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Seriously… What is his secret?? Does he have charm? Confidence? Is it the size of his cock? How does the Egyptian karate coach land so many women? :shock:
This hot Egyptian babe with a sexy ass is a new one on the list and she came prepared for sex wearing kinky red lingerie to please the master.
This time El3anteel doesn’t even do much to please her, she immediately gets on her…

Arab Fucking in Bathroom
This is a nice Arab sex video of a guy so horny that he decides to give his wife a quick fuck in the bathroom. No time for flirting and foreplay here… He gets his hard dick out, lowers her underwear and starts banging her from behind.
The poor Arab woman wasn’t prepared for sex and her pussy wasn’t even wet enough so at some point she spits in her hand and rubs his dick to lubricate it a bit.

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This short Arabsex video features a very sexy Arab young woman with the best looking boobs I have seen in a long time as she films herself nude in the bathroom using her mobile phone.
She sent this MMS clip to her boyfriend to show him how much she missed him but when things turned bad between them, he made the video public as revenge. I hope he has more hardcore videos of them having sex, she is just soooo beautiful and sexy!
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Egyptian Sex On Balcony
Here is a good long Arab sex video for you of an Egyptian couple fucking on their balcony in the middle of the day without noticing that a voyeur neighbor is filming them through his window.
The Egyptian woman seems to be young and not being bothered much by the fact that she is naked on the balcony. She plays with the guy’s dick a bit and then sticks it in her pussy and rides it happily

Arabic Fat Bitch Dolly
Another preview from our sponsors arabstreethookers.com featuring busty Dolly Arafat nicknamed ‘The treasure of the Middle East’ referring to her incredibly big boobs.
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This is a short Arab sex clip of an Arabian woman showing off her round sexy nude ass to the guy with the camera.

The funny thing is that she didn’t expect the man to finger her ass hole when he was caressing her ass and that didn’t make her too happy which forces him to stop filming. Too bad really because that is one Arab ass I really wanted to watch getting fucked.
Lebanese Celebrity Marwa Pictures
Here is a set of 15 pictures of the sexy and famous Lebanese singer Marwa.
Marwa is a pop singer from Lebanon that is largely considered among the top 10 Arab celebrities due to her amazing voice, style and personality. She is often criticized for being too flashy and overly sexy in her appearances and often featured in the Arab scandal magazines. I think she plays on that on purpose though and lets a nipple slip every now and then.

Stolen Kuwaiti Sex Video
To start the month of December, here is a long hardcore Arabic sex video from Kuwait that was stolen and put on the internet. The quality is not that good since it was recorded directly by capturing the TV screen… Still, it is very sexy and enjoyable.
The Kuwaiti couple fucks in many different positions and the man must be a cum machine LOL. I lost count of how many times he came into his wife’s mouth and pussy.

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