Nana Lebanese Singer Sex Tape-ASW188

Arab Sex Video from Lebanon
This is a really hot Arab sex video from Lebanon and was sent to us by El Kamo.
Guys, DO NOT MISS THIS VIDEO! A million thanks for sharing this El Kamo 😉
Apparently, this is a leaked sex tape of a famous Lebanese singer called Nana getting fucked by her boyfriend up her ass and loving every moment of it.
She keeps moaning from both pain and pleasure from the anal sex and lets him cum inside her ass hole. Frankly, I have never heard of Nana but…

… whoever she is, she is one hell of a wild and horny Arabian babe.

Not only does she love anal sex but while being fucked she keeps talking dirty in Arabic to arouse her lover like “I am just dying for your cock, put it into my ass” and “Who’s ass are you fucking? … The ass of the one you love?”
No wonder the guy came so quickly and filled her ass hole with his cum!

In fact, even after all that fucking, it looks like she is still horny and keeps fingering her pussy and masturbating while talking casually with the woman filming.
I have seen other Arab celebrities sex tapes before but this one is just astoundingly hot.

Update May 2010: The Full 10min long Nana sex tape has been posted. You can watch/download it HERE.

Movie info:

Duration: 6 min
Format : WMV
Size: 17 MB
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“Nana Lebanese Singer Sex Tape-ASW188”
47 Comments already made.

  1. many thanks

  2. gooooooo0oooooood

  3. this films wrong,, not daownlaod..

  4. lmao!

    she is famous, she sings ‘kellon baddon nana o nana 7ayrana ..baddon nana t7ib tgharr o y2ooloo troo7i meshwar’

    that was hot tho.. nice film

  5. @Hayatem, try another mirror. You can download this video from 6 different sites as provided above.

    @Mike,, Really? I should watch more Arab MTV or something but new Arabic singers are just popping up like mushrooms these days 😆

    The Admin.
  6. Guys she is Syrian not Lebanese. The guy fucking her is Lebanese.

  7. thank s alot very nice work

  8. Would like to watch egyptian women having sex talking in original arab language preferably egyptian


  10. oh please, the moaning was soooo fake. My bf from jordan and fucks me way better than that crap in the vid…

  11. @Jamie, maybe you’d like to share one of your own sex videos with us and show us how hot you are 😉

    The Admin.
  12. does anyone have a link to the full 60 min video ???

  13. Ahmed, what 60 min video? This is the complete video that we have received.

    Anybody have any more info about all this?

    The Admin.
  14. nice work admine, keep it up…ty

  15. oooooooooof very hot fucking video , good work guys!

  16. Why would a singer be taped by a third person? This is obviously a professional.

  17. Really , the BEst Arabic SEx Video, ever.
    i like it and enjoy too much
    the girl is screaming and guy is doing his job very well

  18. i guess she s a girl which look like nana but not her why she ll do such thing she s getting alot of money for her cds and she can sing in a party for 50 000 $ why she need a porno movies im wondering … that s not her

  19. Maybe Nana made this sex video before she became famous. Or maybe it is not her… You judge after watching the video.
    One thing is certain though, whether it is Nana or not, this chick is one hot Arab slut that loves taking it up the ass which makes this a great Arab sex video 😉

    The Admin.
  20. It is Nana and she admitted it in the press. She said he drugged her, but drugged her my ass. She’s fully awake and aware of being filmed!!!

  21. LOL, yes Bearinleb, Nana is DEFINITELY awake and fucking like a whore in this sextape.

    The Admin.
  22. she ‘s fucking gorgeos lady
    i hope we could see her photos too .i’m sure she has many many photos .
    anyway thanks admin for share this nice video.

  23. this video was taped by her cz she wants to show it to his bf’girl,this singer is married but she make sex with this guy to let his gf see that she will have it,i watched a tape made by the fuckin guy telling that Nana published the video to be more famous… and 10x for the video really great and i have the first part of it

  24. Rouds, please send us the first part if you have it so that we can post it.

    The Admin.
  25. can i donload this movie for free??

  26. @ toni, Yes you can download all the arab sex videos here for free. Just click on any of the download links and enjoy 😉

    The Admin.
  27. Wow…I havent checked my uploaded vid for months! It seems it did get quite famous! LOL. This is nana guys believe it or no and nowaday celebs do sex tapes in order to get more famous…Well Admin i suggest you do a little contest of the best arab sex video, i bet the number of visitors would go throught the roof…

  28. Hey there El Kamo,
    Yup, this video seems to be a favorite among visitors. Thanks again for sending it.
    Everyone is asking for the first part. Another visitor sent me a link to it but it wasn’t good quality. Will try to find a better quality version otherwise will upload that. Any chance you have the first part of Nana’s sex tape in good resolution?

    I like your idea about the contest. Any ideas on how it would be done? You suggestions are always welcome 😉

    The Admin.
  29. She absolotly ‘NANA’, i know her very much, just saw her egyption comedy movie with ahmed 3eed called “Khaleek Fe 7allak” she is a fucken rocket in this comedy egyptian film


    also; she is syrian not lebanese. syrian girls more sexy than lebanese

  30. guys i ve done more than 15 porn movies with arabs but i dont think i am ready yet to put them online ,but i promise everyone that they will be here soon

  31. satanfiras, whenever you are ready to share them, I assure you that we’ll be ready to watch them my friend.

    The Admin.
  32. I don’t know how you guys get these vids ,,,, it’s fuckin’ awsome!
    Now, what the other lady is telling her she says” my mom tolled me that if your man kisses you from down there(eat you pussy) it means that he loves you ”
    then she asks her “did you cum” Nana Answers “yes” she aske her again ” are you still horny?” Nana says” I’m always like this “..
    thnx 4 the Awsome video ,, waiting for more

  33. i have nelly makdesy porno tape 32 minut how can i upload it any one want it ??

  34. sexy, if you have the Nelly Makdessy porn tape, please share it with us by uploading it to

    BTW, the link you provided is for the Kim Kardashian sex tape and has nothing to do with Nelly.

    The Admin.
  35. Anyone has the singer Manar’s sex tape?
    It’s supposed to be a forced sex later to be used as blackmail…

  36. Wow, this arab sex tape of nana is very hot… Its debatable if it really is her but this video definately rocks!!! I have never seen a better arab video then this… After seeing this video, I now have more respect and admoration for Nana then ever before.

  37. debatable?? No my friend, it is 100% Nana in this sextape.
    I will be posting the full video soon (There was a minute or 2 missing from this one) AND some general info about Nana’s sex tape soon proving that it is her 😉

    The Admin.
  38. i like these fucked celebrities , specially this who called nana she is very hot

  39. nice one man keep it up

  40. hi,2 many talks about manar sex tape is it true? any body have it

  41. Update May 2010: We have posted the COMPLETE 10 minutes long Nana sex tape.

    The Admin.
  42. hi,

    is there a link where I can met horny women in egypt or lebanon, am alone and need to meet hungry horny women, maybe you can start a website for horny arab houswives who just want to fuck hahaah

  43. nasib attieh, that is a good idea for every one involved to end up in jail 😆

    The Admin.
  44. Easy share link is dead.

  45. Thanks for reporting. ES link updated and added 2 more mirrors.

    The Admin.
  46. Hi, looks hot. Plz update the links if possible.

  47. Raj, you should get the full video instead:

    The Admin.

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