Horniest Arabic Dirty Talk EVER!!-ASW1255

Seriously horny!
Holy shit, if you understand Arabic, you REALLY need to listen to what the young Syrian (Or Jordanian) chick is saying. You’ll cum without touching yourself 😯
She starts with telling her lover how much she misses him but gradually gets more and more sexual and ends up literally describing how she wants him to fuck her.
This is definitely the most explicit Arabic horny talk you will ever hear

… coming out of an Arab woman’s mouth; especially one so young.

And to think that when I started watching the video I thought to myself “Bah, she looks too innocent, this is going to be a boring video”… Boy was I wrong!
She turns out to be a fucking “Porn Poet” 😆

And believe it or not, Loleta not only found and shared this super Arab sex video but he also included a bunch of nude photos of her to boost… She is one really naughty and seriously in need of a good fuck Syrian girl.
Many thanks Loleta, yet another great contribution 😉

P.S.: If you don’t speak Arabic, Tamer did a good translation of the video in a comment below.

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“Horniest Arabic Dirty Talk EVER!!-ASW1255”
17 Comments already made.

  1. i would give anything to sleep with her !

  2. this is incredibly hilarious lol

  3. subtitles would be really helpful, can someone do that pleaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese

  4. can u translate what is she saying?

  5. Since some of us dont speak or understand Arabic, can someone or admin translate please..word by word? Thanks :p

  6. Jordan or palestine not syrian

  7. I don’t know guys, translating and adding subs takes a lot of time. I will try to do it if more visitors request it.

    And BTW, don’t forget to have a look at the photos we just posted of her, she is just as hot and sexy in stills :)

    The Admin.
  8. Admin,

    It would be great, if translation will place in comments or sub titles will provide in movie..

    Please.. Please…

  9. Subtitles pls?

  10. please upload subtitles soon.

  11. not syrian, jordan or palestine

  12. Hi guys .. I will try to put some translation for you:

    “My love you know how much I missed you,I missed you more than sea and bigger than the sky,Love you v.much and I am dying in loving you,and look to my tits also it loves and missed you, look how it is bounding when I am jumping,my tits are v.poor and missing you please come to it, also I love you v.much and specially I love your dick which made me mad, (baby cries outside), My love I need you to stay inside me forever.

    I need to burn my pussy same as usual, I need it always to be hot, I will show you my pussy how it full of cum, look at my body, all my body is waiting for you and calling you : come to here Basheer and put your dick right here and push it inside me strongly.
    Look my pussy is dripping, I need you to be horny always and push your fingers inside my pussy, and then fuck me strongly from the front and from the back as well.
    Look look look I opened my pussy and its waiting for you. Also my tits is calling you come to (Ruba) she is a poor girl, all my body is calling and loving you.

    I feel your dick is getting hard now and ready to go inside me from all directions back and front, but I prefer from pussy because its delicious. I will focus my camera to show you how much my pussy is missing you. Look at that liquid dripping from my pussy. I need you to shove your dick here and leave it playing inside my pussy.
    I will help you by opening it like that, you see how much cum is dripping from my pussy? you know why?? because I m so horny.
    I need your dick right now. I will put it in my mouth and sucking it strongly because I love it so much.
    Also fuck me here in my tits, just put your dick between my breasts then I will squeeze them like that, then bring it down slowly and I open my pussy to let you fuck me again by opining my legs this way and closing them that way.

    All my body is calling you come come come to me to make some funny things with me : I will put my finger inside your ass hole and you put your finger inside mine and I will suck your lips and neck and I play in your dick by putting it inside my mouth and moving my tongue around until you feel so horny you tied my hands and sucking my lips strongly,then you fuck me until my pussy becomes red and red more than tomato.

    I love you more than the sky, here is my pussy, ask it how much its loving and missing you,look look look to it you made it mad that poor pussy, that innocent pussy you have killed it… \look look how much he need you. I will spread it for you to see how wet it is because I am dreaming that you are sleeping beside me and playing in my body.

    And always keep smiling my love because I love your smile. Also I am smiling when I see your dick so hard and calling me to suck it. Hurry hurry start from here then go down,to reach my pussy because he is loving you v.much.

    My love, I love you very very very much and ask my pussy, I love love love you more than the sky, I love love youuu .. BYE”

  13. Thanks a million Tamer for the work you put into translating this video. I am sure your effort will be appreciated by the viewers who don’t speak Arabic 😉

    The Admin.
  14. With pleasure ..
    by the way she isn’t Syrian at all , I think 95% she is Palestinian .

    Best regards ..

  15. I have added Jordanian and Palestinian tags to the video.

    The Admin.
  16. what the hell is this accent? its freakin mix from Jordan and Palestine and Syria. and she talk like a kid, its bit turn-off.

  17. You know REH, some men absolutely love that shit.
    To each his own I guess :)

    The Admin.

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