Arab Sex Scandal At The Doctor-Video1-ASW182

Egyptian Sex Scandal Video
This is a GREAT long Arab sex video that I recommend you all watch since it was part of a big sex scandal in Egypt a while ago.
It all happens in an Egyptian doctor’s clinic where he was used to get young pretty Arab girls and fuck them while he films. This time it was pretty Amira’s turn. She gets there, gets completely nude and waits until the doctor finishes a phone call. He then tells her to lie down on the examination bed and fucks her and finally gets her on her knees to suck his dick. He has the smallest dick EVER BTW 😆

It is really strange how ‘at ease’ he is with all this. I mean a doctor screwing the patient is one thing but an ARAB doctor fucking ARABE girls in his clinic?!!… That is way out of line and it caused a huge sex scandal in Egypt when it came out.

UPDATE 17 MAY 2010: We have just posted another great video by the Egyptian sex doctor that you can watch HERE.

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Duration: 6 min 20 sec
Format : WMV
Size: 18.7 MB
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“Arab Sex Scandal At The Doctor-Video1-ASW182”
34 Comments already made.

  1. thanks for this arabsex movie

  2. poor girl she’s trying to catch a very small dick. It’s a shame for him. If i was him i’ll never never practice sex in my life.

  3. can any ppl verify this ? does not look like something from a scandall at all… the girl seeemed to willing… I live abroade, so i have not heard of this “scandall”
    – Anyway that girl is… damn HOT !

  4. Admin, the download sites are really pissing me off !
    Can you please upload it on a more trustoworthy site ?
    Megarotic doesn’t download, easyshare & deposit the download starts but really slow & closes shortly Before it’s completed


  5. Sorry admin, it’s my problem 😀

  6. Fouda, yup, most of the time the issues are temporary. Besides, you guys can also download from the mirror.
    Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the video 😉

    The Admin.
  7. very Nice


  9. admin, i heard abt this scandal here in egypt, and there were more vids, right??
    so got anymore??

  10. No, this is the only one I have. If you guys find more of her, please share it with us.

    The Admin.
  11. I want to download this movie because i really2 interesting to make a library. Thanks

  12. wow, what a dick, i read your comments first but didn’t imagine how tiny it is, this can’t be a man’s dick, it is like tallness of a 7 years old child’ member with circumference of a 14 teenager’s penis, also don’t looks like a sore clitoris at all.
    i can conclude that the doctor is actually a UFO!

    if you are sure he is human, are you sure that HE is the doctor ? may be he is the patient ant the girl is an andrologist or even a psychiatrist trying to get him over his genital disability!

  13. zaqzaq00, lol… I guess you are right. He is an Arap sex UFO. 😀

    The Admin.
  14. wow i didnt know arab girls were sutch sluts its a surprise to me im glad i found this site

  15. so nice

  16. nice

  17. what a small dick, poor girl

  18. I love that

  19. Great Porno Movie
    She is a real slut

  20. real cool

  21. hahahahah thats the smallest dick ever

  22. very hot …

  23. UPDATE: We have just posted another great video by the Egyptian sex doctor that you can watch HERE.

    The Admin.
  24. but he talks like hes got a huge dick.. haha. can anyone translate what hes saying.. i dunno arab but im thinking dat was some good stuff.. it got her naked and fuckable 😀

  25. nice

  26. very sexy video, i love arab girls, Arab girls are so sexy,every Arab girls have big bumb, i like arab girls figure, so horney girlsss

  27. r u sure thats adick .. and not alil big nipple ))

  28. i love it

  29. That’s a very excellent videos,please add more

  30. long time viewer first time commentor. The guys has a vendetta agaist all the men with big dicks and is showing them that you dont need to have a big dick to pull a chick. BTW these women can be hookers coming in for a check up or a hymen repair. Great site keep up the good work

  31. This is a big thing here in Egypt. A lot of girls go and get the hymen repair but most of the time the doctor will want to fuck them before he does the surgery. In this country, nobody is to be trusted, even the coptic pope was in a sex scandal. I’ve lived here a long time and I love fucking Egyptian girls and even ones who are virgins are down for sucking. I have never been able to get one let me videotape though.

    Great site admin and keep up the good work and the videos coming.

  32. @Egypt_Expat: Stop spreading lies to make yourself look like a man, Egyptian girls don’t sleep with foreigners, stop spreading fake stories

  33. very good

  34. she must be one of the pretties girls i have seen here and her body is just fucking perfect! how does one gets that lucky

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