Screaming Palestinian Anal Sex Video 6-ASW1237

And when I say “Screaming” I mean LOUD… VERY LOUD, so put your earphones on and lower the volume.
I don’t know how to describe these anal sex videos anymore, I have used “extreme”, “painful”, “ass destruction”. Well this one is all of the above and even more 😯

Update: this video has been removed.

The pleasure this Palestinian man takes in fucking his woman up the ass is frightening. I mean with all her screaming in pain, any other man would have stopped at least to see if she was ok but this guy? He keeps going… for 15 fucking minutes!

If you ask me, he is clearly sadistic. He takes all his time and even smokes a cigarette while he fucks her ass to slow the pace and make the whole thing last longer.

I was even thinking of not posting their videos anymore but she is clearly in consent so it is not rape or anything like that.
I don’t know, tell me what you think guys.

Movie info:

Duration: 15 min 30 sec // ! Streaming version only 8 min long !
Format : WMV
Size: 111 MB
Download Links and Mirrors:

Due to a legitimate request, this video has been removed permanently from the website.
We will not re-upload this video again on

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“Screaming Palestinian Anal Sex Video 6-ASW1237”
7 Comments already made.

  1. I think u should not upload these kinds of videos. I think it’s disgusting. Thank u

  2. Impressive, what a lady!
    You are right admin, this lady is beyond comparison, she is jut enjoining every second of hard drilling, wish lucky bastard would have used plenty of oil to enhance her pleasurable experience:(

  3. I think it sick and it should be remove

  4. The screen is black
    I got sound but no pic

  5. Greg, I am presuming you are talking about the downloaded version and not the streaming version?

    Try Videolan, it plays anything and is safe and free.

    The Admin.
  6. Nothing wrong with the video. Both are enjoying it. No reason it should be removed

  7. Awesome. This girls ass knows no limits.

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