Hilarious Screaming Syrian Anal Sex-ASW1134

U Need To Listen!
I couldn’t stop myself laughing when I watched this video and it isn’t because it is bad, in fact it is a great Arab sex video of a mature Syrian BBW getting fucked up the ass. What I found hilarious is the audio.
As she moans and screams with pain and pleasure during anal sex, she repeats a phrase that is typically Syrian/Lebanese and loosely translated from Arabic it means “May you bury me, may you bury my heart” 😆

The only times that I have heard this phrase is when older women talk to a child and I guess it means that the child is so beautiful that they could die or something like that.

However, hearing it shouted like that by this woman getting her ass fucked for some reason doesn’t seem to fit.
Maybe it is just me LOL! Let me know what you guys think.

Note: I forgot to mention earlier that the video as posted on arabsexweb.com was initially found as 3 smaller parts on the internet.
Those 3 parts were put together into one long video to make it easier to watch and enjoy.

!! Update: More videos of the same couple in even more anal sex action have been posted. You can find them HERE.

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Duration: 6 min
Format : WMV
Size: 30.3 MB
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“Hilarious Screaming Syrian Anal Sex-ASW1134”
14 Comments already made.

  1. Nice

  2. There is problem with the links of watching

  3. we need more of her!

  4. Yes, pornxs.com links are problematic at the moment and I have contacted their webmaster about it. They are fixing it.

    Note that the problem is only there for the mobile version of pornxs.com
    If you access the website from a computer all the videos are working just fine.

    The Admin.
  5. video works good

  6. Yes, the pornxs.com links are working just fine again.

    The Admin.
  7. There is a tragic side to this video. The couple are from the Alewite sect fighting along the dictator of Syria. She is saying in the video I don’t want to lose you precious one. Seemingly, he is a fighter on a leave. They don’t often come back because they are losing the war. 220,000 Syrians were killed including 80,000 Alawite fighters. This ass fuck was probably his last wish.

  8. How the hell did you connect an anal sex video to the atrocious tragedy that is happening in Syria Arabfreak? 😯
    Man, you should write fiction books!

    The Admin.
  9. Actually, their accent was obvious to me. She was telling him in Arabic at 5:11 several times that she is afraid to lose him.

    I am aware that some soldiers were carrying on their mobiles sex footages with their significant others or just whores because they rarely if ever are given leave or retreat from the raging fights.
    All of the above assured me he is a soldier on a rare leave.

  10. he is not a soldier, I have chatted with him on various occasions and there are other video available, as matter of fact, other vids of his wife using viberator (strap on) on him and fucking him. They reside in North America, and not in Syria.

    Admin feel free to email me and I will send you the links

  11. Mike, if you have links to more videos of them just put them in a comment here. Thanks in advance.

    The Admin.
  12. This is the link to all of their vids, also I have one for you that is a must to see….I am sure you will thank me for it…
    —- LINK —-

    The must see..
    —- LINK —-

    This is a husband and wife in a little town and the video was leaked out, in no time it was all over the place and was transmitted via what’s app.

    This is the second and last vid of them..
    —- LINK —-

  13. Thanks a million Mike for all the links, will try to post all these great vids ASAP.
    Much appreciated 😉

    The Admin.
  14. They are not alawite and there is no tragic story. Their accent is obviously not alawite. They are just having a good time

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