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  1. Mero, I am moving the last video shares you made to the public site to this page just to keep a record:
    Submitted on 2013/03/31 at 11:10 pm
    My neighbor mohamed send me this videos fucking his girl friend so please merge it and post i have aquestion i send you many videos but you didnot post it. is there any problem . request make all my post hidden and keep your reply so i post hidden and you reply on it the video

    by the way did you remember video i sent to you Man in brothel i got clean one and i wil sent to you as soon as i see video post on the website
    dont forget to make all my post hidden
    Submitted on 2013/04/19 at 11:19 pm
    two new egyptian movies
    Submitted on 2013/04/23 at 12:13 am
    new iraqi movie
    Submitted on 2013/04/23 at 12:49 am
    best Film of the Year egyptian movie
    another version for the best film of hte year
    and another nice egyptian movie

    The Admin.

    lesbian from egypt


    complete version of agirl in doctor clinic

  4. 1.

    kuwait princess


    rasha from egypt


    iraqi movie

  7. Thanks Mero for the vids, I am afraid that the only video that is usable is ‘complete version of agirl in doctor clinic’.
    The others have issues:
    – lesbian from egypt > Video is too small/bad resolution.
    – kuwait princess 1 and 2 > Impossible to download
    – All other videos have way too many watermarks to be cleaned.

    The Admin.
  8. kuwait princess





    incest kuwait movie


    old woman iraq

  11. girl from Algeria

  12. another link

    arab wife with her husband

  13. sara english teacher

  14. nermen with her boyfriend



  15. Hey Mero,
    One of the videos you shared lately (Sexy-nude-dance) seems to be of Syrian actress or something called Louna Hassan.
    I have found some other videos of her the other day giving a blowjob and it sounds like being a new sex scandal ready to unfold.
    Have you heard of this actress before? Or this scandal?
    I cannot find anything about her on the internet.

    The Admin.
  16. yes i also hear about it but she is un known syrian actress and iwill sent you original video of it

  17. Louna Hassan

  18. Thanks Mero for the videos, they are of better quality than the ones I found.
    I still don’t understand who this woman is though :roll:

    The Admin.
  19. she ia asyrian actress participate in tv syrian serial

    some information about serial name and photo to here




    fucked from her lawyer

    nice egyptian movie


    nice egytian movie
    cheat her husband and her boy friend said dont worry i will never let yout husband see this video but i asl what he put in her pussy


    arab girl with her fiance

  26. do you have more information about Hasna ASW814


    iraqi woman donot want her boy friend to photo her

  28. No more information about her. The video was found on the internet.

    The Admin.

    nice egyptian college girl with her boy friend

  30. egyptian carpenter series






  31. Thanks Mero.
    All the Egyptian carpenter videos have been already posted a long time ago on

    The Admin.

    syrian woman

  33. new long egyptian movie

    you can choose between this versions



    iraqi woman taking shower

  35. why dont you create an arab sex social network like

  36. Thanks for the new videos Mero.
    The problem with a social network site is that it needs a ton of work to moderate it otherwise it becomes nothing else but a spam fest.

    The Admin.
  37. why did you remove Luna Hassan movies

  38. marwa from suez egypt







  39. Luna Hassan contacted us a few days ago and asked for her videos to be removed.
    A great pitty really, those videos were really good.

    BTW Mero, a visitor commented that he has seen a 1 hour video with the girl from the video you sent ASW819 having sex with her boyfriend. DO you have any idea about that?

    The Admin.
  40. i sent to you before


    do you have areal contact with this woman.
    mail facebook because this is my first sex movie i had seen by the way i have the full vesion

  42. Lebanese girl complete nersion






  43. syrian girl old but clean version

  44. egyptian sexy girl album and dance video

    dance video

  45. madam manar photo

    and this not in collection

    dance video

  46. Thanks Mero for the new vids.

    About asw103, yes I was contacted by the woman in the video and she asked to have her video removed. I think her name was Reham if I remember correctly.

    I did not realize that the woman in the bathroom was the same woman as in the 1 hour video. Will try to post that one next.

    The Admin.
  47. ok so iwant this woman mail and it real photo now as i like its film so much but are you sure that you contact this woman personally

    can contact page between us be password protect

  48. Sorry Mero, I can’t give you private information about people that specifically want to keep their privacy like these that request their videos to be removed. I hope you understand.

    The password protection is creating problems with the comments, I will try to fix it soon.

    BTW, would you like me to make a link on the left sidebar to all your videos like the “Arabic Sex Videos Sent By Our Friend Noor”

    The Admin.
  49. dear friend i understand what you want to say but if you ask any woman if she want to keep her video private and remove it. you know the answer. you know arab country custom & tradition so removing only requested video is not fair for some girl as they dont know how to use computer. any way. when i ask for photo because i want see how she look like now after those longe years second iasked for her eamil to send agentale email tell her that her video inspire me not more

    hoping fix problem with pass word protection

    and about your suggest i think it is not Appropriate now


  50. Sent you an email 😉

    The Admin.
  51. i dont think that you remove the video for this photo any way you have to make system for removing video

    1.only person who appear in video have the right to send request.

    2.A photocopy of the identity card.

    3.not less than 10 Standard photo in different places.

    by this way you will limit remove request and you will be 100% sure that peron who want to remove this video is the real owner

    i sent to you this full version of video as a present from me

  52. if you have much time it will be good to upload your video archive on


    because those site is most popular & reliable upload video site i know that you cnat earn from them but your site will become popular as your video contain site logo

  53. an old egyptian movie but you will like it name birthday party



    clean version woman cheating her husband and phone her daughter

  55. Hi Mero,

    So THAT was the full video of the woman from ASW103? I hadn’t seen it before. She must have been very young there. WOW!

    About video removals, trust me it is much easier to remove a video after simply checking that the person in it is asking for removal because they report it on the file hosts directly and it gets deleted from there anyway.

    I do upload videos to xvideohost and other streaming sites but it is very time consuming. xhamster does not accept videos with trademarks anymore so it is pointless to upload there.

    Also, do you have more info about the birthday video? I have had that video for a very long time on my PC but could never understand was it was about.

    The Admin.
  56. it his wife birthday and he film the birthday then went to bedroom and hive his present to his wife (good fuck)

    about removal i dont think that upload site remove the file easily so please
    when some one ask

    ask him to provide you with the terms or you will upload it again.
    and i see it good time to make apart of your site paid and you will got alot of money trust me.

    btw do you have mor photo for the woman you sent to me


    egyptian girl smoke Cannabis and get fuck

  58. ‘egyptian girl smoke Cannabis and get fuck’ has been already posted:

    Mero when someone asks for removal I ask for one thing: A photo of themselves proving who they are.
    That is why I have that photo of the woman from the video.

    In my experience, file hosts and especially streaming hosts remove videos at the slightest report by anybody. They just don’t want to get into any legal trouble.

    I did consider making some special videos for paid members only but after looking into it, the biggest problem is finding a way to get paid. For porn sites, there are very few solutions (Paypal does not allow adult sites for example) and it was very complicated.

    I am still looking into it though.

    The Admin.

    old egyptian woman with her husband

  60. I think that I have already posted this video some time ago on, I will double check.
    Thanks Mero.

    The Admin.
  61. dear friend do you remember when i ask you for arab sex social network like

    i found a forum that turn to sex social network from days ago

  62. sabah and her husband mohamed full edition




  63. About the Sabah videos. These have already been posted:
    The 3rd vid is really too short to be posted here.

    The Admin.
  64. Happy Ramadan my friend.

  65. Happy Ramadan to you too my friend.
    I was worried that the events in Egypt were keeping you away.
    I hope all is good.

    The Admin.
  66. yes dear friend I was involved in the revolution.
    Message from EGYPT to the World , Revolution Not a COUP

  67. dear friend do u have this movie

  68. Hey Mero, I hope all is good with you :)
    Nope, I have never seen this video before. It looks Iraqi.
    You have it? Or you are looking for it?

    The Admin.
  69. from me to you egptian movie called birthday or family in arabic 3a2la_or_3id_el_milaad

    another version

    you can download it from except part 1

  70. nice egptian movie two egyptian man with prostitute

  71. album of egptian girl called alaa mansor

    i search for all her photo and found them throught

  72. Thank you Mero for the videos and pics.

    I will try to post the birthday video soon. I remember it now… I think it is one of the all time classic arab sex vids out there.
    Do you think you could find a cleaner version of the Egyptian whore with 2 guys? I haven’t seen that one before but there is a watermark is all over it.

    Welcome back Mero :)

    The Admin.
  73. madam wafaa and her husband 6 part


    another version

    wait to see it soon on ur website

  74. Thanks Mero for the links. I already have these videos but I have been trying to contact the person who makes them for permission. If he doesn’t reply I’ll post them and see what happens.

    The Admin.
  75. nice old egyptian movie



    waiting album of alaa mansor on your site

  76. by the way there is no known owner for madam wafaa video who did you contact

  77. Thanks for the videos Mero, I think I have already posted one of them on the site.

    About the wafaa videos:

    The Admin.
  78. complete and goog version of pink bed egyptian movie

    waiting album of alaa mansor on your site

  79. tourist with egyptian in khan el khalili bazaar complete

  80. Thanks Mero for the video and the pics.

    BTW, I don’t think that I’ll be posting the alaa mansor pics after all because they are not of very good quality and I have the feeling that they will be requested to be removed immediately.

    Also, I have not received any answer from the Wafaa videos guy so too bad, I’ll start posting them soon on the site.

    The Admin.
  81. a syrian girl photo complete about 100 picx just click next

  82. hoda egyptian girl pic and video

    another video for her

    i think there is alot of videos for here still missing but i still searching

  83. i find her profile

    btw it make video for somw site

    you can talk with her and make deal

  84. Thanks Mero, will look into this Hoda.

    Also, do you have more info about the woman in the pictures? How do you know she is Syrian?

    The Admin.
  85. many of arabic site wrote about this photo as asyrian girl

  86. dear feiend iwrote abouthis this video 15 Minutes Hardcore Arab Porno-ASW548

    i think the length of it about 18 -20 min and you cut it to modify so please send me original amn complete version

  87. Hey Mero,
    I have just double checked and the video was originally sent to us by the visitor in 4 parts that were simply added together. The final length of that compiled video is 15 minutes.
    Maybe there was another part that we never received?

    The Admin.
  88. i found the complete one about 18.45 min

    why dont you open paid section for complete and original movie

  89. Algerian new sex video not tunisine

  90. Thanks Mero, I have immediately posted the Algerian girl in hijab video. I haven’t seen that one before.

    Also, thanks for the full version of ASW548.
    I have been thinking about creating a paid membership area but it is very difficult to find an easy solution to get paid. Paypal does not allow adult sites.

    The Admin.
  91. lama-rashed-badran Jordan i remeber that you post avideo for her but her all video and pics of her


    egyptian woman


    arab pregnant woman ithink from lebanon playing in her pussy her husband or boy friend didnot her face to appear but in 2.47 second her face appear a beauty girl

    i took ahard snapshoot for her face so please make her face as avideo_thumb

    or if you can take nice snap for her face it will be ok

  94. dear friend can you get or find this movie i have one but not original and alot watermark it is aarab video in isreal

  95. Thanks for all the nice videos Mero.
    1- lama-rashed-badran: I have already posted her 3 videos and most of her pictures.
    2- Egyptian woman: Nice video, will try to post it soon.
    3- arab pregnant woman: I already posted this video >> ASW626. Your version is a bit longer though.
    4- The Israeli video: I don’t usually look for Israeli sex videos but I will try to look for it.

    The Admin.
  96. this is not Israeli sex they are arab and talking arabic they are arab48 did you hear about them

  97. Nope, never heard of them. And I searched a bit on the internet and couldn’t find anything.
    I did find a video on my hard disk, I don’t even remember when I found this but it also has very bad watermark:

    Is this the same version you have?

    The Admin.
  98. yes


  100. i notice that your removed pics of mona after she sent formal pics of her so plz sent this pic for me i want to see her in formal

    btw dont worry about her privacy I will keep it private

    i want fomal pic sent by her not nude ihave

  101. Sent you an email with the pic.

    The Admin.
  102. dear friend thanks but she says (You have emailed me asking me to send you some formal pics of me to verify and I already sent them )so iexpect more than 1 photo plz sent me all


    egptian woman nice version

  104. ZENAB AHMED FROM EGYPT please merge all movies in one part

  105. Yeah, a visitor sent me all those clips the other day but they are all of really small/bad resolution and not even worth compiling into 1 video.

    The Admin.
  106. The Pimp & His Whore i didnot find the original video on my gard disk it was about 255mb do you have the original one

  107. Well the file I have is only 31MB but it is complete (31:55) and without trademarks.
    Here you go:

    The Admin.
  108. ihave this but i want this

  109. Sorry, I don’t have that one. Probably the same video but at higher resolution.

    The Admin.
  110. the mistress nadine being fucked

  111. dear friend did you post this video
    what is its number

    i found it but iwant to ask about first girl appear on bed do you have one without music and do you have original link to make search about hall story


    egyptian movie nice

  113. No sorry Mero, this is the original video that I have. I don’t remember where I got it from.
    The fact that it was dubbed with music to cover up the sound could mean that they are not Arab. Maybe Turkish or something.

    The Admin.
  114. new arabic movie:

    egyptian movie:

    new egyptian girl:

  115. Thanks Mero for the nice videos 😉

    The new egyptian girl (neek_0__30.3gp) has a very bad watermark on it. Do you think you could find a cleaner version?

    And also, I posted a Syrian video today (ASW892), do you have the full version maybe?

    The Admin.
  116. Syrian video today (ASW892),the full version about 16.47min as soon as possible i will send it

  117. Thanks Mero, I really appreciate it 😉

    The Admin.

    egyptian studient girl

  119. Thank Mero for the video but this one has been posted a long time ago.

    The Admin.

    new egyptian movie


    old egyptian movie called sharamet shobra

  122. Thanks Mero great stuff. I immediately published one of them.
    Much appreciated 😉

    The Admin.
  123. egyptian movie
    part 1
    part 2

  124. egyptian girl Masterbuting



  125. Thanks Mero for the vids. The masturbation videos are very nice 😉

    The Admin.

    clip of tunisine movie

  127. Thanks Mero for the video. DO you have any idea what the film is called?

    I hope you have a great new year my friend

    The Admin.
  128. no idont know movie name

    new arabic movie for the new year

    happy new year my dear

  129. complete egyptian movie



  130. nice photo awife and husband after divorce her husband post her photo

  131. Thanks for the vids and pictures my friend.
    That hijab one is new to me, I’ll try to post it next.
    Do you know where they are from?

    The Admin.

    photo girl from alexandria

  133. Thanks my friend 😉

    The Admin.
  134. egyptian in car

    iraq movie

    part 1


  135. egyptian girl called shima

    part 1



  136. dear friend where did you find this video


  137. Hi Mero, the video was sent to me by a visitor.

    The Admin.
  138. did you have clean version of it without a mask on her eye

  139. No, this is how I received the video.

    The Admin.
  140. there is abig scandel in egypt

    iam searching videos and sent to you about 25 video

  141. Hi Mero, yes I have heard about this scandal but cannot find any of the videos mentioned yet.

    The Admin.
  142. part1

  143. Thanks a million Mero, I knew that you would be able to find these videos :)

    Are there more or them? 25 videos in total you said?

    Also, do you think that these are the full versions of the videos? In many of them the video ends in in the middle of the sex (like 11.flv)

    The Admin.
  144. i will try to find the complete version but as you know this is anew scandel it woukd take some time to have the complete version

  145. Of course my friend I understand. I owe you already a lot for providing me with these 12 videos, they are still very difficult to find.
    As you can see, I have posted the 1st one… Thank you again Mero 😉

    The Admin.
  146. some of complete version

  147. Thanks Mero, I have downloaded more of them from neswangy but the watermark is really bad.
    So far though, it is the same 12 videos in different length that you shared in the first time.
    Maybe it is 12 videos and not 25?

    The Admin.
  148. some of clean version

  149. Iraq Couple Try Anal

  150. anew movie for luna hassan for you as i know you delete her videos

  151. Arab young Syrian wife with old guy

  152. Thanks Mero for all the vids, you are the greatest.

    Did you get the picture you requested? I sent it via email.

    The Admin.
  153. yes i receive it thanks

  154. plz send me video ASW918 and the photo sent to you by his girl


  155. LOL, what is this obsession Mero with the removed videos?

    The Admin.
  156. i dont know ilove scandal movies


    nice and rare egyptian movie

  158. Thanks Mero for the video, much appreciated 😉

    The Admin.

    nice egyptian movie

  160. Thanks Mero, this video has already been posted:

    BTW, I am looking for the full 1 hour and CLEAN version of
    Do you think you can find it somewhere?

    The Admin.

    look at this

  162. Thank you so much Mero :)

    The Admin.
  163. part1

  164. Thanks Mero, I can’t remember if I have posted these already.

    The Admin.
  165. maroc girl from agadir leaked video


  166. Iraqi orgasm

  167. Thanks Mero for the Vids 😉

    The Admin.

    nice Egyptian woman photo

  169. Thank Mero, nice pics 😉

    The Admin.

    plz sent this video bec idid not find on my harddisk and pic for her i want to see her in formal

    btw dont worry about her privacy I will keep it private

  171. Hey Mero, here is a temporary link for the video:

    And this time I received a very legal request to remove the video by a lawyer on behalf of the girl so there was no picture of her.

    The Admin.

  173. Thanks Mero, this is a great video 😉

    The Admin.

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