Dance & Anal Fuck from Marocco-ASW098

Anal Arab fucking
Here is another homemade Arab sex video from Marocco (Or Lybia maybe.) of a nice housewife doing all she can to please her horny husband.
She dances a bit for him then gets naked and starts touching her breasts upon his request… That gets him going and he starts fucking her pussy from behind and then moves along to fingering and fucking her tight Arab ass hole. Great stuff! :-)
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Duration: 3 min 7 sec
Format : WMV
Size: 9.1 MB
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“Dance & Anal Fuck from Marocco-ASW098”
17 Comments already made.

  1. gr8 2 fuck

  2. hahaha u’r funny lol but maybe u got only to write ” arab girl ” without nationality … it seems good idea i guess !!
    well we have no idea if she’s Moroccan or not lol
    she seems like from algeria or lybia …. the language is different

  3. hhhh, most of the time, when I don’t recognize the language used, I state what country the original uploader says the video is from. I think it is better than just using ‘Arabian Girl’ everywhere. 😉

    The Admin.
  4. nice videos on this site…i just go crazy when i see the arab girls then no matter which country they come from…

    keep it up

  5. I can confirm,it’is moroccan indeed.

  6. this video is libyan, i am libyan and this that was my language.

  7. Ya I am also Libyan, this is Libyan for sure, i dont know what the hell all those people are saying moroccan for, this is nothing moroccan. I think we know our language when we hear it.

  8. definatly not morrocans ! i dont know where they’re from though

  9. it’s not moroccan video for sur
    it’s probably algerian or libyan people

  10. LOL, we still don’t have a definite idea about what Arabic country she is from.

    The Admin.
  11. Definately it’s moroccan.
    Why people are lying and saying it’s not moroccan!

  12. Dude thats fukin libyan..
    its my language and they talk my accent
    this video aint morocan the girl is libyan! hahha u dumass colos no one is lying its not morocan i can 100% confirm that on watever u want hahaha

  13. is not maoroccan is libian from libya

  14. The Dialect is “LIBYAN” again and again ive been telling u this is libyan coz i am libyan…

    its not morrocon it is LIBYAN from the Arab country of LIBYA! o god people
    dont be ignorant especialy when it comes to this lolll

    ask anyone a tunisian or libyan would tell u directly

    “oh this is a libyan sex clip” nice
    the girl is called “Khawla” and thats a very common name in libya

  15. Anwar, chill out, it is not the end of the world.
    I have updated the video info, I hope that makes you happy.

    The Admin.
  16. please renew the links

  17. All links for this video have been updated.

    The Admin.

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