Long Arab Homemade Sex Vid-P02-ASW202

Arabic Amateur Sex
After a lot of kissing and foreplay in the 1s part of this long Arabic homemade sex video, the horny big boobed girlfriend is ready for some serious hardcore sex.
It is clear that she is in love with her man but when she sees that he is delaying too much, she decides to take control of the situation and gets on top of him to give him the ride of his life. She guides his hard cock inside her wet pussy with her hand

… and starts sliding up and down his shaft. I have the impression that this Arabic young woman has had more sexual experience than her partner.

We get a great view of her sexy naked ass and her hot pussy getting fucked as the penetration gets faster and deeper until he shoots his cum inside her and they drop on the bed exhausted from all the fucking.

And just as a side note, there is no sound in this 1 hour long Arab sex video. That is how we got it and it could be due to the camera used.

Movie info:

Duration: 33 min
Format : WMV
Size: 27 MB
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“Long Arab Homemade Sex Vid-P02-ASW202”
18 Comments already made.

  1. thanks

  2. plz we want tht video wz voice

  3. Hi Admin, you seem like a good person and I guess you don’t live in arab land, I hate to tell you that alot of the guys that you show their videos here are cheating the girls, I can tell you that this girl is his waife and he filmed her with a hidden camera, I see that very imoral and I hate to see you helping these dishonest type. It’s ok when there’s mutual agreement between them.
    As for the these men, they are as low as it gets, it’s up to you if you want to publish this comment.

  4. My friend, thank you for sharing your opinion.

    If you watch the video closely, you’ll see that this camera is not hidden at all. The woman knows 100% that she is being filmed.

    Anyway, I understand the point you are making and I agree. Remember that the videos posted here are taken from the internet so they are already made public and we do our best to never post anything that shows the real identity of the people in the videos (like names, location…)

    However, if at any point one of the persons in the videos want us to remove their arab sex video, all they need to do is contact us and we will do our best to keep everybody happy.

    The Admin.

  6. I hope you provide more details about persons who did the video like where do they live and how do you get such video?

  7. plz i want hijab sex women movies thanks

  8. hello admin, is it exactly that the profession of the women in the film as professor? in another arabic site she’s refer like “doctor jackline” !
    thank you for answer.

  9. ifas, I have no idea what her profession is, all I need to know is that she is a great fuck!

    The Admin.
  10. People who care if she know she is filmed by hidden cam or she knows its been filmed there are people every where in the world film upskirt to girls and if there no body film him self while he fucked there will be no arab sex movies because the arab has no such thing is proffisional its just amture so who fucking care about here jon just see the movie its porn all u care about pussy and ass so keep it that way people.

  11. actually there is sound but it’s very low you can notice the sound if you use media player like vlc or something and I think they are egyptians

  12. my friend ,admin she is my sister !!!!please remove this vidio from this site . ican offer nothing on u please make this favour and i will never forget this faver all my life.

  13. Yoyo, I really doubt you are her brother considering that you didn’t even provide a real email for us to contact you.
    Anyway, if you are who you say you are, please provide a normal picture of her proving that you know her and we will remove the video.

    The Admin.
  14. Admin, you are a despicable human being. I am quoting what you said “if at any point one of the persons in the videos want us to remove their arab sex video”. Then when someone came and told you that she is his sister, you said “please provide a normal picture of her proving that you know her and we will remove the video”. LOL. You see how pathetic you sound, don’t you? how hypocrite and fake can you be? Anyway, I do expect something like that from a porn site admin hahaha. You are lower than the low.

  15. So you find it hypocritical to ask for proof that the person requesting to remove the video is actually who he claims to be?
    If video removals were done without checking the claims, 99% of the videos would have been removed already simply because people like to pretend to be who they aren’t.
    Anyway, you are more than welcome to get your dose of porn somewhere else if you find my behavior too lowly for your moral values.
    Have a nice day.

    The Admin.

  17. All liks do not work.. plz i want this link …plz admin.

  18. Ameer, the download links have been updated.
    Thanks for reporting 😉

    The Admin.

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