Arab University Student Fondled By Guard-ASW268

Sexy Arab Student
This is a short Arab MMS clip of a university guard from Jordan fondling a young student in the car.
He lifted her blouse to have access to her small naked tits and he is squeezing and kissing them while she sits there letting him have his way but looking annoyed.
The question is: who is filming? At some point, the guard makes a move to push the camera away… Strange really!
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Duration: 30 sec
Format : WMV
Size: 1.3 MB
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“Arab University Student Fondled By Guard-ASW268”
21 Comments already made.

  1. good

  2. I’m a Jordanian, and I heard about this before, I heard that this girl and her boyfriend got caught making out, and feeling up in the university, and the guard told the guy that he should do what the guy was doing, so he wouldn’t tell the university administration, so the guy accepted but he was filming him without the guard knowing. very interesting.

  3. fucking cunt how the fuck can that nice bitch let that cunt do that! it annoyed me!

  4. Thanks for the full story ‘Jordanian That Knows’… Now it makes a bit more sense.

    The Admin.
  5. ive seen this clip before, but where is the rest of it ? there must be more of this

  6. this was in Balaqa Applied Unviresity Sad story I think admin you should take this video off because i heard this girl was a victim of honor crime no point of jacking off to a dead girl

  7. sex arabic

  8. Oh come on Jo, with this thinking we are better off not posting any more videos.
    Every arab sex video has a true story behind it and a million rumors surrounding it.

    The Admin.
  9. it’s great

  10. wow, very arousing, the girl has nice tits and is pretty

  11. IT is so beautiful and gorgeous

  12. tres bon

  13. thanx admin more of jordanian sluts getting fucked lov the cute face wen getting fuked

  14. I don’t find any link work please can you fix it .

  15. ibrahem007, we have updated the download links. Thanks for reporting.

    The Admin.
  16. i cant open and see this clip: Arab University Student Fondled By Guard-ASW268

  17. Mark Fawzi, the links are all working just fine. Try again.

    The Admin.
  18. I understand that you want to post as many videoes as you can, but most of the people who told you about the honor crimes happened against some of the girls in these videoes are correct, they’re not making this stuff up. I know two of them are correct, this one and the clip titled “syrian girls can suck dicks too”. People who told u about this issue are right when they asked u to remove these two videoes because its unethical and WRONG to post clips of dead girls. I hope you listen to the voice of reason and remove this clip and the other clip “syrian girls can suck dicks too”

  19. Al, I understand what you are saying but I think it would be hypocritical to remove the videos. If anything, if those 2 videos are to be removed then ALL the videos here should be removed.
    Is it more ‘Ethical’ to watch videos of any other amateur girls having sex? Not really, watching any kind of porn can be considered unethical or immoral.
    I respect everybody’s views and those that don’t want to watch the videos are free to do so but no need to force their opinion on others.
    Does anybody really want to know the story of each video whether it is false or true?
    Anyway, just to put an end to this discussion, any of our videos can be removed if any of the persons participating in them contacts us and requests removal. Plain and simple.

    The Admin.
  20. This video is not working theres a problem

  21. All links have been updated.

    The Admin.

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