Syrian Virgin Ass Fucked By Emirati 02-ASW1273

Her 1st Anal
A million thanks to Nino for sending us more videos of the Syrian girl and her Emirati boyfriend from ASW1256 and their 1st time experience with anal sex.
It is educational, hilarious and horny as hell especially if you understand Arabic.
After lubricating her ass hole, he tries to force his cock in her ass, she tells him “It won’t go in like this” and he replies “Will you please let me do my thing and have fun for once” 😆

After realizing that his dick will just not go in like that, she tells him “You keep it steady and I will go down on it”, annoyed he replies “ok” but that is actually when things start going the way they should.

I tell you, the Syrian chick was more intent on having anal sex than he was and who could blame her, this was her opportunity to enjoy sex and still remain a virgin… The best of both worlds!

Also, I was quite impressed with how considerate the guy was and how worried he was about hurting her. He kept asking her “Should I stop? Should I take it out?”
But her answer each and every time (and sometimes in a very annoyed way) was “No, keep going… a bit more… a little faster”.
She was obviously in pain but was obviously loving every moment :roll:

BTW, this 11 minutes video is actually the compilation of 5 short clips sent by Nino.
I think this one too is a candidate for adding English subtitles to it for those who don’t speak Arabic when I have the time because 70% of what makes it great (and one of my favorites) is the audio.

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“Syrian Virgin Ass Fucked By Emirati 02-ASW1273”
14 Comments already made.

  1. Yes please to the English subtitles

  2. He is not her boyfriend , she is filmming for her boyfriend because he loves to watch her having sex

  3. The guy doesnt sound Emarati , because his accent aint the Pure Emarati , Sems more of a Arab guy living in uae who got emarati Accent , i say that because i am Emarati and this aint pure emarati Accent

  4. @ Nino, What??
    Her ‘real’ boyfriend likes to watch her get fucked up the ass by another guy??

    The Admin.
  5. Yes dear admin it’s true , and he is emirati guy.. I got more videos with others guys she has 4some also with her best friend haha , where is the photos?

  6. A 4some? I am sure everyone here would just love to see that. So if you have them please send the vids over :)

    And the 2 photos didn’t really add much since they only show an ass.

    The Admin.
  7. It’s a shame!
    The guy obviously seems inexperienced. I mean how long would it take you to get it in an asshole with a small penis like that? I have a thick penis and get it in a virgin asshole in a matter of seconds.

  8. A foursome??? :O

  9. You know her name Nino?

  10. Nino we all wanna know who is she
    name please

  11. Erm, there is no way I can allow personal info of any person in the video to be posted in public.
    So asking for her name is pointless, very sorry.

    The Admin.
  12. She may be a virgin in the pu$$y, but her ass is sure a vacuum cleaner! :)

  13. This is probably the best video ever and would pay to see more videos of her. I just enjoyed when she moan and tell him to ‘stop’ but in reality she means go harder. This guy is so considering and didn’t want to hurt her, while all she wanted was hard anal sex.

    She got a nice ass/body.

  14. Here they both Are not from Syria but from Libanon, i know the girl here name is fatima and her husban is her blood cousin,

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