Recommended Arab Sex From Jordan-ASW1141

Great Arab Sex
As the title suggests, this is one Arab sex tape that should not be missed. It is either Jordanian or Palestinian and features great action. 2 parts sent by Mike were compiled together. Thanks Mike 😉
And you really have to listen to the Arabic dirty talk coming out from this woman’s mouth… Horny to the extreme!
! » Update 04.05.15: Many apologies, the wrong parts were compiled. Please download the video again, it is entirely different now.

The guy fucks her in more than one position and she keeps pushing him to fuck her even harder.
When he fucks her doggystyle she tells him “Come on… Come on and ride me.”

Again, sorry for the screwup with the previously compiled version and especially to Mike who had sent the 2 proper videos.
Blame it on lack of sleep 😐

Movie info:

Duration:5 min 40 sec
Format : WMV
Size: 15.6 MB
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“Recommended Arab Sex From Jordan-ASW1141”
9 Comments already made.

  1. Jordanian 100%

  2. Girls are different, the girl who was dancing has a tattoo just over left boob, however I did not notice any tattoo on the girl being fucked! I don’t know about guy cuz who the hell will notice guys on this wonderful sites:)

  3. 3 part not the same person

  4. You have combined 3 movies together, unfortunately they are not the same couple, the first one, they sound Egyptian, the second one is Arab from Palestine living in a town call shafaamr, the third I am not sure, but sound like Syrian.

    The couple from Palestine only have 2 vids that had leaked out. You should have a copy of both.

  5. OH SHIT! Don’t tell me that guys, really? Crap!

    Now that you mention it, I had a closer look: part 1 and 2 the guy looks the same so maybe those are of the same couple?
    @CanadianDesi, I couldn’t see the woman’s left boob in the 2nd video to see if there is a tattoo or not.

    @Mike, Why do you say that 1st part is Egyptian? Because of the music?
    Do you have a link to the 2nd part of the Palestinian couple you mention? Maybe I can join those 2 and save this post.

    Thanks guys for the feedback, will need to see how to fix this mess LOL

    The Admin.
  6. Update: the video has been updated. There was a mix up with the compiled parts.
    Now the correct 2 parts originally sent by Mike are put into 1.
    Sorry to everyone and thank you again Mike for the videos 😉

    The Admin.
  7. what about the other videos you previously uploaded?

  8. I guess they will posted as they are sooner or later Masturbator.

    The Admin.
  9. poor woman..he finishes early and she was so upset.

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