Naked Egyptian Video Message-ASW1172

Nude Video Message
A horny Egyptian girl misses her lover and records this video message of her naked in the bathroom for him.
She tells him how much she misses and loves him while fondling her body. You can tell she is also quite shy when you see her reaching for her hairy pussy to play with herself but then stops and looks away.
This is another nice video sent by Loleta BTW. Many thanks my friend 😉
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Duration: 2 min 50 sec
Format : WMV
Size: 11.3 MB
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“Naked Egyptian Video Message-ASW1172”
4 Comments already made.

  1. first of all iam a huge fan of the site , best arab videos, however i know this girl and she has turned 18 yet actually not even 16. i know this is your site and all but i dont think viewing underage porn is your thing. sry for the long message

  2. Abozeid, we have a strict policy about underage videos and that is why all videos are previewed before posting them and frankly this girl does not look 16 at all. She really looks well over 18.

    But anyway, since you say you know the girl, simply have her contact us and request the video’s removal officially.

    The Admin.
  3. so you only approve comments that cause you no trouble !you said this girl looks over 18 nd i said she’s egyptian and she looks under 18 ….you did the same thing with uncmptent man video where the conversation in the video clearly says the girl was 16 at te time and the video wasnt filmed with consent and yet it stiill remains …………….seriously shame on u and fuck the ad money ,i’m reporting your site to ASACP and to google …..too bad coz i really liked ur site but i do have morals and a soul

  4. LOL Moe chill out man, you’ll get a heart attack.

    Just because your comment was removed doesn’t mean anything, we get tons of comment spam everyday that are automatically removed. Maybe your comment was categorized as spam by mistake so don’t take it personally.

    First of all, as you can see, abozeid’s comment saying that he thinks the girl is underage was approved and replied to so we don’t have problems with such comments.

    Second, the reply to abozeid was very clear and it should have been enough for you too: I DO NOT BELIEVE SHE IS UNDERAGE. From there on it is a matter of opinion no more no less.
    That is why I told abozeid to have the girl request the video’s removal if she wished. Plain and simple.

    3rd, I did a search on the comments you have made so far and don’t see anything about the other video you are talking about.
    We have already removed many videos from the site when there is reason to as you can see here:

    And lastly, if you are 100% sure that there is content on this site that should be reported, then please do so but FYI, this specific video was taken from which is one the biggest adult video streaming sites out there and if there was any chance it was not age appropriate it would have been reported and removed a long time ago.


    The Admin.

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