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We really appreciate it when you share your Arab sex videos and pictures with us and are more than happy to post them on if they are appropriate.

If you have a link you want to share, just add a comment with it on this page.

If you want to upload your video straight from your PC, just browse for the file and click “Upload” and don’t forget to leave a comment on this page with a small description of what it contains and your name or ADD YOUR NAME TO THE UPLOADED FILE so that we can give you full credit if we use it.

Alternatively, if the upload widget above doesn’t work, you can upload your file to any free file hosting service and send us the link to download it.

If you have uploaded your file to any other file hosting service, DO NOT FORGET TO GIVE US THE DOWNLOAD LINK !

Please note that after you share the links here, we will have to review the videos or pictures and if they are deemed to be interesting to our site viewers, they will be posted here and you will receive full credit. This procedure may take a while so please be patient.

Thank you all for making a better site. :)

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“Share Your Arab Sex Files With Us”
655 Comments already made.

  1. Nice work Admin..
    well..actually i have so many Arabian and non-Arabians movies and pictures..some of it for me with hot chicks from different countries.. so i may help if u wanted me to share any of them in any category u like…
    now a nice fat Kuwait chick with her man first she shows her big rounded ass and make him push his dick on it…then said not to go in…and gives him her breasts..shit perfect boobs and nibbles to suck..and when her man got warmer and wants her pussy..she decided to end the game saying ” anything but that ” in Arabic ” Ela Haza “

  2. i have uploaded for you a video of a famous Lebanese singer Nana where she fucks her boyfriend and speaks dirty in a well clear lebanese accent. However the format is a 3gp (mobile video player) and can be opened in the VLC player…Hope you can find a solution for that because it is worth it

  3. Thank you El Kamo, we have added the Lebanese sex video you shared to the main site.
    Please send some more great videos like that. πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  4. i want share a video how i can do this

  5. Look
    showing arab sex videos is one think and showing girls in the islamic scarf is not appropriate at all. do not try to cross the line because it is not even funny and it is hurtful to those of the islamic faith. you can try to be understanding and less offensive

  6. @ BB, why do you guys always bring it all back to religion??
    The scarf is traditional Arab clothing and most of the time has nothing to do with the women being Muslim or not.

    Besides, your point is kinda weird: It is OK to show Arab women having sex as long as they are not wearing a hijab? How does that make any sense? You think all Muslim women wear the hijab?

    Also, I don’t see anything offensive in ANY of the Arab sex videos we share on… This site is dedicated to Arab videos and I am sure our visitors (Just like you) come here to watch and enjoy them.

    Please note that these videos are made by the people featured in them. They fuck, they film and they share the videos on the internet with the rest of us.

    And finally, I will say it again to be 100% clear: We never mean to be offensive to anyone regardless of nationality, color and religion. There are no “lines” to be crossed.
    We are here to enjoy the porn, nothing more and nothing less so let’s keep it at that.

    The Admin.
  7. Can anyone tell me how can i send my video here. I have a good video. You all will like to see me get fucked.

  8. Sadia, it is very simple… Just use the upload button shown at the top of this page to upload directly to or upload your video to or and post the link here with your comment.

    The Admin.
  9. Snipecam, thank you for your video ‘Bigboobs.wmv’ but it is watermarked with another site’s logo and is too short to post on, we’ll post it on soon πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  10. ok no problem and thank you.
    i don’t have many new movies arab sex, but realy i want to help you in this web site, if i can do anything just tell me.

  11. hamida de boujie (algerie)

  12. Hi Admin, I shared my persian horny wife movie. enjoy it!

  13. Hot Lebanese arab beauty homemade leaked sex tape: LINK CENSORED.

  14. this is my hot girl from Morocco , she has the most beautiful bubble shape ass and she loves it up the anus!!
    there will be plenty to come as this movie is only an introduction to the facinating body arabian girl, the folowing movies will have more nudity and play!!
    see u soon

  15. as i dont know arabic i cannt give a discription about the video.i can tell u she gives a good blowjob

  16. Lebanese badboy, thanks a million for all the nice videos you sent us.
    The 1st one is already posted on arabsexweb but the other 4 are new to me and I’ll try to post them very soon on the site.

    Shadi, did you upload the video? I didn’t receive it. What was the filename?

    Kumar, thanks for the great video, we will add it ASAP.

    Just as a note:
    Please mention the filename in your comment when you upload it since we get many videos every day.
    The easiest thing is to ADD YOUR NAME TO THE UPLOADED FILE.

    Thank you all for all your contributions.

    The Admin.
  17. hi thank you for responding, yes for sure i have posted the movie it has been caught from the webcam of my girl from Morocco, the title was: Movie.wmv
    once again thank you, and wait for more to come with more hot stuff.

  18. Hi Shadi,
    I am afraid that your video was not playable on my PC as it was using an unrecognized codec.

    The Admin.
  19. I found this on a website I was browsing. Thought everyone would love it.

  20. As i dont know arabic i cannt give a discription about the video. SO PLEASE ADD DISCRIPTION FROM YOUR SIDE.
    Thanks for adding my video.

  21. Meedz, thanks for the link.
    She is very hot but I am not very sure how arabic she is.

    Kumar, thanks again for the great videos you sent. Will try to post them ASAP.
    Keep sending nice Arab sex videos like that, your help is greatly appreciated πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  22. Dear Admin,
    I have a lot of 3GP videos is it possible to send in a compressed folder?

    some arab home made

  23. Dear Kumar,
    The zip file with 3GPs you sent has been received. I’ll have a look at the videos and will post them on ASW or depending on their length.
    Thank you so much for all your contribution.

    The Admin.
  24. check out this vid, its from Jordan( home made from Jordan). what make it really strange, that girl is a daughter of a well known business man in Jordan. but sluts are sluts,aren’t they?

  25. Neo, you forgot to mention the link for the video. :roll:

    The Admin.
  26. hello how r u admin ? i upload a video by name 19122007 :) ….

  27. Thanks for the video Italy, any idea where this couple is from?

    The Admin.
  28. Palguy, what you shared is the DELETE link for the videos.
    Please share the DOWNLOAD link.

    The Admin.
  29. eyes like a iranian. watch a sexy persian princess get slammed, slammed and slammed once more!

  30. Superfan, thanks for the videos you are sharing but these are not Arab or even Persian sex videos and we cannot post them on the site.
    We share your love for Persian beauty and will post some more sex videos from Iran in the future.

    The Admin.
  31. This is a video of a moroccan couple from casablanca.
    In the cas it is published,would you please keep the original title:
    “PΓ©tasse marocaine se fait astiquer le trou”


  32. Thanks Dzeus, will try to post this soon πŸ˜‰
    Do you have a version of the video with sound?

    The Admin.
  33. > secret bathroom fuck < - LINK REMOVED ->
    > its a nice 10 minutes blowjob video < - LINK REMOVED ->

  34. Thanks again Kumar for the nice videos.
    The 10 minutes blowjob video does not display at all on my PC though.

    The Admin.
  35. Dear admin please use gom player or vlc player to play the file

  36. Thanks kumar, I had to install a codec for it to play.

    The Admin.
  37. dear admin,
    here is a great movie ! a French moroccan secratary fucking her boss hard!

  38. Thanks emolution for the video, we’ll try to post it soon on πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  39. Hello , I wanted to share you this video since i like your site .
    This lebanese woman Nana , doing sex with this guy . From what she said , she wanted to make sure that her friend is recording her while he’s licking her pussy.. I think she wants to show it to his girlfriend or his wife , As she keep saying who do u love ? she wants him to say her name loud . Too bad , she didnt cum at the end…

  40. Marlboro, we have posted Nana’s sex tape video back in January 09 on
    Thanks for sharing though, it is the thought that counts πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  41. Leaked indian hidden cam sextape of model pinky gomes.This is homemade video.

  42. manju, you forgot to mention the download link :roll:

    The Admin.
  43. A moroccan couple from casablanca

  44. Adil, thanks for the video.
    We’ll have review it and possibly post it on the site soon.

    The Admin.
  45. Young Djiboutian girl showing her tits, Show.avi was made for a special friend on a sultry afternoon.

  46. Kaltoum Idriss, thank you for the video but it is really not worth posting here since she only shows her tits for a few seconds and the quality is quite bad.
    Thanx for sharing πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  47. Hi Admin ,

    This movie is captured in Iran in sex party , where the lady have a large experience in cook sucking , the the guy fuck her shaved pussy .
    Dear admin , kindly to convert this movie to appropriate format . with may thanks
    For any information , please don’t hesitate to correspond with me thought the e-mail .

    Dear Admin , I will wait your opinion about this movie

    Thanks Admin
    Best regards

  48. Thank you Noor for the nice video.
    We’ll convert it and post it on the site soon πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  49. turn on the sound and listen to the girl laughing when his boyfriend asham her with all her family, she’s lebanese

  50. Thank you maniak for the video, we’ll try to post very soon.

    The Admin.
  51. spicy hot uk arab hala mahdi 21 years old

  52. Thanks for the pics hydraspf15 πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  53. the same bitch joyce , the full sex movie in 2 part

  54. Maniak, you have forgotten to provide the download links for the video.

    The Admin.
  55. hi i wanna upload a clip how can i do this i make clip with my wife

  56. Roni, you can upload your video to any file host and then share the download link with us here or use the upload function at the top of this page.

    The Admin.
  57. hi my name is asma
    this is me getting fucked by my man
    i have a full movies with my face showing and me talking but i cant send it for now
    nice work people

  58. girl from Taroudant city-Morocco

  59. asma, thank you for the video. I wish it was a bit longer.

    Roudani, nice video. Much appreciated.

    We will try to post these videos on soon πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  60. algerian whore in a hotel room accepts to be filmed for 500 euro !

    beautifull girl from kouba gives her man a blowjob before… shit her phone rings !!!

    arab girl from blida gives her boyfriend a blow and tits job before he puts his cock on her pussy.

  61. hey man ,i really like this website, someday im gonna post myself fucking with my anas from morocco and im 18.
    c ya!

  62. kamel, thanks for the videos. Please note that we received only 2 videos:
    – Fatiha+Ain+Nadja.avi >> Already posted on
    – Moufida.avi >> Great video, we’ll try to post it ASAP

    anas, we’ll be waiting for your video πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  63. 20 mins of hardcore fucking in her 3 holes and finally came in her arab ass
    By the way her name is sa7ar shes an egyptian ho cock sucker.

  64. Thank you very much for the links arab fuck machine, these videos are the continuation of ASW297… Great share πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  65. arab kuwaity celeb maram

  66. mmemo, thanks for the video. Is this Maram the Kuwaiti singer? The image is really not clear at all.

    The Admin.
  67. pharosdick, why on earth do you think we would post pics/vids of your dick on

    The Admin.
    Hot Egyptian made taking in her undies as she changes in a bathroom. She doesn’t know she is being filmed. Nice hot Ass

  69. Ben, thanks for the video but it doesn’t even have any nudity in it so we won’t post it on the site.
    However, we’ll leave your link here so that other visitors can download it directly if they want.

    The Admin.
  70. well.. this is my maid.. and i am always trying to get her naked on cam.. this is the closest i got to… so.. i will keep trying.. and hopefully i will get something soon…and send it to you guys.. cheers.. πŸ˜‰

  71. Hey Admin, I’ve been wanting to share some files for a long time. So, here goes…

    This is the video of Loolita Al-Mdarri which is known in Syria for being very slutty (her whole family)

    This video is showing an Egyptian woman commiting adultery

    This one here is showing an Egyptian bloke with his Russian girlfriend

    I didn’t upload these vids myself so you know how some of these sharing websites are bad, so I don’t know if the links will perfectly work.

    Otherwise I have a few good quality videos I made myself (:D) but I personally respect women very much and I think sex is just something humans can’t go abide (it’s some kind of sport really). I’m thinking that if I get to pixelize our faces maybe I’ll upload them (I’m not promising anything though).
    Finally, I want to thank you for your wonderful job maintaining this website. I believe you are the perfect admin for a website such as this (giving life to the videos). If only professional Arabic porn existed because I think that Arabic women are the most beautiful women in the world, they just don’t take care of themselves enough and the crap we usually see in the videos is because these women are very low class (no descrimination intended here) and aren’t of the higher class (like in some of my videos) who have more time to take care of their looks.

  72. Greetings from Syria,

    It’s me again, I’ve just found a few more quality videos.

    This is what seems to be a teen filming his many relations all compiled in this video

    This one is showing a Saudi business man having sex (kinda) with two Egyptian escorts. While he is an ugly bastard the girls are pretty hot, pitty he didn’t properly have sex with them…

    This final one is maybe my favorite Arab porn video (along with the Loolita one) it’s featuring a Lebanese (young) couple fucking. The girl is extra hot showing us Lebanese beauty

    I’m still searching for Joyce Abboud’s video, if I can get it I’ll try posting it here.

    I think the biggest problem in Arab porn is that the male is always very bad at sex. I’ve never seen in any of the videos a woman fully satisfied. Most of the time, they let themselve get sucked and go directly to the sex part. They don’t always do cunnilingus, and usually when they do they do it in a sloppy manner. They always focus on the pussy and leave the rest (a woman ha lots of different erogenic areas).

    I feel I’m boring you with my long posts, so I’m gonna leave you for now. I’ll try posting some other quality stuff later, keep on your good job.

  73. Thank you Dr. R for the links to the videos. I had a look and most of them are not arabic videos.
    It would be great if you ever get to share your own videos with us and we hope you do that soon.
    Again, many thanks for the links πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  74. Are you sure they are not Arabic? I mean except the Syrian one, I can understand everything they say.
    Well there’s the one with the Egyptian and his Russian girlfriend (well yeah she’s not Arabic for sure :P, but he is; so why not put it?)

  75. Well, some didn’t have any sound. And the Syrian Lolita one really sounded like Turkish to me.
    The one with the Russian whore has no nudity at all so there is no point of posting it here.

    The Admin.
  76. Hey my freind arabsex-admin ;

    I have an Algerian video for you , she is an old hooker from Algeria getting her ass fucked .

    She says to her client ” fuck your mother , fuck your father !! your hurted me !!’ when she get her ass fucked .

    Bye Bye

  77. Thanks Andrew for sharing your video but it is very small and very short to be posted on
    We’ll try to post in on instead.

    If you have longer Algerian sex video of higher resolution they would be great.

    The Admin.
  78. Here is Another Algerian Long Video of a hidjab girl who suck and lick her boyfreind’s ass .

    Enjoy ; )


  79. Andrew, this is a really great video but we have already posted it on in 2009: Arab Hijab Blow Job Video-ASW240

    I am sure the 3rd video you share will be the good one. :)

    The Admin.
  80. ok , I hope this time it’s the good one :)
    There is an Algerian video of cute girl enjoying sex with her boyfreind .
    Enjoy ; )


  81. This is a great video that I am glad to say I have not seen before Andrew πŸ˜€
    I’ll try to add it to the site ASAP.
    Thanks a million for sharing my friend and hope you remain one of our loyal contributors.

    The Admin.

    add this two vid hehe.. I am working in korea now actually.
    I met this arabic women in factory who got married with korean.
    her name is Joana, and she`s living in Pusan,korea.
    Hope we can share this vid. thx

  83. @ here, the links you sent are not valid.

    The Admin.
  84. For some reason,the upload function wouldn’t work.
    I browsed for the file i was meant to post and when clicking on the upload button,nothing happened.
    Tried several time for no avail!

  85. Colos, maybe the site was having difficulties when you tried to upload. Please tried again.
    Also note that you can go to either or, upload the file there and send us the download link if you still have problems.
    Thank you for wanting to share with us ;

    The Admin.
  86. Hot Arab hooker singing arabic, showing ass and cleavage @ Amsterdam Red light.

  87. Thank you Sjon.

    The Admin.
  88. arab girl fucked by her doctor
    arab hijab girl is fucked doggy style by her boy friend

  89. robot_gren, thank you for the videos but both have already been posted on

    The Admin.
  90. arab wife blowjob her husband and her husband film this, but she don’t like it

  91. Thanks again robot_gren, this is a video of Egyptian Rasha and was also posted here some time ago πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  92. wife and husband before making love

  93. Thanks again robot_gren for the video but since it is just 1 minute long, has no sound and no nudity at all, it is really not worth posting on

    The Admin.
  94. hello
    i posted a movie 4 month or so, and you said it will be publiseh, why is the delay???????????
    i want to see my pussy get creamed up online
    dont be late………

  95. Asma, after viewing the video you sent us, there was nothing to show that it was actually an ARAB sex video, the man even says ‘Oh God’ in English when he cums.
    Thank you again for your contribution and sorry we didn’t post your video on

    The Admin.
  96. Hot middle eastern beauty gets FUCKED to some hot sounding arabic theme pop and hip hop enjoy!

  97. I posted some videos , but still I cannot see them ???

  98. Mia, sorry but I don’t have any shared videos marked with your name.
    Did you make sure to mention the filenames of the videos you shared in a comment so that we know that they came from you?

    The Admin.
  99. Hi Michael, please don’t take this personally. We always appreciate the videos that our visitors share with us but many videos don’t get posted because we feel they are not the type of videos that our visitors are looking for.

    The Admin.
  100. very hot arab girls in links

  101. Thanks a million SP35 for the videos. Most of them have been already posted on and we’ll try to post the new ones soon. Much appreciated πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  102. Hi admin
    this is a video of mine with a gril from Algiers and filmed in Algiers as well, giving me a blow job but she found out quick I was filming her it was a bit short but sexy Algerian accent

  103. Thanks Karim for the video. It is a bit short but we’ll try to post it soon.

    The Admin.

  105. this video uploaded by malek l sex . this is lebanese couple zainab and abo nada from bekaa she get fucked in her bath room while her husband called rada out off home sheis very naked an abo nada fuch her in many positions enjoy this .

  106. Malek, you forgot to provide a download link for the video you shared.

    The Admin.
  107. this is video of a female lawyer from pakistan.

  108. salman, this is not an Arab sex video and so we cannot promise to post it here but we’ll try our best.
    Thanks for sharing.

    The Admin.
  109. sexy “Diana Dayekh” from lebanon…

  110. Hi all,
    This is a 21 min. long video of Jauice Abbod, a Lebanese model who is fucked by her B.F
    That video has made a little scandal recently.
    Hope you enjoy it.

  111. Fares, we recently found the Joyce abboud sex tape but in low quality.
    We hope the one you are sharing is of good quality but YOU FORGOT TO MENTION THE DOWNLOAD LINK :roll:

    lubna, same as above.

    The Admin.
  112. Sorry for not mentioning the download link due to difficulties in uploading, which has been solved already now. Thanks to Administrator. Here is the download link: *****

  113. Fares, thanks a million for the video and for willing to go through all the uploading problems to share with us.
    We will post the Joyce Abboud sex video soon :)

    The Admin.
  114. a lebanese actress , i forget the name

  115. maaniak, thanks for the clip. Do you know what movie that clip is taken from?

    The Admin.
  116. Dear Admin
    This movie is for Iraqi couple , Where the sexy Iraqi girl Shahad shining , which she have the most sexy body I have seen before .
    In the movie , after licking and breast fucking she tell her boy friend to Fuck her .

  117. Thank you Noor for this great video. We have decided to publish your video immediately πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  118. Elissa lebanese singer sex video

  119. Hello Admin
    Iraqi girl _ shaved pussy _ posted by Noor
    movie is the beginning of the movie posted ASW 331
    She is a very nice girl and she has a very beautiful body

    Iraqi girl _ shaved pussy _ posted by Noor
    My regards to you Admin

  120. @ haidar fathi, Which video is that? Filename?

    @ Noor, Thanks for the video and the explanation πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  121. video for my gf while making pee i have alot of videos for her, i will upload one by one later on.

  122. Joe, thank you for wanting to share your private sex videos with us but we only accept ARAB sex clips and we do not post peeing videos on

    The Admin.
  123. Hi, this video is for a couple from Lebanon in their 3rd day honey moon, he wanted to publish this video and i helped him do it, his wife was 20 and love being fucked all the time, he gives her a great pleasure with his nice size dick, 3 more video will be sent to u soon.

  124. Joe, the videos you are sharing are surely not Arabic and so we will not post them here.

    The Admin.
  125. Hello Admin
    Iranian horny girl movie posted by Noor
    This Iranian Movie , with a unbelievable horniest girl , where this movie captured by her man , recording her facial expressions when she become in horny state .
    This girl is what a man kill for , she is shying , white , horny , slim body , shaved pussy , beautiful breast , and nice face .
    The only thing needed to this girl is to be fucked by her lucky man .

  126. Hello admin

    Iraqi fucking movie in the car
    The horny girl ask her fucker man to don’t cum many times because she not want to end fucking soon , she is very horny girl , where she need 4 men to fuck her . I guess they are a couple .

  127. Thank you Noor for the 2 nice videos, I will try to post them soon on the site.

    BTW, you are right, that Irani babe is unbelievable :)

    The Admin.
  128. Hello Admin
    Iraqi sexy couple post by Noor
    This movie is captured on 30 Jan 2009 , between ALI and his wife at mid-night . where she start to suck hug his dick , then she lie to allow her man to fuck her amazing round ass , while he fuck her she moaning from pleasure , where she told him ” please get your dick out ” , but , really she hope he fuck her and continue forever .

    Dear Admin , I have a lot of non polished movies , I will post it as soon as possible

  129. Thank you Noor for all these great videos, we must make you a special visitor on this site πŸ˜‰

    BTW, is the email you provide your real email? I would like to contact you via email if it is ok with you.

    The Admin.
  130. Hello Admin
    Captured on 5 May 2009 .
    This Iraqi movie is between Basam and Esra’a , where he fuck her ass hole after she suck his cook to lubricate as preparation for anal fuck . first she told him ” I don’t want may be you will hurt me ” , but finally they enjoy with anal sex after pain moaning .
    Dear admin , if you have any problems with download link , just inform me and I will send it to your e-mail as attachment

  131. Thanks Noor for yet another nice video. Don’t worry about your links, as long as you use the upload function on this page we surely get the videos. My previous comment was for Gidgekhan.

    @Gidgekhan, thanks for the link but the woman in the video looks more like she is Indian or Pakistani not Arab. Sorry we are not going to post this video.
    Your effort is much appreciated though πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  132. Hello Admin
    Captured on 05 July 2009 .
    Be sure my dear admin , the good life between a husband and his wife it is come from their sexual behavior and compatibility .
    They suck each other , after sucking begin a traditional intercourse , where she moaning from pleasure until he cums inside her pussy , during intercourse she told him ” your cock is very beautiful ” .

  133. Thanks Noor, another great video πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  134. hii admin i like this site its my fav. this is my first share i hope u like it
    arabic boss fucking his secretary in ass in office amazing

  135. Mahmoud, you forgot to provide the download link.

    The Admin.
  136. heres the link:
    I am “has pics” from the help section btw:P

  137. Thank you for the pictures Ahmad, we’ll try to post them on the site.

    The Admin.
  138. Dear Admin,

    I don’t know why you think this is not arabic video, i swear it is from Lebanon and uploaded the 2nd video, later on I’ll try to let them capture a video and put an arabic newspaper beside them, they don’t want to talk because they don’t wan’t to be known by anyone, her name is Maha, new videos will be posted soon.

  139. Dear Admin,

    Attached photoes for Lebanese girlfriend called Joumana, you can make sure these are arab pictures from the label of the juice and the water

  140. Algerian Sex Tape of a former TV Presenter, Feriel Lamdjadani with her Boyfirend in Sheration HΓ΄tel in Oran.

    It was taken in 2007, and there was any scanal with that she still partying in Algeirs and works in her parents Restaurant.

  141. Joe, thank you for the pictures. It’s been a while since we posted a gallery so I think we’ll post this one next πŸ˜‰
    And about the video, I am not doubting you that they are Arab but nothing even implies it in the videos. If we post it, everyone will start bitching that it is American or something.
    On the other hand, the videos are really way too short to post here.
    If you can manage to have them film and share a longer video (2minutes+) with some proof that they are Arabs it would be super.
    Thanks again for all your efforts to share with us.

    LevangeurM, thank you for the video. We’ll try to post it very soon.

    Craig, she is Spanish. Thanks for your effort πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  142. a lot of photos will be uploaded for different lebanese girls soon, but all of them will be without faces

  143. admin, wont u publish the pics i uploaded?

  144. This is the 3rd album i upload, it’s for Fatima from west Beirut, Lebanon. she loves cocks to dead and love to take them up the ass and into her mouth. she is shy to show her face but she is dying to see her pics online.

  145. Ahmad, we cannot be sure if/when the pics will be posted. visitors prefer videos instead of galleries.

    Joe, we really appreciate that you want to share with us but the pictures you uploaded are not suitable for for the same reason the videos weren’t: There is nothing that even implies that they are Arab sex pics.
    BTW, if you want to upload sets of pics next time, it would be much easier for you to zip them in 1 file and upload that zip file. But remember that videos always have priority.
    Thanks again for all the effort you are putting in your uploads. πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  146. Dear Admin,
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    The Admin.
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  149. Marc, we have received the collection of Algerian videos that you have uploaded and thank you for your great effort.
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    The Admin.
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  158. Thank you Yunis, I got the video and deleted it from ES as you requested.
    She doesn’t talk at all in the video. Are you sure she is Syrian? Do you have more info about the video?
    Your effort is greatly appreciated.

    The Admin.
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  160. Dear Admin,

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  161. Joe, thank you very much for all the videos you sent us. However, some of them have already been posted and all of them are of small resolution and are quite short so we’ll probably post them on our sister site
    About the Nancy Ajram video, as you said, it is not really sexual. If we do post it on however we’ll give you full credit.

    Again, thanks for your great contribution and we expect more and better videos from you in the futur πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  162. Thanks Lebspy for the video. I have seen it somewhere else but didn’t think it was worth posting. If there is really a second part with actual sex I would love to see it and post it on

    The Admin.
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  171. I cant upload the file from the site, is there another way to send it to u? it’s 11 MB

  172. Hey Joe, if you are having problems uploading directly from the site, you can simply upload your file to any file hosting service ( Like or ) and then DON’T FORGET to put the download link in your comment when providing the info for your video.
    Thanks for wanting to share your videos with us πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  173. hi editor,
    i want to post an amazing video of my gf but im unable to upload it through this page as its not happening…can u pls give me your email address so that i can send it to u directly…i dont want o upload it to some other site and send u th link..i prefer to send it to u directly via email…thx

  174. Badboy, sorry about the upload function not working, we are looking into the problem.
    We have added another upload function as an alternative. Please use that one for now.
    Just remember to write a comment about the video when you upload it: filename and description of the video.
    Thank you for wanting to share your videos with us πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
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    And as you said, peeing Arab sex videos are extremely rare. I will try to post it ASAP.

    BTW, I did post a video of yours before >>
    Is that the 2nd video of the same couple you are talking about?
    If not, can you remind me of the filename you used or maybe re-upload it?

    The Admin.
  177. no, i sent you four videos and your comment was it’s not arabic, i’ll send them to you again soon

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  179. Thanks Azeyra for the video. Will try to post it soon.

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  184. Welcome back Noor, we missed you :)
    Thanks for the new videos, I’ll have a look at them and posted them soon.

    The Admin.
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  190. To MasterChief, thanks for the video but it really has not much interest since it has no sound and the girl doesn’t even take her clothes off.

    To arabdude, yup, I have found the video and will post it ASAP. πŸ˜‰

    To shade, thanks for the videos, one of them is too small for so we’ll probably post it on at some point.

    To Turkishguy, this is a great video my friend. I’ll try to post it at some point but we can’t post too many Turkish sex videos on this site.

    Thank you all for your contribution :)

    The Admin.
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  192. Thank you Hamada for the video. We’ll try to post it ASAP.

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  197. Just sent a video from the Egyptian Carpenter found on
    Under the name Fat arab girl, too bad it ends just when he is getting going at 3:33, would like to see more if anyone can find the rest of this one!

  198. To Rashid, I think we have already posted this video.

    To IraqiSexGoddessAshtar, the video has no sound so there is nothing to show that it is Arabic.

    To Joe, sorry about the delay in replying. We’ll have a look at the video and post it ASAP.

    To Ibrahim Jafar, thanks for the video, we’ll try to post it soon.

    To Rashid, I already have that video but since it stops before anything interesting happens, it was never posted. I hope we find the full version one day.

    Thank you all for wanting to share your videos. Your contributions are always appreciated πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.

  200. Thanks PAKI-GANGSTA for the video, we’ll try to post it soon.

    The Admin.
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  202. Thanks Linda for your comment. There just aren’t so many Sudanese sex videos in general for some reason.
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    The Admin.
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  209. Noor, thank you very much for the new videos. I’ll try to post them within the next few days.
    Much appreciated πŸ˜‰

    PAKI-GANGSTA, do you have more of her? This video is really too short to post as is.
    If you have more of her a longer vid may be compiled. Otherwise, maybe we’ll just add this one to the last video you shared and was posted already.

    The Admin.
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  211. Nida, is the file you uploaded called YahooCam-Nordeen?

    The Admin.
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  219. Eddy, no I don’t, do you?
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    The Admin.
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  222. Thank you Noor for the videos, will have a look at them and post them if appropriate πŸ˜‰

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  228. Thank you Moroccan Sniper for the videos and the pictures.
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    Much appreciated πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
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    Koki, we’ll try to post the videos soon. She is one horny Arab bitch.

    Thank you both for your contributions.

    The Admin.
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    The Admin.
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  237. Elie, thanks for the video but what makes you think that this is Arab in any way??
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    The Admin.
  238. no idea, i just have been told that by the person who sent me the vid

  239. Heey I uploaded some pics in ‘’
    They are non-nude with/without pics of my hijabi friend.

    Not sure if they are good enough for your site, but uploaded anyway.
    btw I am big fan of your site!

  240. Thanks Arfan for the pics. If we post non nude Arab pics in the future, we’ll try to use them πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.

  242. Wellhung, that video was posted on a long time ago.
    Thanks for wanting to share with us though :)

    The Admin.
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  245. amina-coool, thank you for the videos and wanting to share but the 2 videos are really too short and of very low quality to be posted on

    The Admin.
  246. I have a great collection of arab sex pictures, how can I share them with this site ?

  247. Toni, just put the pictures in a zip file and upload them.

    The Admin.
  248. hi guys. i have just upload a short clip without a sound. hope u enjoy it.

  249. Mahdi, thank you for the video.
    I have seen this a long time ago but I really have doubts that it is Arabic and I am not too fond of forced sex so the video will probably not be posted on the site.

    The Admin.
  250. hi I just uploaded a clip that i think it is interesting featuring a beautiful iraqi(i think) girl fucked by a turkish guy (guessing). please if anyone know more about it tell us.

  251. leopardd, thanks for the video. It looks like an amateur Turkish porn clip.

    The Admin.
  252. I have photos of Egyptian girls… how can i pass them to you guys?

  253. It has been a long time since we shared photos.
    Hellyeah, if the pics you have are definitely of Arab woman and are of good quality, zip them together and upload them to us by going to :


    The Admin.
  254. “kuwaiti arabs fcking” i am unsure from where downloaded this file, but searched all pages in this website to find it, with no luck.. and really wondering whats going on there and if that woman has any other videos..please inform me via email thanks :))

  255. Thanks Aydin for the video but this is a known old Turkish video that was faked with Arabic audio.

    The Admin.
  256. Hi Adminstrater.I have posted a video about Syrian girl was chatting and masturbating online cam to cam with her ex fiance.She was so hot and horny.Her fiance did capture and recored 2 videos for her.There is no sound for both videos.Enjoy.

  257. Thanks Eagle for the video but since it has no sound there is nothing to suggest that she is Syrian.
    Too bad really, she is very sexy.

    The Admin.
  258. Hi Admin.Thanks for your reply.As for the video about Syrian girl, Im quite sure that she is Syrian since Im Syrian too and know her personally.That video has made great scandal in our hometown some 3 years ago.I still have another video for the same girl also chatting online with her ex fiance, but since has no sound , will not post.
    My last question is about your other site Is it a free or paid site?. I have tried many times to watch or download arab videos there but failed.Would you please tell me by return?

  259. @Eagle,
    I am not doubting your word my friend, I just know what the visitors will say.
    Besides, without the sound, sex videos are almost boring. I hope you will send us some good Syrian sex videos in the future. is completely free just like and works in the same way but is specialized in smaller and shorter Arab sex videos in 3GP format for mobile phones.
    I suggest you try to download a video again from there and explain the problem by leaving a comment on the video page on arabs3x.

    The Admin.
  260. In this clip are (Iran?) girls with hijabs bumping and grinding each other in class, its not nude but its pretty rare to see that :D, I have tons of clips of arab girls (mainly with a hijab) that are fooling around with each other in class/university/pub,… if you want them just let me know

  261. Thanks openminded for the video.
    The video itself is too short and is as you said non-nude so it is not really worth posting here.
    If you have many such hijab clips, maybe I could edit them and make them into one video collection. That would be interesting.
    If you want, just zip the files together and upload them as you did with this one.
    Much appreciated πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  262. Here is a part of my arab collection, it is possible they are repost or something, take out what you like

  263. Thanks a million OpenMinded, I will have a closer look at the videos you sent ASAP and post whatever is appropriate on the site.

    Much appreciated πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  264. Here is a photoset of a girl in a Burqa with a Ak-47 that strips, maybe it’s too controversial, its up to you if you want to post it or not

  265. @ Admin, can you do me a favor? I don’t speak arab or any language from the middle-east, can you translate this article for me, What it is about & the pictures are they just random or are they from that ‘incident’

    Grtz, openminded (you can give the answer via mail or just post it here)

  266. openminded, this is not Arabic, I think it is Afghani or something.

    The Admin.
  267. This is first part from basma basem showing her body series…. she was showing her body to her friend who leave her after that…hhhhhh

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  269. Thanks openminded for the photoset. As you have guessed, the pics are too ‘explosive’ to be posted on

    Ahmed, thank you for your contribution but I don’t know if this video is really worth posting on

    Raj, thanks for the videos but thay have all been already posted in the past.

    The Admin.
  270. Its a article form the Daily Jinnah, its a newspaper from Pakistan (site:

    I was wondering if you know people who can speak the language from Pakistan?

  271. Sorry my friend, I can’t help with that. Maybe some visitor from Pakistan could translate it for you.

    The Admin.
  272. this has not been posted before

  273. Thank you Raj, we’ll try to post it soon.

    The Admin.
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  275. Thank you Maria for the video. Will try to post it soon.
    Do you know what the woman’s name is?

    The Admin.
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  278. mero666, thanks for the 4 videos. Do you have more information about them?

    Thank you Shafiq but the video is watermarked by another website so I don’t know if we’ll use it or not.

    The Admin.
  279. oh yes sorry :S ,its ok i have many others πŸ˜€
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  281. Sorry Shafiq, none of these are Arab sex videos.

    The Admin.
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  283. Hey Mero666. Thanks for the new video (bent). I have posted it before but I am sure if it was the full length video or not. I will need to check.
    About the 4 ‘spycam’ videos, I haven’t posted them yet because the resolution is very small and I don’t know what the story behind them is.

    Is it ok for me to contact you by email about this matter?

    The Admin.
  284. a Syrian guy with big boobed girl … a very good clip !

  285. Thank you Shoosh for the video but we have already posted it on some time ago.

    The Admin.
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  287. John H. thank you for the video but it is really too short to be posted on

    The Admin.
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  289. Hey John,
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    If the videos are suitable I promise you to post them on the sites πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
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  292. John Holmes, sorry my friend the videos were deleted from depositfiles before I had a chance to download them.
    If it is not too much trouble, please upload them again.

    moma, thank you for the sex video with Abir, will try to post it ASAP πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
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  295. Hellyeah, 777666555544.3gp was not uploaded for some reason but it’s ok because I already have it on my HDD from another source.
    I will have a look at br54343.flv and hopefully post it soon.
    Thanks for your contribution and please share more vids if you have more πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  296. hi admin
    I just uploaded two 3gp videos with the titles(irak,sumer)with length more than 3 minutes.plz did u receive them

  297. Hi Andy777, yes I have received both videos but I think they have already been posted on
    I will double check to make sure.
    Thank you for the contribution πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  298. these videos are homemade and i am sure they aren’t posted on

  299. Andy777, one of the videos has been posted a long time ago:
    And the other one (Sumer.3gp) is not appropriate to post on the site because it has forced sex in it.
    Thanks again and I hope you continue to share more arab sex vids with us.

    The Admin.
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  303. Salman, thank you for the video but this one has already been posted on some time ago.
    If you have more appropriate Arab sex videos that have not been already posted, please share them just like you did this one.

    The Admin.
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  324. Hi Eagle, thanks for the video but this one was already posted on a long time ago:

    Which 2 videos are you talking about? I sometimes forget where the videos come from.

    BTW, I think you have misunderstood the ‘full credit’ thing. ‘Giving full credit’ means saying in the post where the video came from and the name of the poster. There is no ‘reward’ for sending us videos.

    The Admin.
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  326. Moe, if the upload functionality is not working directly on this page, please just go to OR , upload the video there and REMEMBER TO GIVE US THE DOWNLOAD LINK in your comment to be able to download and view your video.
    Thanks for wanting to share πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
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  330. Hey Moe,
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    The Admin.
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  332. Dream Adim
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  333. Hi Moe,
    About the resolution: 320×240 is the best resolution to use for our purposes. It keeps file size small.
    Also, remember that you can shoot multiple small videos rather than one big one. That will make them easier to upload and I can always put them back together to make the full video.
    About the Arabic, thanks for understanding. On the positive side, you will see that “speaking dirty” to each other while having sex is an incredible turn on. And BTW, you don’t need to talk ALL THE TIME :)
    Thanks Moe, I hope I get your videos soon.

    BTW, I am also contacting you through email to the address you have provided. If you wish, you can contact us directly.

    The Admin.
  334. Dear Admin,
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  335. Baboy, just put them in a .zip file and upload that file πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
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  339. Mustapha, we do have a Gay Arab sex videos area on but it is not updated much because of lack of videos., please state what you need us to contact you about in the comment.
    If you wish for your comment to stay hidden please specify it in the comment.

    The Admin.
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  342. Thank you again Saso for this great video. I will try to post it on the site within the next few days.

    The Admin.
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    The Admin.
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  347. Thank you trivuz for the video but it has laready been posted on a long time ago.

    The Admin.
  348. Thanks Mero666 for the video. It will have to be edited to clean it up a bit and probably make it a bit shorter and will post it as soon as possible.
    Your contributions are always appreciated my friend πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
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  358. Mero666, thanks for the video. I think I have a longer version of this but you are right, I have never posted it on
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    Also, please check your email (and spam folder), I have contacted you by email regarding your request and am waiting for your reply.

    The Admin.
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  370. Thanks wkhourry for the videos.
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    The Admin.
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  372. Miro112, thanks for sharing it but the video is not really that interesting.

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  374. Michael, if the pictures are of Arab women, just zip them together and upload the file.

    The Admin.
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    Cheers πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
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  383. Thanks Hellyeah, although i don’t think that the extra time brings anything more to the video.

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    The Admin.
  388. This video is of a Lebanese married couple, where the wife is using a strapon.

  389. Spartacus, the couple is Turkish.

    The Admin.
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  391. Thanks Spartacus (Nice nickname BTW πŸ˜‰ ) for the video.
    The fact that it has such a big watermark on it makes me doubt that we’ll post it on though. I’ll try to find a better version somewhere.

    The Admin.
  392. No problem. Also, I found a longer version of the strapon video, if you are interested?

  393. Thanks Spartacus, send it over if you can.

    The Admin.
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  405. Thank you Mando for the pics. She is very hot indeed but the photos are all non nude and without any real sexual interest and I doubt is a place to post such pictures.
    I don’t think they will be posted on the site but if they are you will get the credit for the pics πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
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  407. I am sorry Mam, I haven’t seen that anywhere.

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  409. Thanks LevangeurM but this video has already been posted:

    The Admin.
  410. Sorry about the file, I removed it. It’s too much of a sin to burden.

  411. LOL, ok Spartacus.

    The Admin.
  412. remember ASW493? here’s the whole thing!!
    -Link removed-

  413. Hellyeah I think you missed more videos we posted of the same trio:

    Thank you for the link though πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
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  415. Thank you very much my friend for the video, I haven’t seen this one before.
    Unfortunately, the watermark on it makes it impossible to post on :(
    Sorry Hellyeah, I hope you don’t get discouraged by this, your effort is highly appreciated.

    The Admin.
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  417. Nice vid Hellyeah, it looks familiar but I can’t remember if it has been already posted or not.
    I will try to post it soon my friend.
    BTW, do you know anything about them? Where they are from or something?

    The Admin.
  418. here is another video , Iraqi couple.
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  419. Thanks Salman for the video but this one has already been posted on our site:

    The Admin.
  420. found an interesting egyptian video: Sharmotet_masr
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  421. Kimoas, thanks for the links. I really doubt that girl in the video is Arab.
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    Your contribution is greatly appreciated πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
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  429. Thank you but I really doubt that this is your aunt LOL

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  431. I’ve added the promised M3layya from the UAE. I’ll add plenty more labeled “m3layya” with sequential numbers for you to place on the site.

    The rest, I’ll just upload, but won’t keep adding comments.

  432. I added the rest… they aren’t all from Dubai; some from Oman, Bahreen, and a great one from Sudan. Enjoy!

  433. Miro112, the video has no sound and is too short. There is no point in posting it on the site.
    Thank you for the effort though.

    3Ala, thanks very much for the videos, I have received all of them and will see how to post them soon.
    Much appreciated πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
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  435. Abd el Raye2, the link you have provided does not work. Please check again and if you still have the file on your, you can easily share it with us by using this page:

    The Admin.
  436. A homemade clip. reference to:

  437. Thanks Raj for the video, incredible ass shaking but Brazilian :)

    The Admin.
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  440. Boureen, thanks for the video. We are trying to find better versions with no watermarks on them.

    Elmasry, thank you for the link. Much appreciated.
    “The Egyptian Karate Kid” >> I like that πŸ˜†

    The Admin.
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  444. @ Roger, put ALL the pics in 1 zip file and upload them to any file host then send us the link.

    @ As, yes, we got the 2 videos. We’ll try to post them soon. Thank you for your contribution.

    @ ghost, thank you my friend for all the links. We already have these shorter versions and are looking for the complete full version for each of them.

    The Admin.
  445. Here is that Turkish strapon video.
    Hope you upload it!
    — LINK —

    I found an extended video of ASW643
    — LINK —

  446. Thanks Spartacus for the videos, will try to post them soon.

    The Admin.
  447. Oh man. The sin……….. too much to burden. If I wanted to, do I have the right to remove the video?

    If so, I’d appreciate it. But thanks for the compliments though.

    It just that some time later after uploads, I always regret what I did.

  448. Oh come on Spartacus, the video was already on the internet anyway. Relax.

    The Admin.
  449. Mr. karate(Egyptian karate coach)
    with ms. walaa

    144 minutes : — LINK —

    i think u haven’t post that video

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  450. Thank you so much Noga for finding and sharing this great video with us. I have posted it today.

    The Admin.
  451. This is my Egyptian Mom her name is (Amal) she is 47 i hope you like her πŸ˜€

  452. Thanks miro_hero for the pics.

    The Admin.
  453. are you going to post them dear

  454. Well miro_hero, as you can see we are more focused on posting videos but if we post a mix of Arab sex pictures in the future we’ll try to use the ones you sent.

    The Admin.
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  456. Thanks Noga for another nice video. Will try to post it very soon πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  457. I cropped from a lesbian Hijabi video. This is a strapon scene from it.

  458. Thanks Spartacus for the video. I don’t know if this can be posted or not because it belongs to a paysite though… We’ll see.

    The Admin.
  459. Hey Admin . are you aware of this Lebanese TS video?
    — LINK —

  460. Thanks Ali, will have a look and post it if it is appropriate.

    The Admin.
  461. Ali Alshamry and SoSo 1-10
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  462. Thank you Pussy Eater for the videos, I think most of them have already posted on arabsexweb but will check again.
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  465. Joe, the video has been posted. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I wish it was longer.

    And thank you abcd for the link to the video, will try to post it very soon.

    The Admin.
  466. hello admin i just uploaded my pictures they are the ones with hijab and big cleavage hope to post then in the galleires of hijab thank you

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  468. el3arabi, thanks for sharing the video but it is 100% fake.
    The actual sex video that has been montaged next to the fighters video is very old and I forget but I think I have already uploaded it on a long time ago.

    The Admin.
  469. Thank you for the pictures Bassouma. I will try to add them very soon.
    Would you like to add some more info about you (Not private information)? I think people would like that even more.

    The Admin.
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  477. Mohamed, you forgot to leave the download link for the video.

    The Admin.
  478. Found a few EL3ANTEEL videos. Dunno whether they’ve already been posted:
    —- LINKS —-

    P.S. if there is a problem with, try changing .net to .com

  479. Raj, thank you very much for the links you provided. A really super contribution :)

    The Admin.
  480. A short voyeur video of a veiled girl blowing and stroking her lover’s dick. I wasn’t able to know where it was shot but I think its in Lebanon’s Sanayeh Garden

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  481. Wolfhead, this video has already been posted >>

    Thanks for wanting to contribute πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  482. Oops sorry mate

  483. No problem my friend :)

    The Admin.
  484. the third video of the tunisian girl matsurbating:
    —- LINK —-

  485. Sahby, thank you immensely for the link, the video will be posted soon.

    The Admin.
  486. Video to tunisian actress rim elbanna from maonstream movie “el dawa7a” full nudity bath;

  487. Ali, the video on the link you provided never loads.

    The Admin.

    Another link to same video.
    There are many other videos to arab actresses if u want

  489. Ali, thank you for your effort but the video resolution is too low.
    If I or you find a higher resolution version it would be worth posting.

    The Admin.
  490. Couple sex: —– LINK ——

  491. Thank you Salman for the video. We’ll have a look at it and post it soon if appropriate.

    The Admin.
  492. This is a video of a cuckold husband tributing me with a cumshot. He is only allowed to cum when his wife allows him to so he choose a picture of me that was online. He jacked off and recorded his jerking off and cumming on me..

  493. Thank you Kathy for the video but I fail to see how it is related to Arab sex.

    The Admin.
  494. i have a video of me fucking a girl in HD but she does not want to share it with you guys !!!

  495. And you are telling us this to rub our noses in it? πŸ˜†

    The Admin.
  496. looool
    admin! a video of the best arab ass — FB LINK —

  497. Thanks drabtaboun for the link. I got the video and will try to post it soon.
    BTW, if you still want to send us your own video, I could edit it to remove your faces from it.
    Let me know and thanks again πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  498. luna hassan the video removed —- LINK —-

  499. Araby09, that video was posted and deliberately removed from
    It will not be posted again on our site.

    The Admin.
  500. I have uploaded a video named Arab89.mp4 using your widget..
    A young crossdresser wearing red hijab with niqab masturbate and cum on hijab. her name is Farah. I have another video of her masturbate.. if u want let me know.

  501. Thank you Arab89, we are preparing a group of Arab gay sex videos to be posted soon and this one will be added to them.

    The Admin.
  502. Hi admin , i dont know how to send vidz on here ,there is anthore way i can contact u

    arab couple with very cute looking girl.

  504. Ahmad, the video you shared was removed from pornxs. Do you have another link to it maybe?

    Alordoni, thank you for wanting to share videos with us.
    Just upload the video to ANY free file host on the internet (Like or ) and send us the download link with a description in a comment below.

    The Admin.
  505. second video for this girl
    download link : —- LINK —-

    This is a wonderful video that
    Two egyptian lovers
    Tells her exalted cleared my clothes do not tell him I am embarrassing
    And begin to make love
    And tell him that while you are wonderful. I can not control myself
    I can not find better than those copy
    2n video download link : —- LINK —-

  506. Mr.LOL, thank you for the videos but the logo in the middle of them and their low quality make it doubtful that they will get posted on
    BTW, the 2nd video has already been posted a long time ago:

    Again, thanks for wanting to contribute. If you find better and cleaner videos please share them πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  507. Admin my kik is ***** kik me i will send u very good arab stuff i made

  508. Alordoni, I don’t like “Kik”ing people πŸ˜†
    I really appreciate you wanting to share your vids but the procedure is already extremely simple.
    Upload your video to ANY file host (even google drive for example) and send me the link.

    The Admin.
  509. Lebanese singer Nana- Najwa kahka — LINK —

  510. Thank you my friend, the video has been posted although she doesn’t look like the Lebanese singer Nana to me.

    The Admin.
  511. Hello my friend
    I would like to share some very distinctive films and video clips of the best in my opinion
    The first of the bilateral Egyptian very special I do not know that you have brought here before or not: LINK
    Second video uploaded here, but found that the link has been scanned so join his original version: LINK
    And the third Egyptian too hot: LINK
    And fourth, if one of the nicest videos, hot Egyptian Ashagahabad with obtaining a divorce from her first husband, and describes in: LINK

  512. Thank you Teko for the links and sorry for the delay in replying.
    The videos will be reviewed and posted if appropriate. Much appreciated πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  513. I am not into big boobed girls, but this one is long haired (my thing) and beautiful.

    Which language are they speaking and where would you guess she is from?

  514. Paul they sound Mexican.

    The Admin.
  515. rafik oran algerie et sa salope hijabiste — LINK —


  516. Thank you very much Rafik for the videos. They will be reviewed and posted if appropriate.

    The Admin.
  517. Nude video my ex-girlfriend sent me on my birthday. Her name is Bassima & she’s from Al Qunfudhah, Saudi Arabia. Let me know what you think guys. Enjoy! πŸ˜‰
    — LINK —

  518. video of arab women getting fcked from behind. Not sure if posted before
    — LINK —

  519. @Silentmover, thank you for the video but it is really too short to be posted on it’s own. Will try to compile it with other short videos.
    If you get longer videos from her it would be great.

    @Salman, many thanks my friend, great video. Will post it ASAP πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  520. @Admin, I have a decent amount of pics of this girl too (nude, of course), but I’m unable to upload them to your website nor do I know how to do it from depositfiles, maybe if you got an e-mail I could send them to you there. Trust me, this girl deserves her own posting! πŸ˜‰

  521. Silentmover, are you talking about or something else?
    If you are then there is no need to send more pics of her. We already have more and Salman just sent us even more pics.
    Thanks bro for wanting to contribute.

    The Admin.
  522. @Admin, no bro, pics of my ex who I posted her video to depositfiles.

  523. Ah, I got confused.
    Very simple Silentmover: Put all the pictures into one zip file and upload that file like you did the video.
    I think that winzip is available in all windows versions to make a zip file.

    The Admin.
  524. @ Admin
    waiting for the video and pics sent by Silentmover

    video of a girl doing missonary and doggy: — LINK —
    arab lesbian video: — LINK —

  525. Dear, I want to watch video of “FAIRUZA HOOKER IN HIJAB” I only can see its pictures. But not the video. How can I watch this complete video? Thank you.

  526. Well that makes sense Sahab, we only posted pictures of her.
    We don’t have any videos of her. At least not yet.

    The Admin.
  527. Thanks for the vids Salman.
    Silentmover did not send the pictures yet and the video is really too short (20sec)

    The Admin.
  528. hi man I have a lot of ” 14″ video for amazing Egyptian couple u can find orignil videos here , u can take it and upload it here
    —- LINK —

    have fun

  529. @Admin & Salman, here’s the link to the photos…

    With those pics & the video, I think my ex deserves her own update from you Admin… πŸ˜‰

  530. Ok Silentmover, will try to dedicate a post to her and I left the link for your pornhub page for people to visit it.
    Thanks again πŸ˜‰

    And SamSam, thanks a million for all the videos. I will need to have a look and see if I should post them 1 by 1 or just as 1 long video.
    Much appreciated my friend πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  531. hot Iranian copule video
    plz remove the water mark it share it on site

  532. Thank you Pepo, we will review the video and post it on the site if appropriate.

    The Admin.
  533. a photo mix slide show of 2 teens from alex eg.
    — LINK —

  534. I loved that I share with you one of the most beautiful films I’ve seen a couple of the Arab Gulf
    I belong to you like but unfortunately the hull to extend copy rights but found this is the best of them and you can delete the rights and the development of the site and share it
    — LINK —

  535. Thanks lola_toti, nice video. Will try to post it soon.

    Najat, thank you for the video but we don’t post slide shows on

    The Admin.
  536. Another video or part of scandal (egyption coach).
    only BJ: — LINK —

  537. plz take this vid and cut black Square
    and share it with arabsexweb mark
    — LINK —

  538. Salman, this video is not new, the full 1 hour video has already been posted:
    And u can find all of his videos here:

    tota_lo, thanks for the video. I am not sure if we have already posted this or not. Will need to check.

    The Admin.
  539. take alook at this video about Egyptian woman While she talked on phone with boyfriend πŸ˜‰
    — link —

  540. Thanks loletta but the video does not play correctly on my end.
    I have just posted one of the other videos you sent. Thanks again ;D

    The Admin.
  541. this is short vid but it amazing :
    — LINK —
    The last comment did not understand you
    ” On May 18th, 2015, arabsex-admin said”,
    Do you want to send to you anther link?

  542. Loletta, yes very nice but too short to post unfortunately.
    And no need for another link for that video. It was also too short to post anyway.
    Thanks again.

    The Admin.
  543. I uploaded Arab Pussy.mp4 to Depositfiles. It’s an arabic (?) couple. Features vaginal sex with a cumshot, followed by anal with using the guy’s cum as lube.
    —– LINK —–

  544. Thanks Vzlom for the video, it has been posted:

    The Admin.
  545. I uploaded Farah Crossdresser.mp4 to your Depositfiles. The crossdresser named Farah playing with dildo in the video. She’s wearing hijab and niqab.

  546. Thanks ArabCrossdresserLover, will try to post the video soon.

    The Admin.
  547. Care to share with us the links u have on this girl

  548. Moe, the posted video is all I have of her.

    The Admin.
  549. I have just uploaded a video using your upload widget. The video shows a young arab hijab girl (18 years old) with big boobs, as if she is 20+, changing her clothes. My question is how do I give a name to the video? or do you do this for me? Moreover, when ,approximately, will the video be uploaded?

  550. Ahmed, thank you for the video but we will not post it on the site because it has no nudity or sex at all.

    The Admin.
  551. I saw watermark for ur web site on this vid

    I want all link for this videos and where are there from plz ?

  552. Maha, thanks for all the links to videos you have shared. Will need to go through them and see what videos are worth posting here.

    As to the 2 watermarked videos you mentioned, here are the links to the original posts on arabsexweb:

    The Admin.
  553. hi admin
    this one video of many i have ..
    If I send all My Videos sex with girls and prostitutes will appreciate these videos with money and you send me the money .. plz reply
    and this is the link of one — LINK —

  554. Amr, sorry but we do not pay for videos since all the videos are offered for free on

    The Admin.
  555. ok admin

    why u didnt share my video and why u removed the link

  556. Amr, your video has been received. We just need to review it and see if it is worth posting on the site.
    Thanks again πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  557. see my upload u may like it and add it here.
    — LINK —

  558. Admin, you should make a monthly compilation of all the short homemade videos that are sent to you.

  559. To sigobar2000: Thanks for the link but there is really not much interest to the video, no sex, no nudity.

    To Ali, that is a very good idea actually. Will try to do that soon.
    Thanks for the suggestion πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  560. Here’s a video of very sexy Egyptian rich girls dancing in lingerie before heading to a party!
    — LINK —

  561. see this vids, I think u didn’t see it before
    — LINKS —

  562. voila une vidΓ©o algerienne d’une jeune-femme arab marie agΓ©e de 26ans baise avec un vendeur de vΓͺtements: Algerienne Femme Mariee
    — LINK —

  563. this is a longer version of SYRIAN SEX TAPE OF YOUNG WIFE IN FISHNET-ASW892. About 16minutes. Not sure about the quality of your file, but it isn’t that great in this one.
    — LINK —

  564. To Doobie: Thanks for the video but it is watermarked. Will try to find a clean version of it.

    To Loleta: Thank you very much for the many videos my friend. Some are already posted but some are new to me. Will post the good ones soon. Much appreciated.

    To Mirnou: Thank you for the video, will check it out and post it if appropriate.

    To None: Thanks for the link. Will check it out and replace the old version if better.

    Thank you all guys for all your contributions πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  565. I saw this vid with site watermark – its very very beauty
    — LINK —
    what is video nationality ?

  566. Thank you for the new videos my friend.

    The video you mention can be found here:
    Visitors feedback suggests that they are maybe not Arabs but Turkish.

    BTW, is the email address you provided working? I would like to send you an email.

    The Admin.
  567. hello everybody..i found this arab shemale vid on other site was so great ..please if u have any info about this part of this movie please share it with us …thank you..please admin contact me on my email..thankss

  568. this email I cant open it 4 months ago, I will create a new one and sent you.

  569. EmadAmir, thanks for the video. I have seen it before and kind of doubt that it is and Arab shemale.

    Ok Loleta. Please provide the new email when you create it.

    The Admin.
  570. now move i like your web — LINK —-

  571. Thanks Goodman for the video but this one has already been posted a long time ago on

    The Admin.
  572. Arab Maroc Fatima ITALY
    fuck me Fadi : — LINK —

  573. Thank you very much Abd for the video, will try to post it ASAP.

    The Admin.
  574. Hello Admin , I have a lot of videos for some girls who i fucked ! im a good fucker, but I wanna ask if i will win something from that ? tell me some informations plz

  575. dear Admin, my name is sam7, I am biggest fan of your great website.

    This is my first contribution with very hot arabian lesbians staff in order to be published in your website
    I have uploaded for you a video of arab amateur mature lesbians from Iraq, which basically they doing pussy fingering, licking and lesbians play as part of black magic actions, you can see the ugly mature witch dyke teasing and playing with the young beautiful girl as requirements for doing black magic, apparently to have sex with her in the end, I wish that this uploaded staff be shared and published and shared in your website and in xvideos profile

    —- LINK —-

    please published ASAP

  576. Aubamini, we do not pay people for sending videos if that is what you mean.
    If you want to share your videos with our community you do it because you want to.

    Top_lover/Sam7, thank you very much for the video and for being a great fan of
    Will try to post it very soon πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  577. Just uploaded a very hot video, I got it from: — LINK —

  578. sent some rina pics for you guys might of uploaded doubles by mistake.

  579. Thanks John for the video but that one has already been posted on some time ago.

    Thanks Joe for the pics πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  580. — LINK —: nude dance… very sexy

  581. Hey Hellyeah, long time no see, we missed you :)
    That video has already been posted my friend:

    The Admin.
  582. where will the pic i sent be posted?

  583. I am really not sure Joe, since it was only a couple of pics they will be posted whenever we do a mixed pictures post at some point.

    The Admin.
  584. haha… missed you too man.. checkout this one: — LINK —

  585. Oops Hellyeah, that one has also already been posted >>
    3rd try will definitely work, try again :)

    The Admin.
  586. — LINK —
    serian momes farah pics

  587. Thanks for the pictures Farah

    The Admin.
  588. probably saudi reem:
    — LINK —

  589. “dirty talking” (3rd upload) 30 Year Old Iranian Women With A Sexy Accent Getting Her Wet Pussy Rubbed By A 19 Year Old Young Stud.

  590. Sam, the videos you are uploading have nothing to do with Arab sex.

    The Admin.
  591. here are some from my collection…
    —- LINKS —-

  592. Thanks Salman for the vids. I think I already have these but will double check them.

    The Admin.
  593. the hottest girl so far this year : — LINK —

  594. Thanks Jolian, I have this video already but I haven’t posted it so far because I am not sure at all that she is Arab. She is fucking hot though.

    EDIT: OOPS, sorry Jolian, had another look and realized that I was talking about an entirely other video.
    It is a great video indeed, will try to look for a higher resolution version and post it ASAP.
    Many thanks my friend.

    The Admin.
  595. bro you’re missing this one of a kind video of atyab mara lebneniye khala2a l terikh
    its in the link here: — LINK —

    I hope its new content to your website and not already provided and uploaded.

  596. Hadi, thanks for wanting to contribute my friend.
    That video has already been posted though:

    The Admin.
  597. She is a syrian girl studying in sharjah university UAE , I have many videos and fotos for her .
    — LINK—

  598. Lyado thanks for the video but it is really small and very dark. If you have better ones please share them.

    The Admin.
  599. Syrian girl with emirates GUY , they are studying in sharjah university

    — LINK —

  600. good pictures of Nina the hooker from algeirs
    — LINK —

  601. To Nino, thanks for the videos. Will try to merge the 2 together and post soon.
    If you have more videos and pics of her please send them too.
    Much appreciated.

    To Zapatto, thank you for the video but we don’t post slide show videos on
    She is very cute though.

    The Admin.
  602. I know this video is uploaded on another site
    But it’s very weird. An egyptian whore commenting on the video like a soccer match
    — LINK —

  603. Thanks Che for the link but I am 98% sure that this video has already been posted on

    The Admin.
  604. hey bro.. I uploaded a file called Nagham… very obvious who this would be lol!
    its the last of our hot bitch.. 13 minutes of sex!! please upload immediatly!
    I also acquired some of her nude photos… tell me how to upload them as well

  605. Exclusive and rare Full New Lebanese Spy cam movie , decided to share it with you guys on arabsexweb and i still have around 4 different full Lebanese movies

    I only have one request from the admin of the page if he can keep the original movie host ( iguanashare ) where i hosted the video plus the usual hosts that you use .

    The Link is : — LINK —

  606. To HellYeah,
    Thanks for the video bro but it is unusable with that crazy watermark on it and the resolution is really bad. Too bad.
    If the pics are good, put them all together in a .zip file and send them like you did the video.

    To Rami,
    Thanks to sharing Rami.
    We have already posted one of this guy’s videos ( and we already have another 2 to be posted soon, one of them is the one you sent.

    And BTW, I don’t understand why you are using iguanashare in the 1st place, their TOS clearly says: “We will not allow any of the following content relating to: Pornography… ”
    Anyway, thanks for your effort. Much appreciated πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  607. try this, looks nice: — LINK —

  608. Thanks itsme but frankly the video is not that interesting to be posted.

    The Admin.
  609. Reem the masturbating saudi’s photos: — LINK —

  610. this guy’s videos and the way he says nikneh….
    — LINK —

  611. This is my GF playing with her pussy she sent me the video over whatsapp. I have alot of videos so in case if you post this one I’ll upload more :)

    — LINK —


  612. Luna AlHassan? — LINK —

  613. @Hellyeah,
    I swear you and Loleta are like twin Santa Clauses :)
    He also sent them a few days ago and I am waiting for Xmas to post them.
    Thanks for all your help my friend.

    Thanks for the link. I will definitely have a look at them when I start posting Gay Arab sex videos again.

    Thank you for the video I had a quick look and did not hear her talking at all. Do you have any vids where she speaks Arabic?

    @Raj, yup somebody compiled a couple of her videos. They were posted on a long time ago though.
    Thanks for sharing πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  614. Egyptian cuckold , it really hard to find and rare to find arab cuckold , in this video the husband let his friend fuck his wife , the weird thing is that they are doing it at home and there kids are over there , actually they enter once on them , the confusing thing is that i guess i hear other moans in the back ground , hope to see this video on arab sex web

    — LINK —

  615. @Rami,
    Thank you for the video I had a quick look and did not hear her talking at all. Do you have any vids where she speaks Arabic?

    Did u really watch the video ? her husband was talking all the time to her in arabic ( Egyptian ) !

  616. Rami, we are not talking about the same video then.
    I was talking about the video that you sent of a woman filming herself masturbate.

    I think you are talking about the Egyptian cuckold video. The video looks familiar.
    I will check if it has been already posted and if not will try to post it soon. Thanks for sharing πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  617. yeah i sent the Egyptian cuckold video coz i never sent a masturbation video , and i don’t think you already have it , anyways keep us updated . cheers :)

  618. 31 Plus Year Old Iranian Mistress Dancing Naked Showing Off Her Shaved Pussy For A 19 Year Old
    — LINK —

  619. Naughty Iranian Women Discreetly Sucking Dick
    — LINK —

  620. “It Can Be Funny If I Fart” Iranian Pornstar Mehrnoosh Has A Funny Thought While Sucking Dick On The Toilet
    — LINK —

  621. Farah T. from egypt likes to shave and take pics on skype video call
    — LINK —

  622. To Rami,
    Ya, it was another Rami.
    Will post Egyptian cuckold video within next few days πŸ˜‰

    To Aziz,
    Thanks for the videos my friend but they are really too short to be posted here.

    The Admin.
  623. Thanks for the video Inspector but there is no sound at all. Hard to know if she is Arab or not.

    The Admin.
  624. — LINK —
    This is my first vedio my little boobed bitch which I call it the servant (khadama) working with me I’m a doctor , the first time to record to her she is a good sucker , have a very nice huge boobs , I’ll try to capture a video to her boobs asap
    really I’m happy to do this and waiting your opinion and comment sorry but she was doesn’t know that I filming her once she discovered she refused to complete

  625. Thanks The_surgeon for the nice video. A bit short though.
    If you manage to get a couple other vids of her, maybe we can compile them and post it otherwise will need to wait for a generic compilation.

    The Admin.
  626. please verify the video I uploaded today morning.
    It’s about an 18 year old Egyptian girl who misses her boyfriend aboudy.
    Who seemed that he fucked her and ran away. πŸ˜‚

  627. Thanks El3anteel for the video. I wish it was the complete video, it looks like it is just a small section.
    Since it is so short it will be compiled at some point with other short clips and posted.
    Thanks again for sharing πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  628. All hossam abu al fetouh videos with all women he slept with.

  629. Khalid, you forgot to add a link to the files you are sharing :roll:
    Also, I think we have already posted all of Hossam’s videos.

    The Admin.
  630. Dear Admin, long time.
    Lebanese couple in humiliation action, something we can’t see everyday in the arab sex videos, the lady is extremely hot and honestly i don’t mind her spit in my mouth if i would be fucking her afterwords.
    — LINK —

  631. Super sexy khaleeji chick (possible Bahraini) getting fucked hard
    — LINK —

  632. Nope Clitarist, not Khaleeji and not Arab at all. They are speaking Spanish!
    Thanks for the effort though πŸ˜‰

    And @Joe: Sorry man, your comments were flagged as spam.
    Will post the humiliation video shortly and one of the dance videos you shared was uploaded twice (VID-20160119-WA0004.mp4), I don’t know if you meant to do that or not.
    Will have a look at them and probably do a compilation at some point.
    Thanks for all your contributions my friend πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  633. Another videos for the same Syrian girl with emirati guy from sharjah university, and photo before and after the sex .. She is filmming for her boyfriend because he like to see her getting fucked, you can listen when she asked him if the view is clear or not … And she is ready just for anal sex

    — links —

  634. Thanks Nino for the vids. I wish they were a bit higher resolution.
    I will try to enhance them a bit then post them.
    Much appreciated πŸ˜‰

    The Admin.
  635. Nadine olwan is a nice lady from Ramallah city in WB was fucking by strong guy from East Jerusalem .. Hardcore and 69 position

  636. Abdo, I didn’t get the video, could you upload it again and share the link please?

    The Admin.
  637. Lebanese Dana in bathroom
    — LINK —

  638. Thanks Ragheb for the video but it doesn’t really show much and is way too short to be used on this site.

    The Admin.
  639. Why you didn’t upload the videos and fotos yet ?

  640. Thanks again for the videos Nino, the video has been posted:

    The Admin.
  641. just uploaded the video of Sahar from Iraq dancing nude for her love.

    let me know if you like it.

  642. A french rapper is fucking his arab girlfriend and she is HOT

  643. admin please tell me why you dont post my pictures ???????

  644. Sorry for the delay in replying abo-jasm, we are focusing on posting videos these days. Maybe in the futur.

    @Samir, thank you for the video, such a shame her head is “chopped off”.
    Will try to post it in a dancing compilation at some point.

    The Admin.
  645. Hamza, thanks for the link, do you have any more info about the video?

    The Admin.
  646. —LINK—

    nice movie

  647. Thanks and welcome back Mero… Great video.
    Posted it >>

    The Admin.
  648. video de ma femme nabila voila le lien

  649. Thank you Kamel, your video has been posted:

    The Admin.
  650. Slut from marrakech masturbating for me

  651. Thanks Bdog, I wish it was in higher resolution. Will try to post it soon.

    The Admin.
  652. Egyptian slut (I would try to upload the ones i have but to confusing) —LINK— and this —LINK—

  653. Thanks bdog but I really doubt that she is Arab.

    The Admin.
  654. an other version with the begining of ASW583

  655. Thanks Contador. Will have a look and replace with your version if it is worth it.

    The Admin.

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