Forced Arab BJ In Car From Lybia-ASW171

Arab Sex In Car
Arabic men are known for their hot temper sometimes as this Arab sex video from Libya shows.
He takes his young girlfriend/wife out for a drive and decides to stop to fool around for a bit and while everything starts off with very romantic kissing, the Arabian woman freaks out…

Update: this video has been removed.

… when she sees him filming and wants to go back home.

At that point he turns nasty and violent, he repeatedly orders her to say that she is a whore and she reluctantly says it and then he tells her to suck his dick like a good Arab slut but she refuses and almost leaves the car. That’s when he starts shouting at her and slaps her and forces her to give him a blow job and the poor girl has no choice but to do it.

It is such a shame that men get so abusive and turn to violent sex with the weaker sex and that happens all over the world not only in Arabic countries. What do you think?

Update 23 Jan 2009: I want to make something 100% clear. In my opinion, this Arabic sex video has nothing to do with rape. Granted, the guy gets violent at point but the girl’s only objection is about the camera. And in fact it didn’t take much for him to persuade her to suck his cock.

But, since I keep getting comments from some visitors that they find the movie offensive, I decided to put up a poll on the matter and let you decide.

Please choose one of the 2 options stated below and we will respect your opinion which ever way it goes. The poll will stay up for 30 days to get enough votes.
Thank you.

Update 23 Feb 2009: Well, after a month of voting, as you can see below, 61% of you agreed that this Arab sex video was NOT about rape.
Nevertheless, we have decided to remove the video from anyway because 282 visitors still wanted it to be removed.
Thank you for your input and opinions on this issue.

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“Forced Arab BJ In Car From Lybia-ASW171”
28 Comments already made.

  1. Very nice short video….
    Thank you.

  2. they are not libyan

  3. this one should be removed….. that’s what you called harrasing….

  4. there’s nothing wrong with that… We treat our women like that too here in the States…

  5. i think this mofo’s got no balls he gotta smack a woman around to feel like a man.
    Clear enough ?

  6. This is Saudi, not Libyan..

  7. This is terrible, I think you should remove the video, this is more of a rape/harassment to say the least of a video, this person is an animal, no decent human being would do such thing, what a filth bag, he should be prosecuted, sex should not be by force, disturbing.

    @Jim Beene, if you’re an American citizen then I believe you should read the laws of your countries, and just because some filth bags in USA does such things does not mean it’s a model for people to follow you pathetic idiot.


  9. good

  10. Please remove this video. This is rape..This guy should be raped….by gays

  11. this is not from Libya…not even close

  12. 1- I hope that u read this and publish it on the basis of freedom of expression and others point of views ,as long as it did not affect others in their faith as u requested that .

    2- These r not libyans they r SAUDIS this is obvious by accent.
    3- I think she is super model , and I do not know untill now why some women like this do illegal sex , Why do not they get married and have a their own family instead of treating bad like this way.
    4- I want some one to tell me why she Is doing like this Is it for money ?Is it because she is overexcited and Insatiable for having sex with one person and take this way to saturate her self by having disgust an rot sex by this way (do u agree with me sex is mutual feeling and never goes like this way ), OR is it because she is having any psychiatric disease because she was rapped in her child hood or have seen any sex views when she was child.
    5- I think even if she is doing this for money she can not be forgived at all she can find any clean job,I think she deserve the way is being treated even she needs money because when people leave being a human u can expect any thing even reaching the level of animals and making sex like animals .
    6- for the bisex person who is doing sex with her (I THINK HE IS HOMO ALSO ), he should be caught and put in jail.



  13. To the The lawyer:

    My friend, I just want to say 1 thing:

    1- We always publish the comments made by our visitors as you can see but just to make one thing very clear, we have the right to not publish anything that may be offensive to us and other visitors on this site. is a PRIVATE site after all!

    Anyway, thank you for sharing your view on this video with us.

    The Admin.
  14. First of all, thank you for putting up this site, I’ve been around for two days and will be around for many days to come. Now, It could be fun to watch this clip if I knew they were acting, but it’s very clear they are not, which put this video in the Rape-category. I think this should be removed, simply because it does not fit the collection! Otherwise clips from faces of death and ogrish should also be welcomed. Thank you

  15. Ok guys, I have made an update and put up a poll on the matter so please vote on what you want us to do.

    The Admin.
  16. Nice video, great!!!

  17. Delete it ! its a real rape ! it is a scandal , this vidéo is prohibited with international law Rules so delete this video or you siteweb will be removed and you will be purchased by Belgium state !

  18. This is from (Haiel) Saudi Arabia– C’mon everybody knows this accent 100% Saudi!!!

  19. i dont know. i think its her mistake to get in a car alone with a man, she should have know better, but its the mistake of the community that this video has been taken and the girl got with the guy in the car in the first place. she must have been feeling lonely, and he must have been horny.

    id say its both their mistake, man indecent, girl is stupid

    if u guys wanna be really ethical then you should remove ALL videos on this site. some are videos of married couples and was leaked on the internet

  20. @ belgium, chill out mate 😆

    @ wqewqeqw, good points you make there. I agree 100%

    The voting so far is 60% (379votes) to keep the video but we’ll make the final decision in a couple of days.

    The Admin.
  21. If she didn’t want to do it because of the camera but he got angry and made her feel scared not to do it then it’s a violation and basically rape. Forced is even in the title.

  22. ok first of all i know this to be allmost 100% with regards to the arab women who go out with these guys who exploit them. 1. she does it out of stupidity and fear of rejection, inside she is not totally into it. if these girls were unmarried and they were to get married they would be divorced and shamed for the rest of their lives because she was found unvirgin, which will have to be reported by her husband as a reason for divorce. she will live to regret this day….. i know for sure one girl committed suicide in Libya i am not sure which one, maybe the one with the orange hijab who gave a bj in the car.. it was a terrible thing to hear.. i hope someone can do something about it, i know that its arousing to see people from different parts of the world, but at what cost?????……….

  23. Admin, I know you’re a busy man, but could you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease mail me this video? I’ve been looking for it for ages.. Please hook me up!

    Big up from Amsterdam!

  24. this is DEFINITELY not libyan.
    someone should change the title

  25. For those still complaining… Guys the video has been removed so chill out!

    Amsterdam man, do a search on google for the exact title and you’ll find it somewhere else since many sites copy our content.

    The Admin.
  26. Very nice movie, love it… nice suck

  27. I have tried to see this but I couldnt. So no opinion. Can you send it?

  28. Sorry, this video has been removed permanently from the site.

    The Admin.