Anal Sex From The Arab Gulf-ASW119

Khalij Anal Arab Sex
Here is another great anal sex video from the Arab Gulf region (Khalij) sent to us by Wael whom we thank deeply for all his video contributions to
The man fucking his Arab wife up the ass in this video is zoomed and focused on his dick penetrating her little ass hole giving us a first person perspective of the action. And even though she is moaning loudly from the pain…

… the horny wife spreads her ass cheeks as much as she can with her hands to allow for deeper ass fucking and a better view.

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Duration: 2 min 20 sec
Format : WMV
Size: 4.9 MB
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“Anal Sex From The Arab Gulf-ASW119”
15 Comments already made.

  1. Hi. I just wanna told i noticed he is fucking a housewife. U can recognize the tailandese accent even if she is just moaning. U should write in the description coz, for ex, now im a little disappointed after that…

  2. smindt, so you are telling me that she is from Thailand?

    The Admin.
  3. Well, i proceed by elimination.

    I mean i grew up in a country where many housewife were from south-eastern Asian countries. When, i hear her (and by the colour of her body), im absolutly sure she in not Arab. She maybe from these 3 countries (Thailand, Indonesia or Malaysia) classified from the most probable to least one.

    And yeahh.. i knew some people who used to fuck there housewifes..

    I feel its disgusting to have relations with the woman who took care of u since ur childhood.. but that is another debate..

    I like Porn when it shows the most common things (penetration, anal, blowjob..) but not when it becomes incest, housewife fuck, fetish etc…

    Anyways, i hope i could help u! 😀

    By the way, i reacted because you underlined it.. :)

  4. smindt, thanks for the info you provided and your contribution.

    However, I think you are misunderstanding the term housewife… It doesn’t mean his mother (Not incest) but his actual wife 😉

    The Admin.
  5. i like it

  6. iwant see photo arabic girls sex from syria

  7. The name is The “persian Gulf”

  8. i’m very desupointed at you guys , no one picked out the cross in her left hand , only the egyptian make the cross there ( i watch csi a lot )

  9. gogo, I wasn’t watching her hands :roll:
    Are you using a microscope BTW?

    The Admin.
  10. arab gulf doesn’t exists. The name is Persian Gulf.

    Stop getting political and enjoy the porn :roll:

    The Admin.
  12. you say that arab gulf=persian gulf but you give a link that it shows that it is arab gulf and you say that we should not be political while you are , stop saying these lies

  13. Armin, the link I gave was to show that it could ALSO be called Arab Gulf.
    Anyway, enough with politics and let’s get back to porn :roll:

    The Admin.
  14. persian gulf.
    just persian gulf

  15. Dear Admin, I don’t want to be political but please use correct words. The historical name is Persian Gulf. Thanks

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