Arab Man Cheating On His Wife-ASW1283

Cheating Arab Man
I am a bit confused about where this Arab sex video is from. (Visitors feedback suggests that they are probably Jordanian Bedouins who speak in a mix of many Arabic accents.)
Also if I understood correctly, the guy is actually cheating on his wife with this woman because she keeps trying to hide her face and he laughs and tells her “How the hell would she recognize you? She doesn’t even know who you are!” :)

It is also quite a funny video because he keeps calling her “Maniouka” which kind of means Bitch and teasing her.
Also, I think that he is trying to fuck her up the ass and that is why she shouts at some point.

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“Arab Man Cheating On His Wife-ASW1283”
7 Comments already made.

  1. definitely not Kuwaiti they are either from southern Syria or Jordanian

  2. Dear ….this is arabian from israel ..she said fuck me in my ass in hebrew, they are a Bedouin accent

  3. Dear its not from kuwait or iraq. They are from jordan. The way they speak looks like they are country people. Jordanian from village

  4. This is one of those videos where its very difficult to guess the country , i mean they are using lots of Iraq/Kuwaiti words but the accent is defiantly not Iraqi nor Kuwaiti .
    However what “Jolian” said make sense i think since some areas in Syria/Jordan located on the border with Iraq have an accent that is a mixed between Syrian,Iraqi / Jordanian,Iraqi .. which is exactly what this video sounds like.

  5. Ah yes, I didn’t think of that at all. Nomad Bedouins or something like that. No wonder I found the accent very “mixed”
    Thanks for the feedback everyone 😉

    The Admin.
  6. they are israeli arab bedouins. speak arabic and some words in english. She clearly asks him to fuck her ass in hebrew

  7. I like it

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