close it then fuck me”
    well they are fucking in a hotel and the girl is refusing to be filmed so i guess they are not married anyways married or not , great video

  12. Thank you very much Salman for the 2 videos. The 3rd part has been posted today and the 4rth will be posted withing a couple of days.
    Much appreciated my friend 😉

    The Admin.
  13. Hi,
    Link of don’t work.

  14. man she is fat, and ugly. He should have just stuck in her mouth all the noise she making

  15. Bouzeb, I have double checked the link and it is working fine.

    The Admin.
  16. Many thanks for this “Couple from UAE” He got so sexy wife. I saw this movie lot of times. Please show more Big Breast Arabian Wives. Thank You

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