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373 Comments already made.

  1. your site looks good but anyway how u can collect that movies and why u gave it free for public?

  2. maged, I am happy you like the site.

    robin, collecting Arab sex videos has been a hobby of mine for very long and I like sharing them with others. The videos are available for free and the advertising on the site pays the hosting bills so everybody is happy :-)

    The Admin.
  3. I am a big fan of your website, however why the resolution is so poor?can you do something about it.Thanks

  4. Anthony, all of the arab sex videos are shot by amateurs using their mobile phone cameras most of the time so the resolution is low from the beginning. I can’t do anything about it.

    The Admin.
  5. Dear sir
    I thank you for your web site with is very well contunue our diverse
    please as that possible can send me video or clip for sex or porno mature woman of algerian or other.

    thank you very much

    Mr adlene

  6. adlene, thank you for your kind words. We never send videos to emails.
    If you visit arabsexweb regularly or subscribe to the RSS feed then you will always be updated when we post new videos.

    The Admin.
  7. hey i love ur site but i wish that u improve ur video quality

  8. are the comments being disabled ?
    i see that there are 3 comments on the libyan hijab girl one of them is mine, i wanna see the other 2ppls response, every time i click on the comments button on that link it does not show

  9. lokol, Thank You.

    hoss, yes the quality is not always good because most of these videos are shot with mobile phones and that is how we get them.

    mad, comments are not disabled. They are moderated so it takes a couple of days before they are published. However, if it says there are 3 comments then they have already been approved. Check the Lybian post again, the 3 comments are there.

    The Admin.
  10. thx for the answer admin, but my problem is when i click the comments button to go see the comments, it only shows the video – as if there were no comment, what is the sollution? im using IE7

  11. hi
    would u ever consider making an asw messageboard ?
    open for discussions on all from the contents of this site and sexual subjects ands so on ?

  12. mad, I presume you see the comments on this post here with IE7… Then you ‘should’ see them on the other posts. I don’t have IE7 so I can’t check. Scroll down a bit and you should see them.

    And about the messageboard, we will consider it. Thanks for the suggestion.

    The Admin.
  13. Hi

    This is an awesome site, I love it. I especially like the hijabi sex movies and pics, those are soo hard to find.

    Can you make a hijabi sex comic strip, like the Arabsexweb picture that you have in the top left corner.


  14. Imran, that is a good idea but I have never seen arab sex comics on the net. Will try to find some πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  15. to the admin of this site….I have NEVER subscribed my cell phone number to receive any dirty messages from your site…how can i remove my number from this crap? it is really disgusting and annoying

  16. Imran, thanks for your support.

    huda, cell phone number??? NOWHERE on this site are you EVER asked for your cell number so I do not know what you are talking about. You must be mistaking arabsexweb with some other site.

    The Admin.
  17. i like ur site ,but am wondering from along time cant anybody provide real sex service ,like posting girls numbers and locations,categorized by countries ,that will be real cooool

  18. mr_cool, you would like an escort or dating service and arabsexweb is NOT about that.
    We only share Arab sex videos and pictures for free with our visitors. That is all!

    The Admin.
  19. there a picture of two girls kissing on the righthand side on this site where can i see that video


  20. neednw, llalala and dudemandud:
    Sorry for the confusion guys. That hijab-kiss video has not been posted yet and at the moment is only an image that links to friends sites. Will try to post it soon… Enjoy the many other hijab sex videos already posted till then. πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  21. i love this site. welcome back hope uve had a good holiday

    also the video descriptions are just awesome :)

  22. how i can download all these movies?

  23. overpowered10, thank you.

    dan, just click on one of the download links for each video and that will take you to the free file host.

    The Admin.
  24. Dear Admin,
    I love da site
    bass try to ease up with da pic.s that are mrakkabin ! Hayfa’s has 2 pic.s mrakabin as I see…
    other than that ! keep on da great work

  25. Hello, this site is amazing, I found out about it today and I was wondering if you can upload to too, thanks!

  26. Hey,
    Thank you so much for this. I appreciate the job you guys do.
    I would like to request some more videos of Arab girls getting intimate with each other (lesbian or not). Apparently there are very few of those.

    Thanks again

  27. hi, i want send same clips how i do yhat thx

  28. Hane, to send us arab sex clips go here:

    The Admin.
  29. I am interested in one girl wearing hijab. I tried to get more information about her, but i couldn’t. I clicked on her photo ”Sexy-Arab-Eyes” on the left of this page, but when i click on her photo to know more about her, i go to other girls who i do not like.

    Can you help me ?

    I will pay to you.



  30. Fares, I know what photo you mean and I think those are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. Unfortunately we have no other pictures of her… Sorry.

    The Admin.
  31. Thank you very much for your reply.

    I see that it is very strange that you have only one photo of this girl ”Sexy-Arab-Eyes” .

    Please, can you tell how you have got her photo. May your help let me know the source and get more photos and videos.

    Thanks again

  32. The photo was found on the internet together with some other Arab girls galleries a long time ago. Sorry Fares, I don’t have any information about her.

    The Admin.
  33. hello
    I was trying to find the sex video of nicole ballan and her bf at the time, she’s a lebanese model. the tape was such a scandal in lebanon. I hope you can get it in the site.

  34. alex eagan, I can’t find that movie anywhere either because it is so old. I will keep looking though.
    Maybe some of our visitors has it and could share it with us?

    The Admin.
  35. i just wanna ask if you guys are bying videos….i can get clean and amazing videos but they r not for free…i took risk to make them which means i charge for them…..

  36. Ismaaa, we usually never buy videos but it all depends on the quality and exclusivity of your videos I think.

    Are they your own videos? Are they high resolution? Can you send us a sample?

    The Admin.
  37. Can you post audio sex stories in arabic?

  38. daniel, I don’t see the point with just audio arab sex so I really doubt we would ever post such files on

    The Admin.
  39. Each time I leave a comment you delete it later, there is nothing rough or obscene in all what I wrote…because only I said that I like the men in the videos…I was wondering if you had the intention to put gay sequences on the site but I’ve had my answer I think…anyway…

  40. Houssem, many comments get deleted automatically by the anti-spam software we use.
    We are not planning on posting any gay arab sex videos any time soon.

    The Admin.
  41. great website thanks
    i was wondering if you ever heard of Lebanese singer nelly makdissi
    i heard she used to do porn videos and i was wondering if you are able to get those vids

    thanks πŸ˜‰

  42. Basboos, I am not aware of any Nelly Makdessi sextapes or any porn videos.

    The Admin.
  43. Hey admin, u got anymore info/news on the hijab lawyer scandal where she is with the 2 guys. I would really love to see the full video if it exists…

  44. Sorry mate, still haven’t found the second part of the video (if it even exists!)

    The Admin.
  45. Regarding Egypt-ASW251 clip

    Just wish if you could remove this clip, from the conversation on this clip it is clear that the guy is threatening this poor wife, just to let u know dear admin! u can observe that from the conversation and her face expressions
    Thank Dude

  46. Ronaldoo, I don’t find anything wrong with the video. She is just worried because the guy is filming her.

    Or am I missing something?

    The Admin.
  47. Dear admin, yup u r missing the last 20 sec, where the guy says to the girl, why u left for another guy, I’ll ruin your life, this is the price of what u did!
    Thanks for your response admin :)

  48. Ok, so what is the problem? She is not being forced to have sex, is she?
    I don’t know… Is this enough reason to remove the video?
    Thanks for your comments though :)

    The Admin.
  49. hey admin do you know of any hijabi sex vids coming up or any leaks?
    as i think i have seen nearly every new hijabi vid and was wondering if there may have been any recent ones posted on underground forums or something πŸ˜€

  50. New hijabi sex vids are not that easy to find but I hope something turns up soon.

    Please remember to share some of the ones you have and that are not yet posted on πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  51. hello I found this arabic sex site but im having bad luck getting stuff off it could u like put them on ur web site thank

  52. In the next few weeks I may be visiting Damascus, and I wanna make some Hijab vidz with those iraqi girls. Of course I’ll share em if you can cut out my face (only mine!)
    Earlier I wanted to give some Hijab-porn vidz of my divorced wife (I was expecting it) to uuuhmmm take revenge for all the things she did to me, but damn she deleted them!
    Just let me know if you can cut out my face, because I’m too dumb to do it myself

  53. Thanks Joe for the link you provided.
    We’ll have a look and see πŸ˜‰

    , send us your videos and I am sure we’ll find a way to blur your face.

    The Admin.
  54. i have been very nice with you and i aksed yout o remove the name of teh muslim propjhet and now u have put a comment with his name you u havent been nice so expect that your website will be closed shortyly and i want worn you again mother….

  55. Hi i like you site , and i want spaek with you Webmaster, in priv8 plz add me in msn or send to me Email
    i wait your reply

  56. rdx, just tell us what this about here and your comment will be kept private if you wish.

    The Admin.
  57. Hi Dear Webmaster,

    I just want to say please do not use any sex related words (such as fuch, pussy, cock, dick, hardcore, nude, etc) on the download link or file name as this causes the download become impossible and filtered.

  58. Adel, sorry my friend, we have to use sexual words when naming our files.

    The Admin.
  59. Hi Dear WebAdmin

    Again, I just want to say please at least in “download link itself” do not use sexual words, beacause whenever I want to download it, it becomes filtered automaticly even using proxy it does not work at all. I could not even download recent files which were posted recently and has sexual words. I think it is better in download link using Number plus alphabet abbreviation is ok and this helps your visitors to enjoy your site. finally, as you know we are not from europe or usa to easily download it, we are from middle-east countries which tend to filter such materials. your understanding are situation would highly appreciated.


  60. Adel, we are sorry for your trouble but unfortunately there is not much we can do about that.

    The download links themselves have no sexual words… They are all in the format ‘DOWNLOAD from’

    All the filehosts we use put the filename in the download URL itself but note that links get generated randomly upon download and get the format ‘’ >> There are no sexual words there so maybe that solves your problem.

    The Admin.
  61. hey, I am a big fan of your site. Is it possible that you post videos of yemeni girls, they r da only ones that never appeared on ur site. I have a yemeni gf and she thinks you can never find a video of yemeni girls and I REALLY wana prove her wrong lol also i wanna c if other yemenis r as hot as she is and wild in bed!!

  62. Dear Admin,

    I don’t know your background, but let me tell you something about Arabs: The “sex” topic in the whole Arab world is a very sensetive thing, girls may get *killed* if they get a relation outside marriage..

    If it happens that a brother or husband of any girl (who has a movie in your website) see her movie, he -probably- will kill her! How do you feel about that?

    I am working in the internet field, and know exactly that you don’t earn too much money from this website, so you risk these ladies lives.. Even if earn a lot from this website, please close it and don’t be responsible for damaging families lives and bring death to a lady who may have done a mistake in her past..

    Many thanks..

  63. Abualhawa, as we have said a million times already, the Arab sex videos posted on this site are collected FROM THE INTERNET!
    The videos are ALREADY out there on many Arabic sites and forums that get x100 more visitors than does!

    The Admin.
  64. I hate this sound, usually I open this website at work or at a men near me and I don’t want them hear this voice plz remove it

  65. blabla, Voice?? What voice?
    We didn’t add anything new to the site.

    The Admin.
  66. The voice of girls getting fucked at the background when I open from chrome or firefox I hear it plz remove it

  67. blabla, we don’t have anything on the site like that. It is probably some advertising on the site. Ads pay for the hosting expenses of and allow us to continue so we can’t really remove them.
    If you are already using firefox, use an addon called ‘Adblock Plus’, with it you can block ads you don’t want to load in your browser from any site.

    The Admin.
  68. register me please and tell me how can I watch videos?

  69. Its great site… but i seriously want some one single shemale who ready to make long term relationship with me…..please tell me where i can find single and sexy and sincere shemale.

  70. Erm, try some gay/shemale bars my friend.

    The Admin.
  71. hi everyone
    i like your website so much.
    can you please tell me how to download the clips?
    thank you

  72. habib, it is very simple:
    Once you are on the specific video page, scroll down to where the download links are and click any of them.
    You’ll be taken to the file host you clicked on to download or view the video… for FREE of course!

    The Admin.
  73. How can i get started promoting your websites ?

  74. Ken, what do you mean?

    The Admin.
  75. How do i down load and watch the movies

  76. John, all you need to do is click on the download links provided on the videos pages. As simple as that.

    The Admin.
  77. Hi did anyone have the video of the lebanese celebrity nicole ballan

  78. I was wondering which platform this website is.

    How did you build it? PHP or something? And what host.

    I want to build one called “indonesian sex web”

  79. Eli, this site is powered by wordpress.

    The Admin.
  80. thanx for all videos

  81. Hi,
    I am a huge fan of ur site.
    I find it extremely nice.
    Could you please upload the video from yunis ASW161 – it states that it’s one of ur favourite.
    Have tried downloading it but the mirror link shows “such file doesn’t exist”
    Please upload it again so we can download it, and kindly advise when you do

  82. Waleed, Thanks for reporting. The download links have been updated.

    The Admin.
  83. I know it’s WordPress but how do you allow people to upload?
    Is it the hosting? And if it is, which?

  84. can you please please add rapidshare to the download link, the sites are in here are hard to download from, and doesn’t success most of the time.

    please consider it.

  85. Hector, We are already providing more than 6 different mirrors to download the videos. Rapidshare is no good for us because they keep deleting the videos. Sorry!

    The Admin.
  86. Thank you so much for answering my previous comment . . -.-

    Anyhow, I was wondering how you watermark your pictures and videos?

  87. Eli, we use videocharge studio for that.

    The Admin.
  88. hello,
    first of all,thank you for all those beatiful videos.

    it’s about the last one,about it’s origin,it’s from algeria,am from algeria and i understand what she’s saying,it’s our language.

  89. What wordpress template do u use?

  90. We use a custom made wordpress theme

    The Admin.
  91. Hey..first of all amazing website..I would like to download all your videos here..but it’s hard to open all of them up is there someway i can see a list of all the videos here or u guyz can help me out..i’d really love it because i want to download all of them!!thanx in advance :)

  92. Hey Sam, I am happy you like the videos. ATM, we don’t have a page listing all our videos. There is a partial page like that but it is not complete :

    If you want my opinion, take your time and download a few videos a day, you can access the archives by month (at the bottom of the page), that goes all the way back to when the site opened.

    The Admin.
  93. There is this video iv heard people talk about but never seen it. A woman hid a camera in her hotel room on her wedding night, and taped herself being fucked on her wedding night in her wedding dress. They are khaleeji’s from Kuwait or UAE, not sure, please try to find that video, it isnt new its ben around for a while

  94. First time I hear about that. It sounds very unlikely for a kuwaiti woman to tape herself on her wedding night having sex although I have seen weirder stuff.
    Note that there is an old Kurdish video of sex with a wedding dress, maybe that is creating confusion?

    The Admin.
  95. i suggest to make rooms for chat !

  96. Good idea Teto but it would be too much work moderating the chat.

    The Admin.
  97. Dear Admin, I really want to thank you for the great effort in this site, we all appreciate your continuous development and update.
    I have a special request and hope you can help. I wondeer if you can find the lebanees long movie for Howayda or Houaida, she is the daughter of the famous actress and singer sabbah, and she has a piece of hellk long porn movie. Knowing that its not an amature movie, but its a great professional movie of her and other lebanees hotties. The story of the film is related to art of painting somehow, as the male guys in the movies are painters and they are always showing thier paintings to the ladies in the movie.
    Thanks in advance again, and you are always the best Admin for the best porn arab website.
    Keep it up buddy :)

  98. Hi Hodhod, I do have the video you are talking about on my HDD but have never shared it on because it has nothing to do with arab sex nor Howayda.
    It is a professional porn movie from the 70s (Swedish I think) and one of the porn actresses kinda looks like Howayda. Really nothing special about it.
    I don’t even know who started this whole idea that it was Howayda, but it is 100% not true.

    The Admin.
  99. Dear Admin, thank you for your reply, but I think you are talking about another movie as the one I meant has all the actors speaking in Arabic.

    Anyway, can you please post the one you have on your HDD, maybe its the one I meant.

    Thanks in advance.

  100. Hodhod, yes you are right, the video is dubbed in Arabic but I assure you it has nothing to do with Howaida. I couldn’t find it on my HDD but after a search on google, I found it on
    It is a low quality version but it is the video that you requested: DOWNLOAD πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  101. Dear Admin, thanks a ton, you are the man.

    As you’ve been very helpful, I’d like to return your favor. I noticed that your site’s fan Karim El Saka requested a full movie for Nawel, here you go with the link to a 07:46 minutes long video of her. Enjoy :) and thanks again

  102. Thanks Hodhod for the link although I can’t remember who requested Nawel’s video. Anyway, if it is good, we’ll post it soon on πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  103. your site’s fan Karim El Saka requested Nawel’s video

  104. Wow, that was way back in 2007. Will try to post the video ASAP Hodhod, thanks again :)

    The Admin.
  105. Hello there!
    Just to let u know Ill add ur link on my site Can u please let me know is everything is ok?
    Im gettin like 7500 to 8000 uniques per day so I think we can get something good!

  106. colombiasexxx, your link has been added to the xclicks traffic trade toplist.

    The Admin.
  107. theres somethin wrong whit ur script to send traffic to our sites we getting this error after clickin any link on that list! check da picture :

  108. colombiasexxx, we have double checked the xclicks links on the site and even asked some other users to try them. We didn’t have any problems at all.
    Maybe it is something to do with your browser?

    The Admin.
  109. Hey guys,
    there were a movie in Jordan 15 years ago for a local band valled Miraje .. i wish i can see it again >>> thnx for ur efforts

  110. beatifull site

  111. Dear Admin,

    Thanks for the great site. If you, or any of the visitors, have the time and can read arabic you should go to www.*****.info, become a free member and you can find a lot of free and unique arab sex videos which are not here on this site. Its much more difficult to navigate that site so I’m hoping someone who has the time can go through that site and re-post the videos here.

  112. @ Sleeman, I haven’t seen the Mirage sex tape scandal. Was it good? Will try to find it.

    @ Mike, thanks for the link, will check it out. πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  113. Hey there,i heard about a movie involving the dancer nourhan,if this movie exists,could you please upload it?
    thank you

  114. Dancer Nourhan? Could you post an image of her?

    The Admin.
  115. I just start sending traffic to, after made account by your script, waiting for approwal


  116. Prasawet, your trade has been approved. Thanks.

    The Admin.
  117. Hello Admin I THINK I may have found a very sexy masturbation video of a Busty Arab girl to feature on your website here is the link

    I think she is arab but im not sure I apologise if she isn’t.

  118. The Free Non Arabic Sex Videos on the home page don’t work and go to

  119. Hassan, that is not supposed to happen very often.
    Could you please check again and tell me if it is still happening for you?

    The Admin.
  120. Hi,
    Just wana thank you for this lovely website. Doing a great job!
    Cheers x

  121. Just start sending visitors to waiting for yours replay.
    My website url:

  122. Kesc, I have approved your traffic trade.
    The more visitors you send the higher in the list your link will show.
    Thanks for joining.

    The Admin.
  123. hi guys good job but what about nicole balln sex tape any one has it? i use to have a good quality copy but i have lost it can anyone share it with me?

  124. AVP, I can’t find the video you are talking about.
    If you find it, please remember to share it with us πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  125. Hi, do you have any newer pics or vids of the Arabstreethookers model “muhamma kabul”? I can only get one full video and a few pics, but there appears to be another video, but i can’t locate a viable download…! I just LOVE this model and i hope you might be able to help. Thanks!

  126. HG, I can see that there are several videos of her HERE.
    I don’t have straight download links for the videos. Just join for a month and get the videos. You’ll be supporting that way πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  127. This website is great, it has very much quality video’s!! well done admin. I only hope there would be more hijab video’s posted, cuz i like those shy girls haha πŸ˜› I have some vids on my computer, but most of them are already posted on this website.
    Keep up the good work!!! πŸ˜€

  128. Amazing! I am new into arab porn although I’m latino and was used to latino and american “regular” porn. I am totally in love with this site! Please keep it free and with the whole quality and professional management I can see.

  129. James and Snoeppp, thank you for your kind words.

    The Admin.
  130. I’ve added your url to my site

    Hope we can start a traffic trade.

  131. The Porn List, your link has been approved on the xclicks traffic trade system. The more traffic you send , the higher your link will show on the list. Thank you for your interest.

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  136. Dear admin,

    I just found your website and realy like it.

    I downloaded several video that has hotfile or filesonic link, but most of the videos don’t have one (i especially downloaded long video section). So, can you add hotfile link to the rest of the videos?

    Thank you.


  137. Vian, I am glad you like
    The site has been online for more than 3 years now and over time we used different file hosts that we found practical both to upload to and to download for free. We only started to use HF and FS last year so older posts do not provide download links from these hosts.
    We will try to gradually update older posts but as you can imagine, with more than 400 Arab sex videos already posted, there would be a lot of re-uploading and editing to be done and that is a nightmare :(
    Thank you for your feedback.

    The Admin.
  138. hi admin,
    Im currently not receiving hits from your site for traffic trade with, can you check.


  139. bonkwire, you have been contacted by email

    The Admin.
  140. This is a great site… please be on the look out for a video of a women being gang raped and pissed on. There is a recent story about a Libyan woman who was raped at the hands of Libyan governmental workers. The massive political gang rape was apparently video taped. If it is posted, please connect it to various news outlets.

    We all want to make sure all performers have given consent.

    This is a great site! Keep an eye out to make sure it stays a great non-sleazy site

  141. We will never show real rape video on

    The Admin.
  142. Hi,
    What happened to the dirty talking syrian lesb girls clip? it was up for less than hour, than it is not there again.

  143. lbz, please note that the top post is a random post from our archives and is only there for a short time to remind visitors of older videos already posted. Doing a search on the site will bring it up again if you missed it.

    The Admin.
  144. How I download. My own. Vidoes. Into arab sex sites

  145. Hatti, if you mean how to upload your Arab sex videos then see here:

    The Admin.
  146. Hello Admin,My site Not in the top list, I send you traffic 100%. Please check.THANKS!!

  147. Micky, your site has been approved and should show up on the xclicks traffic top list soon.

    The Admin.
  148. hey man do u have the singer manar sex tape??

  149. Youssef, I have heard of it but I don’t think it has been leaked yet.

    The Admin.
  150. hi
    I wana ask you from where you get these video ? do you get them from special source or you receive them from the creator of these video

    thanx :)

  151. Soooon u will receive a wonderful lebanese sex film for 28 min with a profeesinal cam, it is like a gift for u, but beleive me this film it coast 100 000000 of $ …..keep going man ..good 4 u

  152. At sameer, some videos are found on the internet and others are sent over by visitors.

    At manic, sounds like a great film, I hope we get it soon πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  153. Hey, I love your website. I’m egyptian and i have a fiancee. We were trying to find a place to have sex in for some time, can you help us in any way?

  154. Murad, sorry my friend, I can’t help you with that.

    The Admin.

  156. please provide us with more gay and les arab matures thank you

  157. Hey admin. Can you add my site on the free porn sites. Thanks have a nice day

  158. Hi Paul, please use the xclicks feature to add your link.

    The Admin.
  159. Hi, I add my site, please active trade.
    Thank you.

  160. Your link has been activated Radek. Thanks.

    The Admin.
  161. Hi I commented on a video and now I can’t find it. I just wanted to check if anyone has replied to it yet. Can you help me locate it?

  162. To adammar, >>

    The Admin.
  163. Hi, I was wondering if there is any chance that the video “Beurette with Algerian flag” will be uploaded again. I read the description, and sounds really good, but it is a bit sad that it is nowhere to be found on the Internet.


    I’d love to see the video.

  164. Holy Grail, I am sorry but the reasons why this specific video will not be re-uploaded were made very clear on the video page.

    You may want to search on google for the title of the video, it may have been posted elsewhere.

    The Admin.
  165. Admin, that’s just the problem. I have searched on Google, but it is nowhere to be found. They usually say that when something is on the Internet, it stays on there forever. But not in this case…

  166. My friend, you are the luckiest person on earth, some visitor just uploaded it somewhere. Check the last comment… Quickly!

    The Admin.
  167. OK, this is embarrassing.

    It was deleted before I could download it, LOL.

    The link says: “File not found. Probably it was deleted.”

  168. Holy Grail, that is what I keep telling you guys, the video is being removed in record times. And keep in mind that so far it has been uploaded by visitors to more than 10 different file hosts. It always gets immediately removed.

    The Admin.
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  171. No thanks, I don’t see why I should pay 98$ a year for a gimmick. Did you register the domain BTW?

    The Admin.
  172. hey guys could you create a website for east european homemade or just other homemade than arab ? this one is great and awesome, but other races would be also awesome, not in this blog though, separate
    we trust your link and your hard work

  173. Can you please just please remove the last video on the website please because it is really important that no body seas it please just please

    please ….. and thank you very much

  174. Sabry, which video are you talking about? Title? Link?

    The Admin.
  175. listen, remember that old jordanian couple band called “Mirage”, was very famous during the 80s, they immigrated to canada and left jordan after being ashamed of their leaked sex tape, now I have tried to find that tape every where online but it hs not trace, can you help?

  176. Hi Ameer, yeah I do have the Mirage sex tape. I haven’t posted it on the site because the quality isn’t that good.
    I’ll look for it on my HDD. If I don’t post it by the end of 2011 please remind me again πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  177. Just to let you know I have filled out the form for a link trade. My site is Thanks

  178. Sam, your link has been approved.

    The Admin.
  179. could u get razan moghraby’s video.. very curious to see it.. thank u

  180. Kim, I’ll try to post it soon for you although it doesn’t really have any sex in it.

    The Admin.
  181. dear admin please post gay videos in gay section or please mail me @ ******* please reply me by mail as to what is your response.thank you
    love your site

  182. great site..and great videos..however there is one video that i think should be uploaded on here and it hasn’t..that video would be Nicole Ballane’s sex tape…it would be absolutely wicked if you would be able to get that video..keep up the good work

  183. AL, as far as I know, the Nicole Ballane sex tape is nothing but a rumor.

    The Admin.
  184. i beg to differ, i have seen it before, i even had it but due to some unfortunate events which led to my computer being fried, i lost it.
    its very much the real thing

  185. Al, I am not doubting you my friend.
    Personally I haven’t seen the video and although I have searched for it many times before, nothing turned up.

    If you ever find the elusive sex tape, please remember to share it with us πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  186. Hello,
    Have you heard about the cinema producer in Egypt, who have been arresed last september, and they discovered the he have a compltet liberary of his sex meetings with actresses and girls whi need to be in his movies,
    Have you received some of this videos..?

  187. Please add a Arab lesbian category

  188. @ kokowawa: I haven’t received any videos about that yet but I am sure we’ll see them pop out soon.

    @ love lesbians: Lesbian Arab sex videos are quite rare but you can easily see a list of them using the appropriate tag >> πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  189. hey bro mind showing me how i can contact PAKI-GANGSTA, wanted to ask him about that slut he uploaded in niqab fucking herself. Thanks bro!

  190. Sorry MadShamz, i cannot share other people personal info.

    The Admin.
  191. i registered for trade. waiting for your approval

  192. Trade approved Barry πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
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  194. shmyes, you have been contacted by email. Please check your spam folder if you do not get the email.

    The Admin.
  195. hi, tank u for all
    please i want more Iranian sex tapes
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  196. Salutations admin , well i saw a video of a syrian couple having great anal sex , i mean the kind that makes u cum in a sec.
    now the prob is its on another site that has nothing to do with arab sex , so email me to give u the link .

  197. @Wellhung, please add the link to the video in a comment on this page:

    The Admin.
  198. this is a great site, I regularly visit to check new videos. iI been trying to locate the sex video for nicole ballan the lebanese model, true it is an old one but it is a great one, it would be great uf you guys manage to poste it here. thank you

  199. Hey Alex, I was never able to find that video.

    The Admin.
  200. Dear admin,

    I tried to downloaded videos from hotfile but i think most of it dead links. I downloaded video from long video category.

    Thank you.

  201. Hi Valito, yes, hotfile has suspended the account and deleted all our files a couple of days ago.

    The Admin.
  202. hi! i watched your site i liked too much my friends and i want to show ours movies how can it paki

  203. Mani, you can share your videos with us on this page:
    Please remember though that we are only interested in ARAB sex videos.

    The Admin.
  204. Hi admin
    I noticed that some people on your website still asking for real arab gay movie , i don’t mind to appear in one – can you help :) ?

  205. @Egyptian Guy, sure you can help: Film yourself having sex with your boyfriend and send us the video.
    Can we help? Nope.
    We do not film any of the videos ourselves, they are all amateur.

    The Admin.
  206. I love your site. My question is could you post more porn movies from marocco. I also have the feeling there are very view posting of new arabic movies.

  207. Hi Admin, i submitted my site, i hope to get a good parnership

  208. Paul, your site link has been approved πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  209. I have very private pictures of my muslim, arab wife nude and would like to upload them on your site but I would like to ask an important question! In the event of feeling guilty later on, I might ask for them to be removed. Is that ok?

  210. Hi Rashid, yes, we would remove the pics if you personally request it but I suggest that you give this some thought if you are not 100% sure that you want to share private pics.
    Also, it would be a good idea to take her consent.

    The Admin.
  211. good day
    I contact you today to ask you for information, I want to please know the name, first name and the co-ordinates of the person appearing in the following bond: /

    if not possible I hope that you indicate his official site to me or of me measures in contacts with it.
    I want to also know if you carried out photographs of it.
    I await your answer and I count on you.

  212. Sorry Nassim, I have no other information about the model in the pictures

    The Admin.
  213. Hi,Admin
    Please remove the attached file is my own has been photographed without my knowledge because it will cause a lot of problems and the reason for the loss of the entire family and open issues to the competent courts.Rajya scan the film and remove it from the site and viewing sites and Althmpel.Thank you for your cooperation.(Arabic Voyeur Sex: Teenager & Auntie-ASW499 )

  214. Somar, you have been contacted by email regarding your request.
    Please check the spam folder of your email if you don’t see our email.

    All conversations with you from here on will be confidential and only by email.

    The Admin.
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    The Admin.
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  219. InTrouble, please explain what the problem is in a comment and if you wish your comment will not be made public.

    The Admin.
  220. Contact me ASAP…. I have some marketing issues to speak with you…

  221. Vlad, I have sent you an email.

    The Admin.
    check this out. sorry no audio

  223. Why do these arabs pose nude? Are they not going against their religious beliefs?And surely this will anger their Creator! Maybe you warn them.

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  225. electronicfaster, sending 30 blind hits that didn’t produce any clicks at all is a bad way to start any traffic trade.
    Please fix your trading script first since I don’t even see a link to on your site, send some REAL (NOT FORCED) traffic and then leave a comment here and your link will be added.
    Thank you.

    The Admin.
  226. dear sir
    iam arabic and desi porn collactor i have huge database of movies and cilps and iam looking to sell them or ajob for me

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  228. i will like to be actor on porn and i am in Africa my country , how can you guys help me get started with it am good in sex and have what it takes to make a woman screen out loud , i don’t need the money i need the fun

  229. Sorry Paul, we do not produce any of the videos. Try google.

    The Admin.
  230. moonlight, please make this request on the video page itself.
    If you wish for your comment to stay hidden please specify it in the comment.

    The Admin.
  231. Whatever happened to this pic?

    i cannot find it on the site. is that a full set or just one pic?

  232. This should be part of a mixed collection of pics, can’t remember which though.

    The Admin.

    This video is an abus, urgent

  234. What is Urgent?? Could you please be more specific.

    The Admin.
  235. I know ******* is your website so could you please reupload all these classic videos like the following since the links are dead: *******.com/hijab-dick-suck/
    many more like this mainly hijab ones. PLEASE!!!

  236. Jibran, actually, the site you mentioned in your comment is not mine.
    I suggest you contact that site’s admin with your request.

    The Admin.
  237. We totally should see if we can get more of her videos. < Mona Nofal >

  238. Hey John, thanks for reminding me, I have 2 of her videos. Will try to post them soon.

    The Admin.
  239. I am a big fan of your website,but today we have a big problem there is 2 videos for me and my girlfriend and this is a private thing for us, there is someone his nike name is saso he Steal this videos from my pc and upload them on here and this is not good thing , i ask you to not use this videos on the site anymore and delete them if you plz

  240. Jack you have been contacted by email. Please check your spam folder if you find the admin’s email.

    The Admin.
  241. Hi Admin,
    i have submitted my site to trade with you, can you please review it and approve if possible? thank you

  242. Carlos, done… Thanks for the trade πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  243. Helo

    We would like to know if we want to advertise on your site, if you can send us more details

    Thank you

  244. Faten, you have been contacted by email.

    The Admin.
  245. I get warnings from chrome that some webpages have malware content. Can you please check the site for XSS injections and other vulnerabilities?.

  246. Ihab, there is no need to worry at all:
    1- Chrome clearly says that the reason our site is flagged is because we have a banner linking to, there is absolutely NO threat on our pages.
    2- We have contacted the other site admin and he has no idea why his site has been flagged and he will try to solve the issue with google.
    3- We have also contacted google and asked for a re-evaluation. God knows how long that will take.
    4- McAfee site advisor has not found any issues at all with

    The Admin.
  247. Dear arabsexweb,

    I am contacting you about a certain video it hurts someone i know (a girl) she is a very good lady and makes very good projects to help people and her video in your site gonna hurt her a lot,kindly Please remover her video (ASW103)


  248. Reham, you have been contacted by email about your video removal request. Please check your spam folder if you don’t receive the email.

    The Admin.
  249. I like to trade your site.

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    I did allready add my site to your system

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  250. Sorry Detovo, I don’t exchange hard links with blogs that are not self hosted.
    Your link in the xclicks system has been approved though. The more traffic you send, the higher in the list your link will show.

    The Admin.
  251. love this site

  252. amazing site … love your commentary … im a 25 m leby, bisexual voyeur and loving every moment.. in luv with the creator lol .. i wish i have movies to post .. keep up da work ..

  253. Thank you Roughsin, glad you like πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  254. Hi
    Please I want the complete Great Arab Anal Sex Homevideo-ASW139
    I need clear face movie Great Arab Anal Sex Homevideo-ASW139

    it concerning me. I want to know who upload this video and how he get it.

  255. Sorry Essib, this is the only version we have of the video. No complete version is available.
    And that video was found on the internet.

    The Admin.
  256. how come u deleted the luna hassan videos, and if possible can u email me them??

  257. The answer to both questions is made very clear on the video pages.

    The Admin.
  258. Once again i request the admin to remove these images and stop ruining our family’s life a past mistake can only be forgiven by god. so please remove these links now

  259. Asif, you have been contacted via the email you have provided.
    Please contact us via email from now on and make sure to check your spam folder if you don’t receive our email.

    The Admin.
  260. my wife age 26 ceaut round but big ass and long black hair I wanna shear her videos in your sweet site pleassss help me for upload

  261. Ston, provided your wife is Arab, you can share your videos with us following the instructions on this page:

    The Admin.
  262. Please, I need the completee movie asw139 (great arab anal).
    I f possible whit clear face for both
    I pay for that.

  263. ADAM, this is the only version of the video that we have ATM.

    The Admin.
  264. Dear Admin,
    due to out F countries F blocked websites policies we must use proxies in order to access this cool site but we cant download videos containing words in the title like porn, porno, fuck, fucks & fucking. i beg u to publish this & edit the titles containing these words so we could download & enjoy them.

  265. amor, I understand what you are saying but the full title is in the filename for very specific and good reason. I am sorry but it cannot be changed.
    On the other hand, 99% of the download links do not have any censored words in the URL itself (like ) so they should not be blocked anyway.

    The Admin.
  266. Please one of the video my brother saw it and he thought that is was me please can u email me back or helped me out I wanna justify to him that s not me:

  267. Britney, I don’t understand, if you are NOT the person in the video how are we supposed to help you to prove that you are not?
    The video was sent to us by a visitor more than a year ago. I have no more information about it.

    The Admin.
  268. I have been reading all the comments , And damn you have a lot of work to do, i mean besides uploading these videos , people asking so many weird and mostly dumb questions.. Oh well.. I am here to tell you , you are doing an awesome awesome job !! I wish you all the best !

  269. Well, thank you very much Great One for your kind words.
    Much appreciated πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  270. Why there’s no streaming option for the gay videos

  271. Sorry, Roughsin, the gay videos will not be available for streaming. Maybe at a later stage.

    The Admin.
  272. Please delete a video with name hot lebanese sex with young study it was stolen i tell the police call me to my phone please ************. Kassem

  273. Erm, can you give the URL or the number (ASWxxx) of the video you are talking about Kassem?

    The Admin.
  274. hey there.. i have 3 arab videos (skype cam call) of 3 arab girls i shot them my self, 2 lebanese and 1 palestanian girl (in hijab) each 1 is like 20 or more minutes long.. i would like to publish them.. get back to me.. ty!

  275. Slim, if the girls are Arab and they get sexual on those skype calls, please send us the videos by following the instructions on this page
    If you need any help converting the vids please let me know.
    Thank you for wanting to contribute to πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  276. I have noticed you have a picture of me under the banner 100% True Egyptian Hardcore on the left hand side of your pages. I don’t know where you got this picture from, can you please remove the picture straight away.

  277. Al, you have been contacted by email, please check your spam folder if you don’t see it in your inbox.

    The Admin.
  278. i make home made porn with my girl friend and i want to share it here what i must do ?

  279. hi I am family to couple and picture on your website wish to inform you that he runs a serious risk of imprisonment or even crime for the girl in Algeria as key to his family and becomes more serious and even Algerian law prohibited the publication of sex Photo
    the couple called me to tell me you sent her message and it is even ready to do everything for which self deleted even if you request a live or picture identification
    thank you to be sympathetic to this situation

  280. Orion, you have been contacted on the email address that you have provided for further instructions.
    If you don’t receive the email make sure you check your email spam folder.
    Awaiting your reply by email.

    The Admin.
  281. Man plz i nedd updated link to download that video “Saudi Arabian Sex Vidio-AlKaada-ASW144”

  282. Naboo Yasser, the ASW144 video download and streaming links have been updated πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  283. Hi, this page shows a private video of me that my ex-boyfriend took and published as to revenge against me !

    Moreover, I am underage (17) and this is a big problem to me as someone want to denunciate me at my parents.
    I want to suicidate, I am totally desperate ! OPlease delete this page and these videos !

    Thank you in advance,

  284. Young, you have been contacted by email to the address you have provided. Please check your spam folder if you don’t get it.

    The Admin.
  285. Quick question, I’ve a few rare Pakistani-Iraqi and Pakistani-Moroccon vids that I wish to share(not release). Do you guys have an option for that like (9hab used to untill they vanished)

  286. Pakstar, what do you mean share and not release?

    The Admin.
  287. Dear sir/madam

    I kindly ask you to shut this website down, and pay a visit to a Doctor of heart, if you know what I mean!! Why don’t you look for Islam and study all about this way of life rather than looking for vidoes!!
    May Allah guide you and all the website users

    Kind regards

  288. Abdullah, thank you for the advice.

    The Admin.
  289. Hello,

    where do i find good video chat community platforms (like livejasmin etc…) specialised in or with good amount of Arab girls? I could find any relevant sites yet.

    Thanks for your help

    PS: please inform me via Email if possible

  290. I personally am not aware of such a chat platform.

    The Admin.
  291. Hello. If I would like to hire women to shoot videos, is there a way for me to do it here? Thank you.

  292. Nope Roy, we do not produce these videos so I have no idea about hiring models.

    The Admin.
  293. Do you know where i can find these girls or their phone no. And I will pay them whatever they want

  294. No idea man.

    The Admin.
  295. There is a big scandal that erupted today ( 11 – 11 – 2014 ) here in Egypt in Gharbiya province .. a salafe man who runs a advertising company .. in that company he brought many women and girls and have sex with them .. up to 12 videos spreading like fire in the woods … hurry up and post them here ( I don’t have them !! )

  296. hi there is anew 3anteel in egypt with 12 new sex movies called 3anteel al garbyah like 3anteel el be7eera and 3anteel el ma7alla plz try to get this new movies from egypt thx

  297. Yes, I head about the 3anteel elGharbiah sex scandal but I still haven’t seen any of the videos personally.
    Will try to find and post them as soon as the become available.

    The Admin.
  298. dear admin i asked you few weeks a go to contact me and ou don’t it’s about an abuse so please send me and e-mail where i can told you about the link that you have to remove.

  299. Emy, you have been contacted on the email address you provided. Please check your spam folder in case you don’t receive it.
    Will send you another email just in case.

    The Admin.
  300. Hi
    I am looking for specific group of pics for Arabic or Indian girl. I have one pic for her. so how can I send it for you to check if this pics are available in your site?
    NB: it is not personal pics. I just couldn’t find the rest of pics

  301. Sari, just upload the image to any image host like and send me the link.

    The Admin.
  302. please delete this video
    she is my cousin

    Thanks for understanding
    Appreciate your help Thanks a lot

  303. Ray, you have been contacted on the email you have provided.
    If you don’t receive it, please check your spam folder.

    The Admin.
  304. Dear Admin,
    Why do you keep removing videos “Due to a legitimate request” ???
    I mean if every girl in these pornos sends you a legitimate request telling you that it is her or it is her cousin and you remove all videos you’ll be out of business!!!
    Moreover, if they didn’t want to have their pornos on the internet well maybe they shouldnt have made one in the first place. And dont tell me some dont know that they’re being taped while having sex, they all know, and even if they dont, it’s their problem man .. not ours .. they should make sure that everything around them is safe and secure, but if their video goes to the internet, then thats their problem, and it should stay there.

    I’m just saying, recently you’ve been removing lots of videos, and that defeats the purpose of your website. Please stop this legitimate request thingy and keep all videos here.

    Also, why no new stuff since a long time ago?!! give us new goods man, we’re waiting.

    Thanks a lot buddy, you have the best arab sex website ever.

  305. i-boink, complying to legitimate removal requests is a legal thing my friend.

    The internet is not the wild west as many people seem to think :)

    The Admin.
  306. somethings wierd with your caching. sometimes i get videos from a long time ago and it looks like the site hasnt updated for a few weeks. but then i click home and new videos start appearing even when its the same address. do you use some cdn that might be caching your homepage too long?

  307. Hey JJ, yes indeed there is a caching system on the website but it is supposed to refresh every 60 minutes so there is definitely something wrong if you don’t see the new videos.

    I have added a server date on the sidebar for people to see if the dates match.
    Are you having this issue when loading the site from your bookmark?
    Are you viewing the site on PC, tablet or from a mobile phone? And what browser?

    I would really appreciate any feedback you can give since I wasn’t aware of this issue.

    The Admin.
  308. Hi ADMIN
    Iam Sanpedro , there is the link about luna sextape , not yet published in your website.

  309. Thank you Sanpedro for the link.
    Will wait and see if we get another removal request for the last video before going ahead and posting this one.
    Much appreciated my friend πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  310. Hi ADMIN
    Apparently the videos sextape of celebrity “luna” is porsuivent one after the other, this is another one, what a shaking big white ass in panty ehhhhhh.

  311. Thanks for the video link Sanpedro, posted today.
    Well, I hope there are more Luna El Hassan sex tapes, I never get tired of her sexy ass :)

    The Admin.
  312. Hello

    This video is belong to me, My device was stolen and someone uploaded this video, so please delete it as soon as possible and if you need any prove that I’m the guy in the video I’m ready to prove.

    video link

    Thanks in advance

  313. Maz, you have been contacted on the email that you have provided to complete the removal procedure.
    Please check your spam folder in case you don’t get it.

    The Admin.
  314. Hello . There is a Lebanese Video ( Scandal ) i think a 2014 video about a young boy with a mature woman , with a third woman filming them and in the background there is some sounds of kids playing , which means the video was filmed in a house , can u find it ? i heard about it in a lebanese social program ( Ehki Jales )

  315. Rami, if you have a preview image of the video it would help. The description doesn’t ring a bell.
    Of course, if I find it it will be posted.

    The Admin.
  316. Hey admin,

    Awesome website. Just love it.
    I was wondering. Don’t you have hairy photos or videos. Arab/hijab hairy women. Hairy legs etc.

  317. I haven’t found/posted anything like that yet TRQ.

    The Admin.
  318. Hey admin

    i was wondering if you can provide a higher video quality of this video “”

    can you please contact me on my email, i really need it.

    Thank you so much

  319. Sorry Bracho, I have no higher quality version nor do I have any more info about this video. It was simple found online.

    The Admin.
  320. Please remove these two videos asw730 and asw736
    Please do that immediately.

  321. Noname, you have been contacted by email on th email address you have provided to go ahead with the removal process.
    Please check your spam folder if you do not receive it.

    The Admin.

    waiting your answer.

    please contact me

  323. Yemar you have been contacted by email to continue with the removal request.

    The Admin.
  324. check this out: — LINK —
    she’s an egyptian model that got famous for this video and another one
    the other one is better but no one can find maybe you’ll do better
    the name is ayten amer

  325. Elanon el7anon, thanks for the video link. I have searched a bit on the internet and couldn’t find a single thing about this video or the other one you mention.
    I really doubt the girl in the video is Ayten Amer. It could very well be a look alike.

    The Admin.
  326. Dear admin ,
    I am looking additional information houda from lebnon i see only photos but not much details , do you have any more info about houda

  327. No Fatih, I have no info about Houda. Sorry.

    The Admin.
  328. Admin, please can you email me or can I contact you on any way regarding a certain video ??

  329. Arabian, if it is to ask for details about any videos there is really no point. We really have no info about the videos posted or the people in the them. The videos are just collected from the internet.

    If it is to request the removal of a posted video then please just do so on that video’s page in a comment.

    The Admin.
  330. Hey Admin,
    When I go to ******** website I see hundreds of good videos, but when I try to watch’em I find no links for watching, I just see 4 pics from the video and share word, there’s no links! Do you have a solution? Where can I find’em? And why those videos are deleted

  331. I am a terrified husband. My wife’s compromising videos has been hacked and leaked on xhamster. Please don’t publish them. Contact me and I will give the links. Thanks

  332. General, the website you mentioned is not related to so I have no idea about it.

    Barath, since I don’t know what your wife looks like, I have no idea what videos you are talking about.
    Please provide the link to the video.

    The Admin.
  333. Dear Admin,

    I hope you are well. I have enjoyed your website the past few days :) . In my opinion you are doing a great job. Amateur videos niche is always enjoyable.

    I strongly believe that you can do even better and i have a business proposal for you.

    So, you have my email :) contact me any time you feel comfortable and we discuss further.

    Keep up the good work,
    Kind regards,

  334. Hey Konstantin, I have sent you an email but you never responded to it. Check your spam folder.

    The Admin.
  335. Admin., there is a rather bizarre Arab sex video hosted on another site, and I would like someone to translate what the people in this video are saying. Please e-mail me if you’re willing to help me with this.

  336. M.A. just leave a link to the video in a comment and I’ll have a look.

    The Admin.
  337. Admin., here’s a link to the video that you said you would translate for me. The video is rather bizarre and disturbing. — LINK —
    It seems like the woman in it is being forced by the two men. I came across the site when doing a search for Iraqi sex videos. Can you contact me and tell me what is being said in this video?

  338. M.A, first off, this is not Arab at all. I am 99% sure it is Hindi.
    2nd, this is a damn forced sex/rape video. I tried to find a way to report it on that site but couldn’t.

    The Admin.
  339. How do I personally get in contact, with some of these women? They’re hot.

  340. Wonderful site but I think it is high time that you post truly voyeur videos. It would be so erotic to watch in secret all the jilbab women undress, partially expose to urinate while squatting etc. Pardon me if I sound perverse but it is really erotic that way. Indians and Pakistanis have loads of such videos already. Catch up!

  341. Amir, those kind of videos are not really my cup of tea so I don’t post them on
    Not that I have anything against them, just not my thing… We are all perverse in one way or another :)

    The Admin.
  342. Hello I’m from Egypt a man for the world of work actor movies Borno and author of Sexual stories and his films and no view taking out and trying for some time to help to join the work in this area and I hope that there will be Emile for is responsible for the site’s messaging him and I want some inquiries
    First / Why is not there an Arab Borno companies are industry Borno films such as movies European Porn
    Second, / I want the names of some movies Borno Arab companies that could make me collaborate with them in the work I have to I own some of the stories of sexual commercial and I also want to work as an actor in films Porn with women and be a good imaging such as movies European and not Video Mobiles
    Third / I am trying to create a company to do movies Porn there with me, men and women of Morocco want to make movies porn stars and I want to help us one interested industry Borno in the Middle East, because soon I will need the help in the production of movies Borno me, for I was trying to work company to produce movies Borno and directed and filmed needed a full team Is it possible Contact Person for the site provides assistance

  343. Sorry Sherif, we do not produce any videos so I can’t help you with what you are asking.

    The Admin.
  344. Hi
    I send to you this massage with hope that you accept and do my request to delete films that belong to me . I am the man in the films .
    I published them on a certain website and they move to another websites .
    The films make to me problems and damage with my family and people who know me .
    Please delete the films quickly before they move to another websites .
    This is the films

  345. Majd, you have been sent an email to proceed with the removal request.
    Please contact us by email from here on.

    The Admin.
  346. Hi ADMIN , I just wanted to share with arabsexweb viewers this lovely video, where are: voyeur, hidden camera, whore, brothel, flat position, Arabic, homemade etc
    — LINK —

  347. How i can share video or pictures?

  348. @Bdi aneek Kes Umo, have a look here:

    @Sanpedro, thanks for sharing, will have a look and post it on if appropriate πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  349. i am asking you please to remove/delete this video
    she is a membre of my family thanks

  350. X, you have been contacted by email to proceed with your request.

    If you don’t receive the email, please double check your spam folder.
    The Admin.

    The Admin.
  351. I can add your videos on
    I want to creates channel on xhamster

  352. Go ahead Said, that would be great.

    The Admin.
  353. missing this video frome the karate scandel
    — LINK —

    I need the full video

  354. KM, yes, we never posted that video because it is completely pointless. The camera is positioned in a very bad way and you don’t see anything at all.

    The Admin.
  355. I would like to talk to the admin or owner of the site in some personal disscusion, i have some very rare things i wouldnt mind sharing privately in return for other private material. i mostly have things related to girls in the uae

  356. Joe, there is no point in any personal or private discussions.
    If you want to share a video publicly on the site then please go ahead.

    The Admin.
  357. Hi, plz I want to know a website where I can have sex chat with egyptians girls.. thanks

  358. Sorry Maged, I don’t know of any Arab sex chat sites.

    The Admin.
  359. Hello,
    There is a video that I think belong to a relative of mine here on your website. I need a better version and the exact date you received it. since the video is in low qualie ty, any information as to the region this came from and the reception date would be very helpful and i can pay for this. please contact me

  360. I’d like to know where this video is on the website, since I want the full version of it

  361. @Someone, when you have the video number (ASWxxx) it is easiest to search for that πŸ˜‰
    The video you are looking for is :

    @Mark, 99% of the time we cannot provide extra info about videos because they were simply collected from the internet.
    So I really don’t think I can help you with this.

    The Admin.
  362. Hi, I am a huge fan of this amazing and free site and I am grateful to all of the effort you do. But I am recently being obsessed with this women and searching for her pics.
    Any ideas?

  363. Well Majed, 1st off thank you for being a fan of the site.
    Unfortunately the link you provided does not show me the image. Facebook sucks!
    Did you know you can actually search google for images (You can upload the image to google and it will look for similar pics)?
    Try it and it may lead you somewhere… Happy hunting πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  364. well thank you for your kind responding, I tried uploading the image to google but it just doesnt give me anything. so here is another site which may work.

  365. Sorry Majed, haven’t seen her before.

    The Admin.
  366. Dear Admin,
    would you please remove the video:

    it hurts me, she is my wife. Her mobile was stolen

  367. Venus, you have been contacted by email to proceed with the request.

    The Admin.
  368. I suggest that you show the duration of each video under the picture and the name.. This would give a better view on the respective file..

    I am just sharing my thoughts with you, and wishing the best for ASW…

    Thumbs Up !!!

  369. Tito, the video duration is stated very clearly on each video page.
    Thanks for your feedback though, it is always appreciated πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  370. —LINK—

    Please delete. Still it seems. I ask. 18 years younger. Deleted immediately. A make more publications. Ban unauthorized sharing

  371. Sny, we have removed your picture from

    We have no control over other websites on the internet like the link you have posted.

    The Admin.
  372. Can you delete it ? copy of the enumeration . please delete . I’m waiting for your help. What happens to get emergency help . Please delete hijabi-clothed-naked-pics-tn.jpg

  373. The image has been deleted Sny

    The Admin.

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