Hijab Arab Sex Scandal-P02-ASW209

Hijab Sex Video Part2
After some steaming foreplay and hot oral sex in part 01, the Arab couple is ready for some serious fucking.
And this guy really means business… He fucks her ruthlessly in many positions long and hard. At some point he was pounding her wet pussy like there was no tomorrow. But this hijab (jilbab) wearing Arabian woman handles the fucking like a pro; not only does she follow his every move and switch positions on the fly, she also shows some…

… hot moves of her own. I love the way she grinds her pussy against him and moves her ass while she is riding his cock. And the way she blows on his dick at the end and swallows every bit of cum… She has more sex experience than meets the eye.

As I said before, I think this is one of the best Arab sex videos I have seen so far with all the fucking action that could be expected from real porn movie.

What I don’t get is that the guy was pouring what looked like ‘Orangina’ on his dick and her pussy at some point.
Doesn’t that make everything sticky? Or was it oil from a soda can?

Update:You can also watch this sexy hijab covered woman in another video: Hijab Arab Sex Scandal: The Lawyer

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Duration: 9 min
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“Hijab Arab Sex Scandal-P02-ASW209”
20 Comments already made.

  1. very good site

  2. cool

  3. maybe the thing poured was a lubricant of some kind?

  4. yeah like you said its the best arab sex ever i agree with you .so freaking hot

  5. Just saw the movie and am not really impressed. The man wants to do everything whereas He should let her do her bit. I hope for a better movie then this. How about arab lesbians in jilbab?

  6. u always bring the best on the web

  7. salut cherches vidio sex arab

  8. shamefull images for those who represent the most honourable race on earth,and for those who just accept material or financial donation to publish such dirts on websites just to blacken & worsen the image of the muslim and arab women.shame on yu dirty men and women

  9. This is very good and very nice yes.

    I regularly have sex with arab women and persian women they are the horniest out there

  10. helloo every one,I want to reply to mr.aziz

    my dear,I took this paragraph from ur response AND I TOTALLY agree with u.But let me focus on some points do not blame the admin. becuz they just publish what r sent to them, that means u have to blame the people who sent such movies ,and the women who appear and love to be treated like this ,and satisfied with what they are doing,REGARDLESS weather they r bitches or from a good family.
    2- my dear, sex is basic instinct like food or drink and every one has the right to marry and practice sex but clean sex legal sex not illegal sex.,and this will lead us to talk about the religion and this thing I do not want to talk about in this site becuz this is not a suitable site to talk about ISLAM.
    3- U SAID ( to blacken & worsen the image of the muslim and arab women),MY friend do not let us laugh on each other let us clear and clarify who worsen @ blaken the image of the muslims and arab women only the arabs by them selves did this,i studied in one of the european countries and saw the majority muslim r not related to ISLAM becauze of their behaviour and they do reflex a negative impression about ISLAM. so please do not say they worsen the image of islam the muslims them selves worsen the image of islam.
    4- may be before the last , do not think that any women wore hijab means that she is really muslims, hijab now is fashion in european countries.and evidence that wearing hijab is nothing to do with islam becuz what u see now in millions of web sites and islamic and arabic countries and what u see in front of u now they r not muslims they r the only one who worsen @ blaken as u said the image of islam.
    5- if u see in all movies the women r doing sex and they r satisfied what they r doing without shame or rejection or objection on what they r doing, r they of decent families, if they were they would not have done like this. the only solution is to marry legal marriage islamic one not what we hear nowadays , and to practice legal sex with legal husband , to have healthy chidren not to hve foundling and unhealthy children.
    6- if u see an all arabic countries and muslims world illegal sex is growing up becuz they r far away of islam.


  11. i want to ask which one of the links to download it is the best quality and safe?

  12. All the download links are safe my friend.
    Chose whichever file host that works best for you.

    The Admin.
  13. Some sad people cant realise that hijabi girls are hot as hell under those hijabs and jilbabs and wanted to suck and fuck like true sluts. I am a muslim and have myself fucked many hijabi girls and they were WILD.

  14. This is good video but it would be better if she was naked and wore the hijab only.


  16. You don’t find strange that in all videos, women take off their clothes unless the hijab?! in reality, it would be the firt thing to take off.. Don’t be blind about what THEY show us!!! Some arab women are sluts, like others, but why you insist to focus on them?! BE AWARE!!!!!

  17. Tarek, we are not focusing on videos with hijab covered women having sex. As you can see from what has been posted so far, these vids are only a small fraction of all the arab sex movies we have shared on arabsexweb.com

    The Admin.
  18. Okay…well, it seems like not many poeple liked the fact that its a muslim lady having sex. In reality, no matter which relgion you belong to and what God you woreship…there are good people and those who are not so good. I mean…I believe sex should not be published to others because it’s so personal you like to be the only one having those memorise. I wish I could tell those who just dont care and go ahead to publish their sex video “go have sex with someone while your parents are watching, I mean it’s the same thing!”

    I would like to ask…Mr. aziz what are you doing here searching for such movies if they offend you? Better yet, go search for something that won’t increase your blood pressure…you know after all you mean a lot to us (not really)!

  19. nice

  20. thank you

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